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Cover of Damnation
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
26 pages

Twenty years ago, the humans built a dam and flooded Gormelin Valley. They drove the Cinderborn goblins away from their land. But now the Cinderborn are back and they want vengeance. The dam must fall and the human towns must drown! Damnation is a set of two parallel adventures that cover the same events, locations and characters. In The Heroes' Tale, the players control a traditional heroic party. They get to attend a wine festival, save a town from a flood, dive to the bottom of a lake, choose between retaliation and negotiation, and face a demon atop the dam as he attempts to demolish it. The Goblins' Tale tells the other side of the story, allowing players to take control of a party of goblins. As the Cinderborn, they must deal with human spies, sneak into a wizard's tower, trigger a catastrophic flood, choose between peace and vengeance, face their own demonic leader, or aid him in breaking the dam. Also included: maps and goblin pregens!

Cover of Rise of the Redscales
Rise of the Redscales
5th Edition
Level 4
20 pages

Two feuding kobold tribes have been left alone in their dragon queen's lair. Without supervision, surrounded by the wealth of nations and piles of magical artifacts. How long before things devolve into utter chaos? Set inside an enormous dragon's lair, the adventure allows players to take control of the best and brightest among the kobold tribe known as the Redscales. Their entire lives they have been the Dragon Queen's minions and her lair's caretakers. But the Dragon Queen has been gone for some time now and an ancient feud with another kobold tribe (the Bluescales) is about to be a rekindled. And the trap- and treasure-filled lair is to become their battleground. The gameplay is a mix of roleplaying, involving some tough moral choices (well, tough for kobolds), solving puzzles and wacky combat with kobolds wielding powerful ancient artifacts. There is an abundance of magic items, specially chosen for their potential to lead to hilarious situations.

Cover of Nobody Expects the Thranish Inquisition
Nobody Expects the Thranish Inquisition
5th Edition
Level 5
12 pages

The Keeper of the Flame—head of the Thranish church—has died and an election is coming. Two religious orders want their candidates elected by any means necessary. Deceit. Terror. Murder. Nothing can stand in the way of the Inquisitors of the Pure Flame. Except maybe a young girl who can perform actual miracles… "Nobody Expects the Thranish Inquisition" is an adventure for an EVIL party of 5th-level characters. The players take control of the ruthless, cunning, moustache-twirling inquisitors of the Pure Flame. Their enemies, the Flame of Purity (an entirely different religious order), have discovered a wonderchild—a girl named Jaela Daran—and are planning to elect her as the next Keeper. In order to prevent this, the characters must investigate three miracles that the girl has already performed and erase all traces of them. Then they must bring her before the assembly of cardinals and expose her as a heretic. What could possibly go wrong? The adventure takes place in the world of Eberron but can easily be transposed to another setting.

Cover of Waterdeep: Tavern Defense
Waterdeep: Tavern Defense
5th Edition
Level 3
14 pages

One crazy night in Waterdeep. Start as tavern bouncers. End up on the Astral Plane. All in one crazy night in Waterdeep. The party has been hired for a simple mission: make sure the Slumbering Prince tavern doesn't get wrecked during the rowdy Midsummer Festival. And what better motivation than 200gp per person for a single night of work. Sound too good to be true? Well, here's the catch: all damages to the tavern are to be deducted from that amount. And there is no shortage of festival-goers looking to unwind by wrecking other people's stuff. Over the course of the festival, the party must deal with drunken wizards, vain bards, loud goliaths, incompetent parade goers, complaining neighbours, disruptive satyrs, aspiring cultists, and a full-on tavern brawl. As well as an unusual number of strange slugs crawling around. Slowly they become aware there is something off about the Slumbering Prince. And when a reckless noble disturbs the secrets beneath the tavern, our heroes must soon delve into the hidden dungeon themselves. Down below, they discover the terrible threat: a planar rift that can only be opened on Midsummer's Eve, and the slumbering demigod that awaits beyond, the great astral slug Cthumbra!

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