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Cover of Curse of Faeriewell
Curse of Faeriewell
5th Edition
Level 5
24 pages

"A curse has spread through Darkroot Forest! Plants are attacking people, and the very air seems poisonous once you travel deep within the woods. Your group has decided to investigate this area, and rumors have it that the abandoned town of Faeriewell is where this disease started spreading. Or maybe the people of a nearby settlement asked for your help? or perhaps a noble Lord that just inherited the land hired you to clear out his new forest? This part is really up to you." The Curse of Faeriewell is an adventure for a level 5 party that you can easily drop into a campaign or play as a standalone one-shot. It will last between 3 and 5 hours. It is setting agnostic, but best at home in a Fantasy world. This adventure can serve as an interlude from your main campaign, a sidequest or simply as a one shot.

Cover of Demons in the Prairie
Demons in the Prairie
5th Edition
Level 2
19 pages

A short adventure for low level play, suitable for beginner players and DM. The farmlands are being raided by monstrous creatures and and the town of Windhill needs help! will the heroes find the source of these creatures and defeat whoever is creating them? This adventure covers a lot of the basic elements of DnD play and is designed to offer a taster of the system that is easy to run and quick to prepare. It includes stat blocks so that you don't need any other book (except the basic rules) to run it. Do you have a few friends you want to introduce to DnD? is it your first time on the other side of the screen? this adventure may be for you.

Cover of Flight of the Magpies: an Eberron adventure
Flight of the Magpies: an Eberron adventure
5th Edition
Level 3
28 pages

In Flight of the Magpies your party is employed by a famous band of sky mercenaries to do a simple job: find out which airship will be transporting a mysterious prisoner. Simple jobs turn into crazy adventures in Eberron though, and this module is no different. Flight of the Magpies is an adventure for a group of players at level 3 that can be played early in an Eberron campaign to start things off with a bang. It was originally devised as a one-shot and can still be played as one, while also being a fun introduction to this game for new players. It will take 3 to 5 hours to complete as a single session, or it can be split in two shorter ones. This adventure is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced players, and contains enough information on the World of Eberron that you don't have to do any "homework" to play it. Statblocks for all the custom enemies you may fight in this adventure are also provided, so that you can start playing without having to own any other book.

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