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Cover of Six Millimeters
Six Millimeters
5th Edition
Level 1
21 pages

In the Lodge, things are simple. They can look like you. They want to BE you. And in their home, the only thing standing between you and death is six millimeters of glass. Can you escape the Polished? Find out in Six Millimeters, a thrilling horror adventure for the world's greatest roleplaying game! Take 4-6 of your friends through the Lodge, an extradimensional space overrun by nightmarish beings that can strike from any reflective surface. Shardlings revel in the paranoia caused by their reflective horrors, sowing doubt and mayhem until the opportune moment presents itself. Panes, meanwhile use their impressive stature to quickly overwhelm their foes. Spellcasters especially are in for a nasty surprise! This adventure is intended for 1st-level characters and uses milestone advancement to ensure they reach 3rd-level throughout the course of the game. For players who take their time investigating the Lodge and discovering its dreadful past, this adventure may take 7-9 hours to complete. Given the adventure’s horror elements and milestone advancement, Six Millimeters is easy to use as a starting scenario to the Curse of Strahd adventure. Content Warning: Suicide, Self Mutilation

Cover of Rescue at Brightwell
Rescue at Brightwell
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
18 pages

With the discovery of an enormous diamond deposit nestled on their borders, the kingdoms of Peldadrin and Belford both claim the repository of indispensable gemstones as their own. After years of negotiations fail to bring a peaceful resolution, the two nations (further incited by sentiments of national pride that have risen over the years of negotiations) determine the diamonds will be claimed only through war. In the early days of the war, Private Geth Heston, a Belford scout with rich Peldadrin ancestry, was dispatched into enemy territory to uncover Peldadrin unit formations, patrol routes, and any other information he could find. It’s been two weeks since Geth sent his latest report, putting Belford command in a state of unease. The information Geth alluded to in his last message could change the course of the war, if proven true.

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