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Cover of My Own Personal Paradise
My Own Personal Paradise
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
21 pages

When the players get teleported to the plane of the Beastlands, they meet with an intelligent petitioner in the form of a Dog named Reith. Eventually Reith will lead the players to a human; an eagle winged boy by the name of Addler. Addler already knows a way out of the Beastlands, but doesn’t want the players to know because the key is his body and if the petitioners knew he could leave, they wouldn’t like him anymore. Not being the best at planning, he’ll be coerced into giving the players a map to the petitioner that helped him find the portal (A snake named Siy). After passing through some small adventures in the beastlands, the players will meet with Siy and learn about Addlers portal. From here, the players will travel back to Addler and confront him.

Cover of The Greatest Suffering
The Greatest Suffering
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
16 pages

The town of Warlorn is often thought of as a peaceful one. Not much happens there, and it is usually considered a place of peace were parties could convene to make truces or were the hurt could always come to find someone to care for them. Perceptions can often be incorrect however. The church of Ilmatter, God of Suffering, acts as an effective government in the town. Illmaters tenants are that to help all those who have suffered and to take on their suffering so that they may be healed. To them suffering is truly Holy, and to take suffering on from another is seen as the greatest way to prey to their god. Not everyone is as virtuous as a god, even his own followers, and humanity in taking on holy suffering is still left with desires; lusts that can be corrupted. When the Duchess of Manipulation who delights in corrupting church men spoke to the leader of this clergy of Ilmater, it was no difficult task for her to find a loophole in Illmaters word that she could exploit. If suffering was holy, then truly it should be those that do not yet understand Ilmater’s ways that should feel this suffering. Using a cultist of hers, she was able to create a child that could later be used as an ingredient for a portal right to her layer of hell. It’d be two birds in one stone; corrupt a devoted followers of a god she hated to later take their souls as her own, and create a portal that she could use to cross both herself and her armies to the material plane. When the players enter the scene, the child will have already been kidnapped, and the child’s mother will be hanging up fliers giving out a reward to anyone that can find her child. The players will find themselves needing to infiltrate the Church of Ilmater into its secret underground cult so that they can save the child and stop Glasya from finding her way to the Material Plane.

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