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Cover of The City of Eyes
The City of Eyes
5th Edition
High Level
65 pages

Ducklings. It's not too late too close this page, and go and find an adventure about happy-go-lucky halflings, or emotionally stable young adventurers. This is not that story. You can still walk away, and find some other engagement that your players will forgive you for running. Open this little document, and you will be introduced to the wretched streets of Elysium. Home of aberrations, mystery and futile quests for meaning in the drowned streets of the tortured city. Escape is unlikely. Enjoyment fleeting. I implore you, turn away and don't look back. Mind flayers stalk streets plagued by invisible death. Curses bubble from ancient evils sleeping beneath the water. Questions lead to questions, which evolve into answers you will only regret asking for. Go whilst you still can. There is nothing here for you but death. Prologue: Welcome to Elysium Chapter One: The Crooked House Chapter Two: The Broken Prison Chapter Three: The Temple of the Gaunt Silhouette Chapter Four: The Grand Library Chapter Five: The Adamant Asylum Chapter Six: The Dancing Spider Chapter Seven: The Undercity An adventure for characters of level 15+ Contains: An introduction to Elysium, a Ravenloft domain filled with eldritch mystery and drowned secrets, including Life In Elysium, The Rule Unspoken and the Marks of Horror that set Elysium apart. Guidance on Madness in Elysium, with Elysian Madness tables for your horror/amusement. A list of Elysian locations, some of which will be expanded in later releases. Elysian random encounter tables, day & night. An Elysian Wild Magic table, miserable magic items and tragic trinkets. The first installment - The Crooked House, in which we meet the Duchess and her parade of dead husbands. The seconf installment - The Broken Prison, where the shadows of gods walk amongst men The third installment, The Temple of the Gaunt Silhouette, where broken fragments of reality are reached by strange avenues. The fourth installment, The Grand Library, where the things we wanted to forget prove impossible to truly banish. The fifth installment, The Adamant Asylum, where medicine and madness meet. The sixth installment, The Dancing Spider, in which there is no rest for the wicked. The seventh installment, The Undercity, where your worst suspicions are confirmed. Three new character backgrounds: the Eldritch Detective, the Information Broker and the Tempter of Fate. The long-suffering Elysian character race, with two subraces. The first One Page Woes collection, included here for your convenience, which contains thirteen reasons to be thoroughly miserable.

Cover of Mother Haggle's Noticeboard - The Magic Cow
Mother Haggle's Noticeboard - The Magic Cow
5th Edition
Level 1
9 pages

Mother Haggle is an elderly crone who runs a Lost & Found Emporium on the edge of the Misty Forest. The old lady pays her mercenaries well, and attracts all kinds of talent to send on her various errands. Mother Haggle doesn't deal in world shaking problems, but it's uncanny how often simple tasks like "fetch that cow" or "bring me a boggle" end in embarrassment, grievous injury or death. As she always says, it really can't be helped. Using the streamlined Plausible Complications and Unlikely Disasters layout, Mother Haggle's adventures are one-sheet wonders ready to pick up and play with groups of the specified level. Mother Haggle wants her cow back. It seems to get lost a lot, but she doesn't care how much she has to spend as long as her darling gets home safe. Included in Mother Haggles's Notice Board - The Missing Cow are six standalone bovine adventure seeds in which Mother Haggle's cow needs rescuing. She should really keep that cow in a better pen, or lock the gate or something, but who needs common sense when you have money and mercenaries?

Cover of Weekend at Strahd's
Weekend at Strahd's
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
12 pages

Experience this totally wicked two-hour adventure for 3-6 characters levels 5-10 from the fantabulous minds of Anthony Joyce and Oliver Clegg! Whoa! You’ve just killed Strahd but his body remains?! How can this be?! Lead your party on a retro journey through Castle Ravenloft to collect five pieces of a powerful artifact known as the Pentaforce to summon a powerful entity that can put an end to Strahd’s reign once and for all! Experience the rad music of the 1980’s as it guides you from room to room, confronting horrors like the Brunch Club, Ghost Hunters, thrilling zombies, Ricky Roll, the Loonies, Prom (Barovian Winter Fantasy ‘86), a flash-dance off with hags, aerobics with undead, Jeremy Krawfjord, Kris Purkens, and much more! This 1980’s inspired PDF is professionally designed and illustrated by Gordon McAlpin (Creator of Death by Goblins!). Inside you’ll find hyperlinks to each creature and their stat blocks on D&D Beyond accessible for free! This PDF also includes hyperlinks to a curated “Weekend at Strahd’s” playlist on Spotify so you can wow your players and relive the epic music of the 1980’s as you put an end to the reign of Strahd von Zarovich! This adventure does not require players to have played Curse of Strahd, nor does it spoil anything in Curse of Strahd. This adventure is designed to play casually as a one shot in a tubular party atmosphere, it’s soooo bodacious. P.S. One player plays as Strahd’s corpse...yes, you read that correctly...one lucky player gets to play the entire time as the corpse of Strahd! Oh, and the player that dies the most wins a crayon drawing of Frankenstein Ronald Reagan. Enjoy!

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