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Cover of Domes of Ishaq-Zahur
Domes of Ishaq-Zahur
5th Edition
Level 5
80 pages

The Domes of Ishaq-Zahur adventure is a tabletop roleplaying game module for 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder featuring challenging combat and traps, a gamut of mind-bending puzzles, a completely custom cast of NPCs and monsters, detailed backstory and plot, and guidelines detailing the best ways to run the sessions standalone or incorporate it into your ongoing campaign. Domes of Ishaq-Zahur introduces the players and characters to a dangerous desert world and the elusive history of the precursor races. Part 1 of the Fate of the Forebears Adventure Path Produced by 2CGaming ​

Cover of City of Sands
City of Sands
5th Edition
Level 7
120 pages

The City of Sands adventure module starts where the Domes of Ishaq-Zahur leaves off, sending a party of heroes from the peril of the desert tombs to the streets of the sandy metropolis, Archensheen. There the players will find themselves caught in the middle of a fierce struggle for political power and ancient artifacts as factions from all across the city vie for control of relics from the Nartheneen's glory days. Choosing a side may make more enemies than it does friends, but can the heroes survive if they choose to stand alone? Part 2 of 6 in the Fate of the Forebears series.

Cover of Hex, Minotaur Lord
Hex, Minotaur Lord
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
33 pages

Minotaurs are fond of mazes, but rarely build them. Hex is an architect, engineer, and overlord all in one. A self-declared "Minotaur Lord", he is the only one of his kind known to exist. His lair is all he has, a gargantuan, ever-expanding labyrinth in which he keeps the spoils of his many conquests in youth. Now an ancient veteran, he works tirelessly to keep his hoard safe and to entice new adventurers to test themselves against his gauntlet of lethal traps. ​Tyrants & Hellions is a Dungeon Master's aide, containing fifteen villains complete with schemes, lairs, backstories, and everything else you need to drop them into your own 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Within its 400 pages you'll also find the methods, both mechanical and thematic, used to create villains that spark the imaginations of your players. Published by 2CGaming

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