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Cover of APS02 Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief
APS02 Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief
Levels 1–3
45 pages

Goblins Have Returned To The Area Of Westgate, Seeking An Ancient Magical Item Constructed For Their Foul Kind. In Their Search, The Goblins Attack An Imperial Convoy Secretly Disguised As A Merchant's Wagon. The Knowledge That Goblins Are Near Must Be Kept Quiet From The Public, Thus A Small Band Of Adventurers Is Required To Seek Out The Creatures And The Stolen Magic Item, Deep Inside The Warrens Of The Great Goblin Chief! But The Adventure Does Not End There. . .

Cover of X8 Drums on Fire Mountain
X8 Drums on Fire Mountain
Levels 5–8
38 pages

In a dark cell, Rollo Bargamnn, merchant of Thyatis, turns away in disgust from his evil, green-skinned prisoner; capturing this wretch cost a ship and sixty gallant men. Then his heart hardens once more, and he resumes the interrogation. Here, perhaps, he may find an answer to the question that haunts him. What new evil is casting its shadow over the storm-swept eastern reaches of the Sea of Dread? The trading routes are no longer safe. The attacks of the green-skinned "Orcs-of-the-Sea" and the mysterious "Ship-bane" now go unchecked. Once their raids were random, but the influence of some unseen master has made them into an organized menace. Soon the questioning will be over; Rollo will know enough to track the threat to its lair. Then he will need a band of hardy adventurers brave enough to take on the task. You perhaps? TSR 9127 (Graeme Morris's name is spelled 'Grame' on the cover of this module)

Cover of The Fruit of Evil
The Fruit of Evil
5th Edition
Levels 4–10
26 pages

A Halfling girl battling a rare disease that no magic can cure. A fruit, which has the power to heal and the power to corrupt, now guarded by mad siblings. A journey through a hostile forest, a trapped tower, and a dungeon to retrieve the fruit to heal the young girl. Will your heroes be triumphant, or will they perish while attempting to retrieve the mysterious fruit? A four to six-hour adventure for a party of five characters of levels 4 thru 10. Easily insertable into most campaigns, and includes a print-friendly version and downloadable maps.

Cover of In the Black Hours
In the Black Hours
Levels 6–9
10 pages

You are hired by a merchant to protect a rare item, a crystal crown, for one night against the attempts of the city's thieves guild. The arrogant guildmaster has informed the merchant that he will steal the crown and he cannot be stopped.

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