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Cover of Return to Fel'Valashar
Return to Fel'Valashar
Levels 4–5
16 pages

Written in celebration of Swords and Wizardry Appreciation Day 2017, Return to Fel’Valashar picks up where Dungeons of Fel’Valashar left off. In this book is a collection of mini dungeon adventures with a small region called Fel’Valashar that they take place within. Each of these adventures is written in such a way that they don’t have any ties to each other or to Fel’Valashar. This means you can easily drop them into your own world with no fuss. Includes: Details of the south-western region of Fel’Valashar. Four mini dungeon adventures. New monsters. New magic items.

Cover of CCC-GLIP-01-03 Citadel of Vlaakith
CCC-GLIP-01-03 Citadel of Vlaakith
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
32 pages

The adventurers are tasked with rescuing a group of heroes who vanished in the pearlescent fortress that manifested on the border between the Kroth Magg kingdom and the Varkonin empire in the Steppes of Thar.

Cover of The Ringmaster's Request
The Ringmaster's Request
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
15 pages

A vibrant circus has just arrived, setting up on the edge of town. Run by the charismatic half-elf ringmaster, Marlow, the performers bring with them dazzling displays of magic and talent, artifacts with incredible powers to behold, and strange creatures most people would never get the chance to see close up. Behind all of the joy and revelry, the circus holds a dark secret, for Marlow keeps tyrannical control over his performers with both whip and word. As this latest performance reaches its height, two acrobats decide to take their chance at freedom, making use of a distraction to steal something valuable from Marlow and make their escape. Marlow will do anything to get the two back under his power, and so turns his significant charms upon a hapless band of adventurers attending his circus.

Cover of The Brightness of Mornstead
The Brightness of Mornstead
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
8 pages

The Brightness of Mornstead This challenging, three-hour, one-shot adventure is intended for parties between levels 5-8. Five years ago, a dragon destroyed the peaceful town of Mornstead. Now, a man named Wiles Killinger has rediscovered a mysterious artifact from the ruins and seeks revenge against the dragon that destroyed his life. However, not all is as it seems in this tale of lore, mystery, and betrayal. Will the dragon be slain by mighty heros or will the horrors of the living dead return to cover the land? Adventure Features Flavor text and pre-written quotes let the DM jump right in with minimal prep time. A level-scaling table for on-the-fly-customization of the final battle. NPC information and backgrounds. Multiple plot points that can be expanded into a full-fledged campaign.

Cover of X2 Castle Amber (Chateau D'Amberville)
X2 Castle Amber (Chateau D'Amberville)
Levels 3–6
28 pages

Trapped in the mysterious Castle Amber, you find yourselves cut off from the world you know. The castle is fraught with peril. Members of the strange Amber family, some insane, some merely deadly, lurk around every corner. Somewhere in the castle is the key to your escape, but can you survive long enough to find it? TSR 9051

Cover of The Question of the Sphinx
The Question of the Sphinx
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
30 pages

Match wits and mettle with a sphinx in this new adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. A wild forest edging closer to chaos, a small village threatened by something strange, and a quest to discover the truth from a legend known for her riddles. Locals speak of a mountaintop reliquary filled with powerful artifacts — artifacts which could make all the difference in the climactic battle for the fate of the village. You might even meet a baby sphinx cub along the way. The Question of the Sphinx is a 10 to 12 hour adventure for 6th through 8th level characters. This adventure easily fits within the Forgotten Realms, Theros, or other 5e settings. Solve any of the 20 original riddles Choose from 14 unique magic items Learn a never-before-known spell Brave any of the 6 random monster scenarios, set in 6 random dynamic locations Contend with 3 new monster variations

Visitors from Above
Levels 4–8
20 pages

"One night, a piece of the sky fell to earth..." "Visitors from Above" introduces the DM and players to the concept of flying ships, alien races, and space travel as described in the AD&D SPELLJAMMER boxed set. The adventure is compatible with AD&D 2nd Edition rules and the Monstrous Compendium, but can easily be played with only AD&D 1st Edition rules. "The adventure is designed for 4-9 characters of 4th-8th level (a maximum of 30 total levels). "The PCs begin in the city of Neverwinter and must venture upriver through the Neverwinter Woods to Mount Hotenow."

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