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Cover of The Iron Orb of the Duergar
The Iron Orb of the Duergar
Levels 11–15
22 pages

The Northmen and their allies play hardball. The Northmen are on a rampage, and only the duergar know why. Discover the secret of the iron orb. In the lands of the Northmen, near the city of Tallborg a mysterious relic was uncovered in a mine: a perfect orb of black iron. The orb was taken to the temple. When Ulvmard, high priest of Odin lifted the orb it revealed its true nature. The orb levitated from his hands, floating before him. The orb had changed Ulvmard, bestowing him great powers. The orb spoke to him with flattery and advice. As he became reliant on the orb, its power over him extended, bending him to its will and taking control. It used him to further its agenda: destruction of the dwarven race and restoration of the duergar! Claiming to be acting on Odin's behalf, Ulvmard lead the Northmen to rise up against the dwarves, and ordered raids to pillage the southern kingdoms for the materials he would need to construct a colossal iron warrior to defeat the dwarves. This adventure has viking and norse mythology influences. Pgs. 50-71

Cover of DSQ2 Arcane Shadows
DSQ2 Arcane Shadows
Levels 5–8
120 pages

Tyr has been freed, and the mighty army of Urik has been turned back. These are new and strange times, indeed. Now Urik has become home - at least for a while - and there are new markets to shop, new streets to explore, and, oh yes, preservers to meet. Preservers, the keepers of good magic, have sent a mysterious summons. They are ready to embark on a new and dangerous plot to thwart sorcerer-kings and bring new life to Athas. To associate with preservers is dangerous to say the least, but when the king's templars uncover the schemes, a death mark falls upon all involved Will a desperate journey across the wastelands, with the templars in hot pursuit, end in victory or chaos? The answers lie in the hearts of mighty heroes and the resources of Arcane Shadows. In this adventure, the PCs find themselves in Urik, perhaps as a result of the war between Tyr and Urik that took place in Road to Urik. There, they become involved in a ritual meant to help a nascent Avangion (a very powerful wizard/psion of a generally benign type) reach the next stage of its development, but the ritual is interrupted by Urik's templars. The Avangion-to-be is left in a cocoon, and the PCs are tasked with bringing it to a new location in the wilderness where the ritual can be completed. They need to get the cocoon to the ritual location before it's too late, while evading pursuit as well as dealing with any wilderness dangers on the way, plus the evil machinations of a raiding tribe seeking the wizard for their own dark purposes. The adventure is fairly rail-roaded with a series of set encounters between points A and B. Like other Dark Sun adventures, it comes with a set of handouts. Unlike the previous adventures in the series, Arcane Shadows is not tied to the Prism Pentad novel series, nor is it really tied to the previous adventures. You can easily play it as a stand-alone without affecting the earlier ones. TSR 2410

Cover of Vecna Reborn
Vecna Reborn
Levels 5–7
64 pages

A chance encounter on the road marks the heroes as targets for an evil cult attempting to cause the rebirth of the lich god Vecna in the domain of his arch-foe, Kas. This act will free their master from his misty prison and allow him to gain vengeance upon his enemy at the same time. To learn more of the cult’s mysterious plans, the characters explore a cache of ancient lore in Tor Gorak, the major city in Tovag. Clues lead them right to the heart of Cavitius, Vecna’s own domain. There, they must discover the secret way into the Shadowed Room, an ancient library that no longer exists in time or space yet can still be reached by using an arcane ritual. Learning this secret brings the heroes into conflict with Vecna’s priesthood and their powerful servants. TSR 9582

Cover of FO4 - Morian Curse
FO4 - Morian Curse
Levels 2–4
25 pages

After a few adventures you decide to find safety in a city setting. Along the way to Morristown you discover a few abandoned villages causing to wonder what is going on. With further investigation you quickly discover that something sinister is afoot and begin to uncover an evil cult! Can your party rescue the citizens and put an end to the nefarious religion?

Cover of Lamordia: The Hardest of Hearts
Lamordia: The Hardest of Hearts
5th Edition
Levels 5–6
42 pages

The Hardest of Hearts is a gothic horror adventure for 4-5 characters of 5-6th level. It can be played over the course of 6-8 hours and should roughly take one playing session if the party is quick, or two if the party is progressing slowly. This is the first part of the Carnival of Lost Souls campaign. It can also be played as a standalone adventure. The Hardest of Hearts features: - Exciting journey through the cold wilderness of Lamordia, which features a special travel system and survival rules - Exploration of the old mansion which has been taken over by the vicious local gang - the Corpse Collectors - Several custom diseases to challenge your players - Moral dilemma at the end of the adventure which the characters will have to solve - New custom monsters to make combat encounters truly memorable and exciting - High-quality maps, also available in universal vtt format Look out for the next adventures in the Carnival of Lost Souls series: Dementlieu: Dance with the Devil, Kalakeri: The Forbidden Temple and Valachan: Hunter’s Moon! They will be released over the course of the next two months. Once all four adventures are out, we will also release a special Campaign Guide, which will explain in detail how to best set up and play the campaign. However, if you want to start your campaign right now, don’t worry - we have included a short appendix at the end of each adventure which will explain the basics!

Cover of The Room with Five Corners
The Room with Five Corners
5th Edition
Levels 6–7
2 pages

This is an adventure for four 6th to 7th level PC's that may be completed in a single session. The Untamed are a street gang in a busy city. A recent change in leadership has transformed the members from pickpockets and second-story thieves into kidnappers for an inter-dimensional aberration named Xlrieh'oc. Their hideout is now a strange and wicked factory, capable of extracting the firm essence from a person; the process leaves the victim partly ethereal and their form no longer casts a shadow. Although most victims die during the procedure, those who survive are conscripted into the gang. The extracted essence is crated and shipped to the aberration's home plane through a breach between worlds in the hideout's backroom.

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