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Cover of The Draigesgyrn Caves
The Draigesgyrn Caves
5th Edition
Level 5
12 pages

The gnome village of Clefton is built on the sides of a deep gorge, their homes built safely into the gorge walls. But for the past two nights Clefton has suffered the attacks of sightless creatures that crawl down the walls and steal away the gnomes’ loved ones. It’s up to the PCs to follow the creatures’ trail back to The Draigesgyrn Caves and put an end to their threat. As the PCs explore the unusual cave complex, they may discover the caves are the empty husk of a colossal dragon, buried many years ago beneath a landslide. In the depths of these caves they encounter the dread spirit of the dragon rider and an entrance to the Underdark. Will they seal the entrance or will they begin a new adventure deep underground? The Draigesgyrn Caves is a D&D 5th Edition adventure suitable for four to five PCs of 5th level and estimated to take 4-6 hours. The adventure could be set in any mountainous area. In the Forgotten Realms, it might be set in the Fairheight Range on the Moonshae Isles. The end of the adventure introduces an option to begin an Underdark adventure or campaign. Includes: A map of the dragon husk caves by EB Moreno Two new monsters for 5th edition – the ghoulish ooze and a grimlock shaman Four new magic items

Cover of River of Blood
River of Blood
3rd Edition
Levels 7–9
48 pages

For centuries, the Three Kingdoms have warred endlessly. The river flowing through it holds so many dead on its banks that the locals call it the River of Blood. But now, a new peril rises. With all three armies tucked into their winter camps, patrols and outposts on all sides report ambushes with alarming frequency - those who survive to make their reports, that is. None can say just who attacked them, however, for the assailants appear from the fog or in the middle of a snowstorm, hit hard and fast, then disappear. Arden, Duke Regent of Tyndall, fears that the dead have risen to haunt the living. Is he right?

Cover of Tomb of Abysthor
Tomb of Abysthor
3.5 Edition
Levels 2–8
64 pages

Restore an Abandoned Temple Enter the catacombs near the desecrated Temple of Muir, Goddess of Paladins, and search for the lost tomb of Abysthor. Will your party be able to cleanse the evil that now inhabits these once-sacred halls, and recover the Stone of Tircople? Can your characters survive the traps of an undead sorcerer? Will your players discover the chamber of Living Rock and the secret power it holds? Adventure awaits! Gold and Glory! A fantasy adventure published for the D20 system, The Tomb of Abysthor is the first module in Necromancer Games Dungeon series and can be played as a stand-alone story or in conjunction with The Crucible of Freya and the forthcoming city supplement Bards Gate. What secrets lie hidden in the tomb of Abysthor?

Cover of Sanctuary of Belches
Sanctuary of Belches
5th Edition
Level 5
21 pages

The trouble began several weeks ago when a duergar excavation team went to work in a long-abandoned temple. Drawn to the temple by stories of riches and artifacts, the duergar hired several giants as laborers before cracking the temple’s sealed doors. The largest of the giants, a loathsome Thursir mutant named Huppo, used his acidic vomit to expedite tunneling into the temple’s collapsed hall of worship. Then, Huppo found the horn—an unusual instrument made from a single piece of stone, with a mouthpiece so intricate only a master carver could have made it. The horn became the giant’s obsession. Seeing only the horn’s potential sale value, the dwarves demanded Huppo turn it over to them, but Huppo refused. To force compliance, the dwarves stopped feeding the gluttonous brute, but Huppo had already found his own source of food; in deep areas of the temple, worms were chewing out of the rocks, and Huppo ate them by the fistful. He also played the horn. Then, after several days of blowing the horn and devouring the strange worms, Huppo released a belch so noxious the dwarves had no choice but to lock him in a sealed chamber and carefully consider their next move. The horn’s call, however, had caught the attention of passing nomadic orcs. They set up camp outside the temple entrance in the hope of finding the horn and its player. That’s the current situation at the temple: the giant refuses to stop blowing the horn and belching out deadly clouds of stomach gas; the dwarves are frightened and edgy while their leader is obsessed with malevolent whispers; orcs are threatening to overrun the place; and the population of worms grows steadily as something awakens deep in the stone beneath the sanctuary of belches.

Cover of A Dead Man’s Party
A Dead Man’s Party
3rd Edition
Levels 4–6
28 pages

A mad necromancer imprisoned in a sanitarium has died. Now he has come back as a powerful undead wizard. His lunacy was only increased by his death and he has turned all the other inmates into his undead servants. Now the sanitarium is under his control. A traveling group of adventures must put a stop to the necromancer before his evil madness spreads.

Cover of Tower of the Pale Lady
Tower of the Pale Lady
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
23 pages

"A hundred-year curse caused by a group of adventurers slowly turned a tower and the hills around it into a region touched by the very finger of death, where life is incapable of thriving. As the curse grows in power and reach, on its way lie the town of Beregost, whose population now suffer, sicken and die every day under these nefarious powers. The government and local clerics infrutiferously attempt to remedy the situation, while desperately seeking any who could help them." Tower of the Pale Lady is a 4-hour adventure for a group of 1st-4th level characters. It is set in the town of Beregost, at the southern edge of the Sword Coast, in Faerûn, in Toril, in the Forgotten Realms. However, with little modifications, you can run this adventure in whatever world you wish. This adventure includes NPCs related to the story and to the Forgotten Realms, which might bring your players to other different plots as they play through. New ways of using old spells and items, presented as introduction to reinforce creative possibilities throughout play.

Cover of The Five Temples of the Earthmother Part 1: Life and Moon
The Five Temples of the Earthmother Part 1: Life and Moon
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
22 pages

Summoned by the ruler of the Moonshae Isles, the adventurers are asked to seek out the five lost Temples of the Earthmother. A 12 hour adventure for 5 players of 1st-3rd level characters.

Cover of Lest Darkness Rise
Lest Darkness Rise
3.5 Edition
Level 7
15 pages

Long ago, a local priest created a warded graveyard on a remote hillside. As the years passed, it gained a reputation as a spot whose defenses were powerful enough to keep undead in and tomb robbers out. Adventurers began to bring the remains of any creatures they suspected might become restless in death to the Tomb Steppe for interment, and in time they also sought aid against such creatures from the friendly priest. After his death, a brief spate of undead activity commenced, then died away once again. As the years passed, the tales of undead activity in the Tomb Steppe faded into legend, and colonists began to move into the lands nearby. The town of Night Falls was founded a short distance from the graveyard, and it grew quickly into a thriving trade center and farming community. Realizing that the Tomb Steppe was safe enough during the day, the citizens began burying their dead there rather than building new crypts on pristine farmland. Because this method of interment was cheap and easy, people from many surrounding communities brought their dead to the town as well. The business of burial brought new prosperity to Night Falls, and a guild called the Funerary House sprang up to control the trade. But it seems that the threat from the Tomb Steppe has not entirely been laid to rest. The Great Mausoleum -- the largest and finest tomb in the steppe, has been unsealed, and an apparition has been seen within. Who will go to the Tomb Steppe by night and reseal the tomb? Lest Darkness Rise is a short adventure for four 7th-level characters. In keeping with the season, it has a stronger horror theme than most D&D adventures. This scenario can be used as the climax of a series of adventures featuring its secondary characters, or it can simply be a site-based adventure that the PCs stumble across at the right moment. The scenario is set in a semi-civilized area in the far north, far from cities and churches, where winters are harsh and summers never get very hot. These inhospitable conditions have resulted in a low humanoid population. The scenario need not be set in such a wilderness; a rural farming community far from cities works just as well. The only real requirement is that the area have few settlements. The action takes place in the small town of Night Falls and a nearby necropolis of tombs, mausoleums, and graves known as the Tomb Steppe. As always, feel free to adapt the material presented here as you see fit to make it work with your campaign.

Cover of The Banshee’s Tale
The Banshee’s Tale
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
5 pages

The residents of Castle Gealladh have been visited by an ominous banshee with a warning: “Leave or die”. Your adventuring company finds themselves drafted by a wizard named Milo Tenpenny and tasked with investigating the castle and ridding it of undead. In your investigation, you will find that there is more to this warning than it seems — and that something far worse than spirits haunt this castle.

Cover of The Saint's Tomb
The Saint's Tomb
5th Edition
Level 1
30 pages

The Saint's Tomb is a single-player gamebook-style adventure that is playable in your browser. You make a 1st level character sheet, roll your own dice (though 2 of each are supplied in-browser), keep up with your inventory, spells, and HP, and click on options as you make decisions. It was written to help new players learn the game, but it should be fun for experienced players too. In the game, you'll investigate a mysterious figure who has a suspicious interest in the tomb of a dead priest. You'll battle the undead, figure out problems and roll the dice to save your city! The Saint's Tomb is free, though you can leave a tip if you're able by clicking "Support this Game". A Spanish translation is available as "La Cripta Sagrada"

Cover of Seeking Bloodsilver
Seeking Bloodsilver
Levels 2–4
25 pages

Into the shadows. You must brave the perils of the Shadow World to keep a tighmaevril weapon from the wicked clutches of the Gorgon. PCs are recruited to help a noble and his halfling friend find a weapon with immense power, called bloodsilver. Includes a sidebar for adapting the adventure to another setting, an overland map, and a map of the ruins Pgs. 8-31 & 69

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