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Cover of The Temple of Mysteries: In Media Res
The Temple of Mysteries: In Media Res
Levels 4–5
33 pages

A dungeon of tricky puzzles, ancient magical secrets, and more than a few lingering mysteries, designed to be played as a standalone adventure and not incorporated into another campaign. Six adventurers descend into the Temple of Mysteries to find a mystical artifact called the Strand of Tears. Seems straightforward enough, except that some of the party may not be who they say they are. In fact, none of the party may be who they say they are. Not only that, but they might not be who they don't say they are, either! Worst of all, they're trapped in the ruins of an underground temple specifically designed to keep people from proceeding unless they're proficient in puzzle-solving...and there may be doppelgangers on the loose.

Cover of WG4 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
WG4 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
Levels 5–10
32 pages

A combination wilderness/dungeon module, first searching for then exploring the temple of Tharizdun. Tharizdun is long gone from the place, so there's no epic final fight. Rather, a mysterious Black Cyst waits at the bottom of the dungeon. The encounter with it is almost scripted, having no hazard except for careless/foolish players. Contains several monsters from the Fiend Folio. Loosely follows Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. TSR 9065

Cover of A Hitch in Time
A Hitch in Time
Levels 7–10
12 pages

From the magazine: "No matter how much loot you take, you never took anything at all. Confused? Wait until you try this dungeon." The players are hired to investigate and clear a tomb of a time wizard. This tomb is heavily guarded both by creatures and traps, and some sages are concerned that the defenses are lasting longer than they were supposed to. Unknown to the sages, the wizard, Sur-in Am, bound a time elemental to guard the treasures of the tomb. This guardian's duty is to frustrate robbers by returning stolen items to their original place and also reset traps in the tomb.

Cover of Ancient Blood
Ancient Blood
Levels 3–5
19 pages

This is a moody arctic wilderness/dungeon adventure in which the player characters must undo an ancient frost giant curse that plagues a barbarian village and its tribal chieftains. The PCs will travel across a frigid tundra en route to the deserted mountain keep of the frost giants where they must put an end to the curse before the restless ghost of the frost giant king rises again to claim another victim.

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