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Cover of 1 on 1 Adventures #6: The Shroud of Olindor
1 on 1 Adventures #6: The Shroud of Olindor
Levels 7–9
24 pages

Lord Dragle was set to auction off his most recent discovery, the Shroud of Olindor. The elven relic was certain to make Dragle a wealthy man. Such a pity he had to die. But the plot surrounding Dragle’s death is far more layered than it appears. It is up to the player character to discover the hidden motives and ultimately recover the Shroud of Olindor. The Shroud of Olindor is an adventure for one player and one GM. The adventure is designed for a 7-9th level rogue, but is suitable for any character interested in investigation.

Legacy of Darkness
Levels 8–10
20 pages

The wizard Sehvain Malual has been going strangely distant of late. It is up to the PC to discover what is going on with him. The adventure offers several potential hooks for drawing the PC into the plot. The adventure is designed specifically for a wizard character of level 8-10. As such, the encounters encourage the use of a wizard’s skills and abilities. Characters with ranks in Linguistics, Knowledge (any), and Spellcraft will have many opportunities to utilize their skills. Sorcerers could also participate in this adventure but would probably need to purchase scrolls and potions to make up for their reduced spellcasting options.

Cover of The Adventure Zone
The Adventure Zone
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
182 pages

The wildly bonkers adventure from the hit podcast of the same. The Adventure Zone is heavily story based with about eight different arcs, each one quite different from the last. The first Arc gives an alternate ending to the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure, which transitions into getting the players hired by a secret organization whose job is destroy incredibly powerful, and evil, magical artifacts. Then into your first job for them. The rest of the arcs are the players working for this organization, and discovering secrets along the way. Secrets of the setting, the organization, and themselves.

Cover of 1 on 1 Adventures #10: Vengeance of Olindor
1 on 1 Adventures #10: Vengeance of Olindor
Levels 8–10
22 pages

Thail Donnodol, an eleven scholar, has been imprisoned for crimes he did not commit. The law is no refuge. Only by breaking into the fortress prison of Granite’s End can the player character save Thail from a lifetime of misery. There’s only one problem: Thail Donnodol does not want to be saved. At least not until he finds the Vengeance of Olindor. The Vengeance of Olindor is an adventure for a single Rogue of levels 8-10.

Cover of Bitterbark's Circus
Bitterbark's Circus
Levels 8–9
30 pages

The circus is in town, but there's something quite not right about it. There are rumors of missing children, evil plots, and more. Can you discover the hidden secrets inside of Bitterbark's Magnificent Circus? Intended as a stand-alone adventure, but there are notes on how to include it as part of the Castle of the Mad Archmage mega-dungeon adventure.

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