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Cover of Verdant Corruption
Verdant Corruption
5th Edition
Level 4
7 pages

A mysterious adventurer stumbles into an inn in the night, looking for an escort to the nearest temple. Before the night is over, he inexplicably disappears, leaving a trail of corruption leading into the nearby woods as packs of twisted forest creatures emerge to plague travellers. Pgs. 83-89

Cover of The Night Hunter
The Night Hunter
5th Edition
Level 1
15 pages

When the characters set up camp in the forest, they catch the attention of a supernatural evil called the Night Hunter. Can they survive its increasingly audacious attacks and discover the true nature of what is hunting them in the night? This short horror scenario takes about 2 hours to complete and is for four or five 1st-level characters. Download it for free in the YouTube video walkthrough link! Inside the The Night Hunter, you'll find: -A new bogeyman monster tied to local folklore -The Arcane Library's signature format to make running the adventure effortless -Combat cards for monsters, PCs, and special treasure -Beautiful VTT maps with and without grid by Lantern's Light Maps

Cover of WE-1: Red Dawn
WE-1: Red Dawn
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
67 pages

WE-1: Red Dawn: An Eberron adventure about the end of the world. The year is 1019 YK, and the world is ending. Twenty-three years ago, the nations that were once Galifar signed the Treaty of Thronehold and ended the Last War. Now, the drums of war rumble once again. The peace that lasted a generation is threatened, and Eberron may go to war once again. As a member of the Scions of the Second Dawn, a secretive order dedicated to studying the Draconic Prophecy, this is merely background to you. Or, it was, until the eve of your initiation as full Scions. You emerged from the rite to find your monastery destroyed, bandits looting it, and all your friends and allies slain. You are the last survivors of your order, and the world is ending. You cannot stop the end of the world. But you can rebuild it. Can you escape the wreck of your secret order’s monastery, journey across the mountains in winter, search the mountain valley to unlock the cipher, and discover how to rebuild the world? Or will your frozen bodies join those of your fellows? Will you fall to fatalism and ennui, or will you fight to save what can be saved and rebuild what can be rebuilt? Find out, in the light of this RED DAWN.

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