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Cover of DF1 The Patina Court
DF1 The Patina Court
Levels 1–3
15 pages

Enter the Dwarven Forge world of Mythras with the first part of this new city and miniatures based trilogy, The Hidden Valoria Campaign. Discover the world built to provide tabletop with unique miniature opportunities using Dwarven Forge licensed products. Take on the adventure as newly relocated members of the neighborhood of the Patina Court. Battle gangs, undead, and other threats as you try to make a living inside this ancient and mysterious city. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules. Also available in PDF.

Cover of DF2 The Lost Apprentice
DF2 The Lost Apprentice
Levels 3–5
15 pages

Continue the adventure inside the Dwarven Forge world of Mythras with the second part of this new gaming trilogy, The Hidden Valoria Campaign. Now entrenched in the tapestry of The Patina Court, the players must begin unraveling an even greater mystery that lies beneath the streets. Taking the adventure to the sewers, get ready to explore some of the locations that have made Valoria so famous among its players over the years This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules. Also available in PDF.

Cover of Getting Your Feet Wet
Getting Your Feet Wet
5th Edition
Level 1
7 pages

The Thieves Guild Ebonclad has welcomed its newest team to the fold, assigned to the Keeper Reese Kincaid for instruction. The recruits are green, but capable. Their Keeper has devised a job for them to assess their talents. If his new team is successful, he gets some insight as to how his new Scraps operate, in addition to scratching something off his to-do list. If they die trying, well, then Reese has one fewer thing to worry about. The party must track down the slum thief Dale E’ssio, and reclaim valuables marked for the guild. Should anything unfortunate happen to Dale, there must be no evidence tracing things back to Ebonclad. The mission will require the party to enter Kintalla’s sewers to ultimately confront Dale E’ssio in a ruined slum house. Characters may have to explore the city while trying to get a lead on him.

Cover of IM1 The Immortal Storm
IM1 The Immortal Storm
Immortal Level
40 pages

"The storm-stuff is not matter as we know it, and beyond Immortal control," the Hierarch sighs. "I fear we are doomed." It appeared only a few weeks ago - a swirling gray mass of incalculable size. And in its center, an eye. A humanoid eye. Now the storm threatens the very era of Immortal rule. The growing maelstrom emits a message to the Hierarchs. But what does it mean? Can it help save this realm of existence? Is there time to save this realm? The first Immortal adventure pits your party against the multiverse in a desperate struggle to find the essence of life. This adventure is nothing like you've ever played before. TSR 9171

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