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Cover of DDIA-XGE Underworld Speculation
DDIA-XGE Underworld Speculation
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
29 pages

Operating as secret agents for the Lords of Waterdeep, a promising lead takes you deep into the world of the Xanathar, but what will it take for you to return?

Cover of WS1.5 The Pearl of Madness
WS1.5 The Pearl of Madness
Levels 1–3
10 pages

The Pearl of Madness is a companion adventure made to go along with the events unfolding prior to the core adventure founding Folio #14 (WS1 ). It contains the information needed to run a side adventure that will help characters gain a degree of experience before setting out into the interior of the Isle of Jade. Thunder booms on the north of the isle and a dark rain falls on the inland swamps prompting the village chief to deny the characters canoes for their journey for another day. This respite offers the characters a chance to participate in a village tradition, the pearl dive. With whispers of great wealth at the bottom of a secluded cove, the players prepare for a dive that will provide more than the mundane. When the Isle of Jade begins to rumble, the islanders cancel the player's expedition to the inland. However, it is still a beautiful day for a pearl dive. Can the players find fortune in the tranquil waters of a hidden cove, or does something more sinister lurk there? This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of EX2 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror
EX2 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror
Levels 9–12
32 pages

Your adventures have taken you to strange places before, but in the eyes of your experienced party, few of these places are as unusual as the bizarre Land Beyond the Magic Mirror. Here the delightful and the light-hearted often hide great challenges and dangers; here you will journey through a landscape unique among fantasy role-playing scenarios. This adventure was first conceived by E. Gary Gygax as part of the Greyhawk Castle dungeon complex and has been the source of challenge and fun for many skilled players of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. It is finally available to all players and can be added to your existing campaign with ease. "The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror" is designed so that it may be used with its companion scenario, EX1: "Dungeonland." Still, "Land Beyond the Magic Mirror" may easily be played on its own, and should offer hours of excitement in its strange landscape! An adaptation of Lewis Carrol's book 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' into a dungeon crawl, and a sequel to the module EX1 Dungeonland which adapted 'Alice in Wonderland' in the same way. TSR 9073

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