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Cover of 1 on 1 Adventures #2: The Star of Olindor
1 on 1 Adventures #2: The Star of Olindor
Levels 6–8
22 pages

A terrible plague has swept through the city of Cairdus, and despite the local clergy’s best efforts, they have been unable to control the spread of the disease. Even those who seem cured often contract the disease again. The only thing that is making any headway are the special blessings given by the powerful Baron Velstaf, but he only grants these blessings for a price that few can afford. The Star of Olindor is an adventure designed for 7th-level rogue, or other character of similar abilities. The obstacles in the adventure are set up to encourage the use of stealth and trickery, and many rely on classic rogue skills. The adventure takes place in the city of Cairdus, the details of which have been intentionally left imprecise, so that it can be easily slipped into an existing campaign, or better yet the adventure can be altered to take place in any existing city. Part 1 of the Olindor Trilogy.

One on One #002: The Rats of Verdant Reach
Levels 1–2
2 pages

The adventurer is hired by Dawson Beam, the sheriff of the City of Verdant Reach, to investigate a gang of thugs that call themselves the “Rats of the Reach”. This is the second adventure in the 1-on-1 Mini-Dungeon series, but can also be utilized as a standalone adventure. Published by AAW Games.

Cover of Ragged Hollow Nightmare
Ragged Hollow Nightmare
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
47 pages

Yesterday, young Tobias went to investigate an old tomb by himself. Everyone told him it was a bad idea. Everyone was right. Today, you and your companions awaken to a town in chaos. Why is the temple sealed behind a divine shield? Why are children and worshippers trapped within? How do we get inside? What did Tobias do?! Ragged Hollow is a full-service starting town, full of classic creatures and challenges all updated and brought together for newbies and nostalgia-lovers alike. There are goblins and witches in the woods, a house full of traps, a basement of vermin, kobolds in a cave, bandits on the road, riddling ravens, a 50-room temple dungeon, nursery-rhyme monsters, living nightmares, Lovecraftian horrors, and tons of unique items to find. This is a mystery with lots of relevant side-quests around the town. The heroes can investigate the situation, get into the temple, save the innocents, and stop the monsters. And get some loot! ADVENTURE TYPE: Medium Dungeon / Town / Wilderness Adventure DESIGN NOTES This adventure is intended for characters levels 1 to 4. It includes several wilderness areas (forest, hills, mountain), a bustling town, several local mini-dungeons, and one 50-room temple dungeon. Each area contains various encounters and unique items. There are many opportunities for combat, but it is possible for players to explore most areas and complete many interactions without any combat at all, depending on their choices. INCLUDES: Story hooks, dialogue prompts, random encounters, stat blocks, original creatures and treasures, and maps. KEYWORDS: town, village, forest, goblins, goblin market, witches, hags, hills, bandits, ogres, mountain, kobolds, caves, dwarves, temple, clerics, nightmares, demons, riddles, traps, ghosts, fairy tales, Lovecraft, mutant

Cover of Guilds' Town: The Cult War
Guilds' Town: The Cult War
5th Edition
Levels 1–10
20 pages

Guilds Town is in the middle of Dravens, a province of the realm of Shrave. 50 years ago, the neighboring dwarven province of Kiernard rebelled and tried to overthrow the green dragon Shrave who rules the realm. They failed and their province was dissolved. Dwarves who left the province mostly fled to Dravens, and are called Nards as both a racial slur and a stigma of their people’s dishonor. Guilds Town are the ones really in control of the province and are the current opposition of the Dravens nobility. In recent times, corruption and crime in the city have risen to new heights as 4 cults compete for control of the city and their citizens. Published by NaturalCrit

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