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Cover of The Great Trial
The Great Trial
5th Edition
Levels 6–7
37 pages

The Great Trial is a 5e adventure for characters starting at 7th-level and ending at 10th-level. It's a dungeon consisting in the 3 levels, where the first level is the lowermost one and the last is the uppermost one: First level is composed by mean traps, puzzles and combat; Second level is a labyrinth with a construct Minotaur - the Minotal - and an iron wyvern, brand new creatures; The last and uppermost level is actually a jungle-like demi-place filled with dinosaurs in an open world format. Aenor Gleenwith, a powerful elf wizard, wants to make history alongisde Acererak for his Tomb of Horror and Halaster for his Undermountain. So he created his own dungeon. To test its efficiency, he captures adventurers and puts them in the lowermost level, where they need to work together to survive and leave the dangerous place. At the end, Aenor himself greets the group offering them apologies for the harm caused, to fix all damage caused and also rewarding them for the forced help. This module can be run in any setting, campaign, or as a one-shot. It should take around 10 to 14 hours to complete it since it contains 3 Chapters.

Cover of G1: Siege of Durgam's Folly
G1: Siege of Durgam's Folly
3.5 Edition
Levels 5–8
42 pages

An embattled outpost at the edge of the wilderness has finally been overthrown. Strange creatures patrol the land. A local hamlet is in ruins. But just who-or what-has taken over this once mighty fortress?

Cover of Citadel of the Void Dragons
Citadel of the Void Dragons
5th Edition
Level 14
4 pages

Citadel of the Void Dragons is a void dragon lair suitable for four characters of 14th level. It is a logical sequel to Sky Stairs of Beldestan, but it can be played independently. The void dragon Astraxis and his mate, Yrsinestra, have long lived in an orbital citadel where the sky meets the void. This location allows the dragons to communicate with malign creatures of the void and still enables them to feast on the whales, cattle, and other large animals of the firmament below. This ready food supply is urgently needed right now, because the mated pair has recently laid a clutch of eggs. As a result, Astraxis is almost never at the lair—he is constantly on the hunt, bringing food to Yrsinestra and often sleeping on the earth below the citadel.

Cover of DDAL07-18 Turn Back the Endless Night
DDAL07-18 Turn Back the Endless Night
5th Edition
Levels 17–20
41 pages

Your foe seeks to unlock the Iron Door beneath the Peaks of Flame and open the way for the Eater of the World. You must find your way through the maze of tunnels and stop them, or it will be the end of all things. Part Four of the Broken Chains Series.

Cover of The Haunting of Kincep Mansion
The Haunting of Kincep Mansion
4th Edition
Level 12
24 pages

Long rumored to be haunted by eerie specters, Kincep Mansion has stood for years, mostly untouched by nearby townsfolk. Now something is preying on the local villagers—something that comes from the house. Pgs. 46-69

Cover of Temple of Lies
Temple of Lies
5th Edition
Levels 4–7
15 pages

Unwrap this player-driven winter mystery for four to five characters of 5th level. No more railroads. Every decision matters and changes how the story unfolds. Branching paths, multiple dungeon entrances, and a myriad of potential conclusions—this adventure provides endless fun with rewarding choices and a range of challenges for any character. This product includes: - 4 to 6 hours of play packed into 15 pages - High-resolution VTT maps of the temple - 6 new monsters, including Brain in a Jar and Workshop Devils - 7 stand-out NPCs with clear motivations players will love or love to hate - The perfect adventure for the holiday season, including a Midwinter festival with two classic games reimagined using D&D rules—snowball fight and charades - All magic items and stat blocks detailed in the appendices for easy reference Content Warning: Animal mutation, blood, enslaved devils, undead, torture,

Cover of The Ruins of Nehk'Talosh
The Ruins of Nehk'Talosh
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
4 pages

Off in the wilderness are the ruins of a temple that once belonged to the God of Balance, Tyr. It has long been abandoned by the traditional followers, but it is certainly not empty. A few clever individuals have found a way to harness the magics that still reside deep within this holy place and are attempting to use it to give life to an Iron Golem. The party must stop them at all costs or have a powerful monstrosity released into the hands of some terrible individuals.

Cover of CCC-BMG-16 ELM 1-1 The Sage of Cormanthor
CCC-BMG-16 ELM 1-1 The Sage of Cormanthor
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
16 pages

The grain has rotted in the town of Elmwood, which means people might starve, businesses and banks might fail, and endanger the town’s already- precarious existence. Brave adventurers are needed to travel through the wild forest to seek the advice of the Sage of Cormanthor. Four hour adventure. Also contains information about the town of Elmwood. Part One of the Misaligned Trilogy

Cover of Lord of Gloomthrone
Lord of Gloomthrone
5th Edition
Level 12
27 pages

Agents of evil are attempting to complete a dark ritual in the icy depths of Gloomthrone Citadel, a ritual that would surely spell disaster for the kingdom if completed! Led by the priestess Z'ress Baenre, a coterie of drow have overtaken the abandoned tower and fortified it with their minions. It's a race against time for the PCs to make their way through Gloomthrone's defenses, and put an end to Z'ress and the foul magic she is using.

Cover of Dungeons on Demand: Volume One
Dungeons on Demand: Volume One
5th Edition
Levels 1–12
109 pages

THE FIRST SET OF DUNGEONS ON DEMAND ADVENTURES! The first volume of Dungeons on Demand includes the first four dungeons: Bandit's Nest - Level 1 Adventure Dungeon Insidious Experiments - Level 4 Adventure Dungeon Fierce Tempers - Level 8 Adventure Dungeon Lord of Gloomthrone - Level 12 Adventure Dungeon It also includes the following supplements: New Twists on Old Monsters - Gaming Supplement Imbued with Magic - Gaming Supplement The bundle includes hundreds of pages worth of materials and supplements sure to keep your gaming sessions busy!

Cover of The Mirror's Shard
The Mirror's Shard
5th Edition
Level 5
22 pages

A tale of dreadful draconic sibling rivalry, this adventure is designed with ease of Dungeon Mastering in mind. Inspired by products such as The Lost Mines of Phandelver and 1991 Easy to Master Introductory Black Box it aims to provide a compelling story which will engage players while making that story easy to tell. It has prompts and advice on how to run each encounter making it ideal for beginning Dungeon Masters or Dungeon Master's ready to move on to the next tier of play.

Cover of Gate of the Lens Wizards
Gate of the Lens Wizards
5th Edition
Level 15
28 pages

A world unseen lies beyond a twisted, metal gate in a remote field of the Dhalpurna Mountains. Will the characters brave the alien monstrosities, technologies, and magic inside to learn the secrets that have been brooding in this strange place for millennia? Gate of the Lens Wizard is a science-fantasy exploration adventure and includes: -A gate that leads to the tunnels beneath a distant jungle moon -Intelligent spiders at war with glass-skulled astronomy wizards -An unfathomable artifact that can rewrite time itself -Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure -High-quality digital maps for use with virtual table tops

Cover of DDAL05-15 Reclamation
DDAL05-15 Reclamation
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
30 pages

SEER has been rescued along with Ulcaster, the infamous Archmage that founded a wizard's school that is now in ruins in the foot hills of the Cloud Peaks. However, while leaving to get the two to safety a cloud ship arrived, unloading a shipload of pirates on the ruins. SEER knows what the are after and needs the heroes to stop them and their leader.

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