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Cover of DDEX02-11 Oubliette of Fort Iron
DDEX02-11 Oubliette of Fort Iron
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
27 pages

When Fort Iron was taken from the duergar who inhabited it, much of their subterranean quarters were never fully explored. An ancient oubliette has been discovered and its contents have disturbed the miners. Can the mine and the miners be saved from the dangers of the Oubliette of Fort Iron?

Cover of Pearlescent Temple
Pearlescent Temple
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
17 pages

A recent earthquake has brought forth ancient evil from beneath the waves, to terrorize a sleepy coastal town. People are disappearing. The heroes will sail to an ancient, steam-powered temple in the ocean. They'll encounter mad fishmen, deadly traps, and ancient horrors that slumbered until now.

Cover of Mists of Akuma: The Yai Sovereign of Storms
Mists of Akuma: The Yai Sovereign of Storms
5th Edition
Levels 7–8
28 pages

Soburin’s human nobility are not the only rulers that are in need of outside agents since the corrupting fogs reappeared; even oni warlords have found the Mists of Akuma to bring challenges, obstacles, and threats beyond their ken. Yona, the undisputed master of the secret city of Tsukisasu, lost control of her throne only a few weeks ago to a strange creature that capered out of a storm intermingled with the supernatural haze, and her agent Xiqzoxix is keen to remove the usurper as soon as possible. The PCs are the group ze has chosen for this momentous task and should they accept the oni bengoshi’s offer, a deadly set of trials await them on top of the mountain—though the longer they dally, the more powerful their adversary grows. To defeat Obiemashita the party will have to first find Tsukisasu, covertly investigate the town, and then disrupt the yai sovereign of storm’s rituals and slay it before all hell breaks loose, spilling untold violence down onto the already embattled lands of the prefectures below! Will you conquer Tsukisasu or be subsumed by the storm? In The Yai Sovereign of Storms you’ll find… A monstrous adventure set in Mists of Akuma, an eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting for the latest edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game The secret monstrous city of Tsukisasu and a collection of its oni citizens 2 maps by cartographer Mike Myler: the hidden settlement of Tsukisasu as well as Yona’s Fortress The Mists of Akuma themselves and the new misted condition 2 new attributes to posit the unique aspects of the campaign setting in the minds of your players: Dignity and Haitoku The adeddo-oni template and 10 new monsters: adeddo-oni hunchlings, adeddo-oni samurai, adeddo-oni ninja, gaki, hebikontorra, monsuthant, tikbalang, Xiqzoxix the oni bengoshi, the Katana of Rizushi Kantaro, and the Yai Sovereign of Storms Obiemashita

Cover of FVC3 - Sinking of the Mercy
FVC3 - Sinking of the Mercy
5th Edition
Levels 8–12
23 pages

The Sinking of the Mercy is a sandbox style adventure with multiple side treks to give higher level characters a challenge. After recuperating from their last adventure the PCs find themselves at the port city of Covalush. A group of heavy storms have been battering the coastline for a while a few banged up ships have limped into port. The sailors have found the taverns and have been retelling the story of a sunken treasure ship they were travelling with. As the storms start to weaken the possibility of a treasure hunt has intrigued the PCs…

Cover of The Demon's Heart
The Demon's Heart
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
5 pages

A group of adventurers find themselves drawn to Axeholme, a small, desolate village with a rash of disappearances. An ancient burial mound nearby has been opened, its stone door found shattered, and, if the villagers are to be believed, the disappearances are the work of a wizard’s curse. But things are not always what they seem.

Cover of The Greatest Suffering
The Greatest Suffering
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
16 pages

The town of Warlorn is often thought of as a peaceful one. Not much happens there, and it is usually considered a place of peace were parties could convene to make truces or were the hurt could always come to find someone to care for them. Perceptions can often be incorrect however. The church of Ilmatter, God of Suffering, acts as an effective government in the town. Illmaters tenants are that to help all those who have suffered and to take on their suffering so that they may be healed. To them suffering is truly Holy, and to take suffering on from another is seen as the greatest way to prey to their god. Not everyone is as virtuous as a god, even his own followers, and humanity in taking on holy suffering is still left with desires; lusts that can be corrupted. When the Duchess of Manipulation who delights in corrupting church men spoke to the leader of this clergy of Ilmater, it was no difficult task for her to find a loophole in Illmaters word that she could exploit. If suffering was holy, then truly it should be those that do not yet understand Ilmater’s ways that should feel this suffering. Using a cultist of hers, she was able to create a child that could later be used as an ingredient for a portal right to her layer of hell. It’d be two birds in one stone; corrupt a devoted followers of a god she hated to later take their souls as her own, and create a portal that she could use to cross both herself and her armies to the material plane. When the players enter the scene, the child will have already been kidnapped, and the child’s mother will be hanging up fliers giving out a reward to anyone that can find her child. The players will find themselves needing to infiltrate the Church of Ilmater into its secret underground cult so that they can save the child and stop Glasya from finding her way to the Material Plane.

Cover of CCC-PDXAGE-02-01 The Dark Hunt
CCC-PDXAGE-02-01 The Dark Hunt
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
22 pages

The village near Oreclasp Keep has been reporting brutal owlbear attacks that have left people missing or dismembered. Lord Oreclasp has placed a bounty for every owlbear beak brought to Oreclasp Keep. The villagers don’t suspect the deeper problems brewing in the land.

Cover of DDAL07-14 Fathomless Depths of Ill Intent
DDAL07-14 Fathomless Depths of Ill Intent
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
34 pages

The time is now! The yuan-ti lay on the cusp of freeing an ancient being of insurmountable evil from its imprisonment. Should this happen, Faerûn may very well be plunged into an age of darkness. You have traveled the width and breadth of the peninsula and learned what you could about your foe. Now it’s time to put that knowledge to use. Steel yourself, adventurer, there are important deeds to be done! A Four-Hour Adventure for 11th-16th Level Characters

Cover of Mini-Dungeons #1: Caves 3 Adventures in 1 Bundle
Mini-Dungeons #1: Caves 3 Adventures in 1 Bundle
5th Edition
Levels 3–8
34 pages

Within the pages of this book, you will find three mini-dungeons, all with a common theme. They are all set in dangerous and exciting cave systems. Not only will you be able to drag and drop these mini-dungeons as you need, but this book will also provide a suggested campaign structure and tie-ins to each of them for those witty Dungeon Masters who wish to run them all together. 1. Lizard Folk Tunnels - APL2 to APL5 A daring rescue mission to save two young children from the grasps of a tribe of lizardfolk who's evil intentions are to sacrifice their captives to their evil god. 2. The Cavern of One-Eye - APL4 to APL7 A cave system riddled with orcs as described in Volo's Guide to Monsters. Players will need to think on their feet in this one. 3. The Lair of Frostingbite - APL5 to APL8 Snow-oxen are being stolen from the farmers of Sleet-Town, tracks lead into the ancient and abandoned mine shaft within a nearby mountain. Killer Kobolds, Quaggoth slaves and a ferocious White Dragon await. Published by P.B. Publishing

Cover of Fifth Edition Fantasy #8: Eye of the Leviathan
Fifth Edition Fantasy #8: Eye of the Leviathan
5th Edition
Level 8
38 pages

Murder! Ripples of shock pour through the wee hours of the sleepy fishing shanty of Port Scuttle. An innocent young fishmonger, beloved by the locals, has been brutally murdered in her own shop. Stunned by the grisly act, the typically hardened townsfolk turn to powerful heroes to investigate the gruesome deed. Could the fishmonger’s recent discovery of a massive black pearl be a possible motive? The heroes’ goal is to not only bring the perpetrator to justice, but determine the twisted purpose behind the ghastly act. Concerned townsfolk decry that the evildoer must hang for his or her despicable crime. Yet when the heroes finally track down the murderer, he is already dead by the noose, and the investigation has truly only begun. Clues hint at even darker designs, as an ancient evil stirs to reclaim a once lost malevolent relic. Tackle the challenge of solving the despicable murder of an innocent, and thwarting the diabolical schemes of a powerful brine vampire. Th e adventure is set in and around a small fishing port located on the windswept craggy cliffs of an ocean. The author draws on two inspirations for this adventure: The Pearl, by John Steinbeck, and an unnamed adventure plot by the author’s astonishing wife, Lisa.

Cover of Assault on Gumdrop Mountain
Assault on Gumdrop Mountain
5th Edition
Levels 5–6
8 pages

Welcome to Assault on Gumdrop Mountain. This is designed to be a fairly tough adventure for 5th and 6th level Dungeons and Dragons characters using the 5th edition of rules. In it, the characters wade into such nasty circumstances that only the assistance of a hallucinogenic elixir makes it possible for them to act at full capability. While under the effects of the drug, the characters perceive the world as a candy-infused landscape and monsters as sugary assailants. The adventure is broken into 9 fairly small chapters containing one significant event or a connected series of small events.

Cover of Upsetting the Balance - A Tome of Foes Adventure
Upsetting the Balance - A Tome of Foes Adventure
5th Edition
Levels 14–16
12 pages

When the adventurers are tasked with destroying a symbol of Demogorgon, they end up falling foul of the great mage Mordenkainen himself – or at least a simulacrum of him. Will they agree to help maintain the great Balance of the Blood War, even if means sacrificing innocent lives in the process?

Cover of The Harvest of Vastwood
The Harvest of Vastwood
5th Edition
Level 4
21 pages

Lorena Appleton, the youngest daughter of the youngest son of the heir to the Appleton estates, went missing several weeks ago and returned with a mysterious illness. Her parents spent their vast fortune pleading to all doctors and clerics passing through their town of Braeburn, desperate to find a cure for their daughter. Several healers have said that they couldn’t cure her without knowing what caused the ailment, but Lorena hasn’t said a word since she fell ill. The story piqued the interest of Syvil Loganberry, an elderly Halfling Cleric from the nearby city of Brackenshire. But the roads between Brackenshire and Braeburn have become wild in the last century, and all manners of forest creatures have turned vicious against those who dare brave the roads. The upcoming harvest festival in Braeburn has increased security along the roads, but Syvil grew old by being careful and has hired your band of adventurers to keep him safe as he made the journey. The three days of travel go by without an incident, but those familiar with the woods may wish otherwise. The forest has been still, silent, without even so much as a bird’s song to keep you company. It’s as if the forest itself is waiting...

The Pirates of Senag Island
5th Edition
Levels 7–9
13 pages

An unusual pirate outpost on a small island is causing big trouble for the residents of coastal towns in more ways than one. A Minotaur clan have recruited outlaws and formed an alliance with Sahuagin in order to establish a pirate outpost on a formerly abandoned island and have begun raiding up and down the coast...

Cover of LP-4 The Lost Places: Fortunes Well
LP-4 The Lost Places: Fortunes Well
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
46 pages

Missing relics and a mysterious well. These are the things that have drawn your party to this idyllic region of the land. Why would someone take sacred objects, what do they have to do with each other…and why does the trail lead to a well in the middle of a lake?

Cover of Encounters in the Savage Frontier
Encounters in the Savage Frontier
5th Edition
Levels 1–8
72 pages

What could happen while traveling the vast Savage Frontier? Just about anything! Encounters in the Savage Frontier includes 24 unique encounters of various difficulty that can be used while the adventuring party travels the Savage Frontier. It also includes several new creatures and magic items, digital hand-drawn maps (10 as downloadable .jpg files), and original artwork. Some of the encounters are short and brief, while others may take you a full gaming session to complete. Available for Fantasy Grounds

Cover of Dread Dragon Temple
Dread Dragon Temple
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
10 pages

Characters explore a dangerous, but sparsely populated temple in search of the Staff of the Dragon. They will encounter traps, environmental hazards, and a nest of lizardfolk. The characters are rewarded for a 'look but don't touch' approach to the temple's features. The real highlight, though, is the closing encounter. Once the staff of the dragon is retrieved, it can transform the characters into dragons for a set period of time. As they exit the temple, they are beset by an ancient dragon and the stage is set for an epic brawl as the characters take to the sky in dragon form. Can be completed as a one-shot.

5th Edition
Level 2
3 pages

Sometimes protecting the cargo is easy but getting the pay not so much. Work has been scarce, coin hard to come by, armor needs maintenance, weapons need to be sharpened and food is needed in the belly. Monsters on the road, on the other hand, are more and more common.

Cover of Difficult Circumstances: A Prologue Adventure for What Lies Beyond Reason
Difficult Circumstances: A Prologue Adventure for What Lies Beyond Reason
5th Edition
Level 1
65 pages

Sometimes you can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time... Sheltering from a savage storm, a group of fledgling adventurers find themselves trapped by circumstances and powerful forces from a bygone age. Escaping from dark and dismal caverns, the heroes must brave a nightmarish trek through haunted and hostile terrain, pursued by an mysterious assailant to the very walls of Anduria – home of the greatest civilisation in the world. On the edge between madness and salvation, they must broker a deal with shadowy cults and political powers to determine not only their own fate, but potentially that of the Eternal City itself.

Cover of GF16 - Currents of Adventure
GF16 - Currents of Adventure
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
31 pages

A group of young islanders have been snubbed by the village elders as they move off to protect their island. Their dispair doesn't last long as they quickly find themselves facing foes of their own! After boarding a small fishing boat the group quickly finds themselves sucked into the swirling currents where adventure finds them! The original PCs are included!