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Cover of The Goblins Lair
The Goblins Lair
Levels 1–3
10 pages

Constant attacks have been carried out in the forest region near Holyrock. The small town of Taveiro Village was raided by a group of Goblins that are plundering the agricultural region near the city. There is suspicion that there is a lair of these beings near the village, but so far, no one has been able to find the place. The mayor of the city is hiring adventurers to discover and eliminate this band of Goblins. It offers a big reward, in addition to allowing the booty found with these beings to own the heroes. Are you ready for the challenge? ” Goblins Lair is a “One Shot” style adventure, one that you can play in an afternoon or fit into your larger campaign. This adventure is designed for up to 4 players from level 1 to 3. We recommend using the basic BX books or the old D&D books. Have Fun!

Cover of GC18 - Ta-Killya Estate
GC18 - Ta-Killya Estate
5th Edition
Low, Medium Level
23 pages

In lieu of a monetary reward for their latest adventure, the PCs have been 'gifted' land ownership in the form of a former religious holding on the coast. While the party cannot collect taxes, they can rennovate the building and use it as a base of operations as they adventure around the Katorian Sphere. Best of all, it sits on a vineyard!

Cover of SQ7 - The Sable Mace
SQ7 - The Sable Mace
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
15 pages

You and your associates have been contacted by Janko Milosh, fourth Earl of Tambish. Apparently, he has come into possession of a cursed item and he requires it be delivered to someone he trusts to examine it. With no mounts and none for sale, you better hope your boots are in good shape!

Cover of The Tomb of the Daughter
The Tomb of the Daughter
Any Level
8 pages

The adventure text was written by a neural network (Talk to Transformer) and compiled by a human editor. It is surprisingly usable. The adventure is centered upon the dangerous and thoroughly weird Tomb of the Daughter, the burial place and temple of an ancient Goddess. Explore several rooms connected by teleport systems, fight strange creatures, and perhaps thwart a demon summoning.

Cover of Among Them - A Barghest Hunt
Among Them - A Barghest Hunt
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
17 pages

A fiend lurks among the Black Blade goblins. A shapeshifting barghest fashioned by the General of Gehenna to exact revenge on all goblin-kind. It’s aim: to kill as many goblin leaders as possible… A masked goblin approaches the party asking for help. Two tribe leaders are dead. But a rival for chief has control of the crime scene. Will the party discover the barghest among the goblin ranks? Can they stop this imposter before it strikes again? Adventure Overview The adventure’s story is spread over 4 parts and takes approximately 4 hours to play. The adventure begins with a Call to Action scene. Part 1: Goblin Politics. Krill sends his emissaries to implore help from any strong intermediary. The party is asked to investigate the murder of Thrawn in Dringly’s lair. This is Story Objective A. Part 2: The Opposition. Gain entry into Dringly’s lair and investigate the murder of Thrawn. Gather enough evidence to find the killer. This is Story Objective B. Part 3: To The Lair! Now that the players have determined the barghest (Yeep) is to blame, they need to get to Krill’s lair quickly as he is in imminent danger. This is Story Objective C. Part 4: The Barghest.When the players arrive at the lair, they need to get to Krill and expose and defeat the barghest. This is Story Objective D. Adventure Background A barghest named Yeep has begun its onslaught of attacks against the Black Blade goblins. Starting with Chief Gnar, then his second in command Thrawn, the barghest is moving methodically down the line of command. Krill is now chief. But he has some problems: Two leaders of the Black Blades are dead. Who killed them and why? Is he next? Dringly, the next in command, has decided to take his lair for himself, declaring himself Chief of the Black Blades. Who are the Black Blades? The Black Blades are a tribe of goblins in the local area. They are known for dipping their blades in a dark black substance. It is rumored these blades are poisonous. The Black Blades regularly attack passersby on the road to rob them. The Black Blades have two lairs, one run by a chief who leads the whole tribe, and another overseen by a boss lieutenant. The Black Blades have a well-established pecking order which is how Krill stands to become chief. The next in line is Dringly, who has also declared himself chief and wants Krill dead. Krill suspects that there is something suspicious about two leaders being killed within a day of each other, but he has already burned Gnar’s body without any investigation. He needs to investigate the body of Thrawn, but it is in Dringly’s lair. Krill wishes to avoid direct confrontation with Dringly at the present for three reasons: 1) Any violence would only kill his own tribe members and further divide the lairs. 2) He believes there is still hope for negotiation to reunite the Black Blades. 3) He believes that if he were to attempt negotiations himself, Dringly would kill him. This adventure features: Two maps. Ready for your favorite Virtual Tabletop. A full color pdf. A black and white pdf. One custom monster, a reprint of barghest, all others available in the Monster Manual. Four hours of entertainment involving: roll playing a goblin bard, investigating a murder scene, tracking down a barghest before it strikes again. Applicable to any setting.

Cover of The Sepulchre of Seven
The Sepulchre of Seven
Levels 5–7
70 pages

A 39-room OSR dungeon module for character levels 5-7. Designed for use with the Old-School Essentials ruleset, compatible with most old-school pen-and-paper RPGs. Long ago a half-elf, half deer-centaur named Jayne led a small guerilla band against the armies of an evil fae witch. They prevailed at terrible cost. Monsters moved into her hideout-turned-sepulchre, still haunted by Jayne’s ennemies and companions, and a ghost longing to complete his vengeance... Adventurers will discover the fates and true faces of unremembered heres. Will they get out with forgotten riches, or become the latest victims of a centuries-old tragedy?

Cover of WS2 The Forgotten Plateau
WS2 The Forgotten Plateau
Levels 3–5
21 pages

Deep within the Kraken's Maw, a brutal maelstrom of ocean that devours ships, lies the mysterious Isle of Jade. Long forgotten in the memory of men, the island has served as a bastion for an ancient sect of female Corsairs, but their power is waning, and the threat of the outside world is at their shores in the form of a necromancer from Roslof Keep. Now a party has set out from Taux seeking the necromancer. Their course will take them directly into a conflict of high magic, ancient warrior religions, marauding fern goblins, and primordial dinosaurs. Will you take up the challenges presented by the Isle of Jade? This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules. Also available in PDF.

Cover of APS01 Watchtower on the Hill
APS01 Watchtower on the Hill
Levels 1–3
28 pages

An Early-Level Adventure Game Module Suitable For The Osric Rpg System Or Any Other 1e Compatible System. A Shaft Has Been Discovered Below The Old Watchtower Outside Of Town. Worse Yet, A Boy Has Fallen Into It! Your Party Must Race Against Time To Save The Boy And Sift Through The Remains Of The Watchtower On The Hill!

Cover of Under The Devil’s Thumb
Under The Devil’s Thumb
5th Edition
Level 5
14 pages

The city is plagued by an affliction being called "stone sickness" or "the gorgon’s touch" that disorients people and turns them to stone. Those with, or suspected to have, the affliction are being banished from the city. Some demand a cure, but most are just scared for their loved ones. A ravenfolk woman named Spinel Larkdon, mother to a child with the gorgon’s touch, begs the PCs for assistance. An artifact known as the Shroud of Tiberesh, capable of curing any sickness, is locked away within The Umbers' vault of spoils below the city. Passionate, she is determined to save her son and all those afflicted. Fortunately for the player characters, completing the Umber’s Gauntlet alive means they are not only entitled entrance into the cult, but also a single item from its vault of spoils. The PC's only hope of procuring the Shroud is by traversing this initiation Gauntlet – a series of traps, monsters, and puzzles devoted to the demon-god Nakresh - and claiming the Shroud as their prize.

Cover of The Rise of Tiamat
The Rise of Tiamat
5th Edition
Levels 8–15
94 pages

The Cult of the Dragon leads the charge in an unholy crusade to bring Tiamat back to the Realms, and the situation grows more perilous for good people with each passing moment. The battle becomes increasingly political as opportunities to gather allies and gain advantage present themselves, all centered in Waterdeep. Continuation of Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

Cover of Into the Borderlands
Into the Borderlands
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
155 pages

The Borderlands. An untamed wild region far flung from the comforts and protection of civilization. A lone fortified Keep is the only bastion of Good desperately striving to maintain the forces of Chaos at bay. But Evil is everywhere, lurking in dark caves, fetid swamps, forlorn forests. Bands of cutthroat brigands and ruthless tribes of humanoids eager to clash with the forces of Food rove the region. The Borderlands hold many secret wondrous locations, and opportunities for fame, prestige, and fortune are plentiful. But equally abundant are the perils, risks, and challenges to those brave enough to explore the wilds. Sharpen your swords and axes. Purchase your iron rations and tinderboxes. And Don't forget at least one 10-foot pole. Adventure awaits those with the mettle to confront Chaos in the Borderlands!

Cover of Heart of the Forbidden Forge
Heart of the Forbidden Forge
4th Edition
Level 7
31 pages

Many Cannith creation forges were lost on the Day of Mourning, but a rogue artificer has uncovered one of those that pursued some of the most experimental and dangerous research during the Last War. But while seeking the forbidden knowledge in the forge, this explorer awakened a dark power that was more than she could handle, and that now threatens the region. Pgs. 4-34

Cover of S6 Labyrinth of Madness
S6 Labyrinth of Madness
Levels 15–20
64 pages

Sinister, twisting images...Horrific nightmares lurking at the corners of the mind...These are descriptions used to tell the tales of the Labyrinth of Madness. But these tales of the labyrinth are only legends, really, nothing more than stories used to frighten children at night - until a mysterious scepter is found, bearing within its crystal head a visage of insanity and terror, and also delivering a message: "Disturb not the Labyrinth of Madness again, and live a while longer." Now a powerful temple suffers from a tragic curse that is somehow linked to the labyrinth. Does there exist a group of heroes who can penetrate this dark and terrible place to life the curse...and survive? Labyrinth of Madness is a multiple-level, three- dimensional dungeon adventure, a puzzle within a puzzle, that commemorates 20 years of gaming with TSR. TSR 9503

Cover of Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold
Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold
5th Edition
Levels 1–9
174 pages

Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold provides you with fifteen unique adventures to use as one-shots, additions to your current campaign, or inspiration for a new campaign. We've even included a way to link several of the adventures, allowing you to run a short and quick campaign. The adventures use basic 5E creatures, custom creatures, and several Kobold Press creatures. Each adventure is written for a specific party level, but we've also included suggestions on how to adjust each adventure for a weaker or stronger adventuring party. In addition to fun adventures, you'll also find a few new magic items and NPCs to add to your game.

Cover of The Perfumer's Daughter
The Perfumer's Daughter
5th Edition
Levels 1–18
540 pages

When her father goes missing, a young adventurer has no other choice than to gather her friends and head for the city of Loudwater. Soon after she gets swept away in an obscure design threatening to drag the entire region into chaos and war. At the heart of this mystery, lies not only her father, but the long-forgotten history of her once-despised family and a primordial beast influencing events from the shadows, moving her family like pieces on a chess board. Visit www.perfumersdaughter.com for more information. You can also address me directly on The Perfumer's Daughter Q&A on Facebook. All battlemaps and dungeons are free to download for use in digital platforms (such as roll20) on the aforementioned site.

Cover of The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure
The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure
Levels 4–6
133 pages

The Bleeding Hollow was written as a tribute to the golden era of adventures. Danger lurks around every turn, and a great over-arching storyline ties everything together. There is much to discover and learn, and solving the woes of the adventure is entirely up to the players. They will choose how to deal with the myriad challenges put forth, and will probably run down a red herring or two. They might choose a very dangerous path unknowingly and pay the consequences fortheir actions. That is intended. Let the story lead your party, and your players lead the game. You won’t regret it. Published by Total Party Kill Games

Cover of Falcon's Peak
Falcon's Peak
Levels 1–3
7 pages

Lord Falcon’s nest holds a new brood of evil. Falcon’s Peak is an AD&D® game adventure for 5-8 characters of 1st-3rd level. The party should include a thief and at least one experienced cleric; a ranger would also be of help. The use of stealth and silvered or magical weapons is advised.

Cover of Secrets of the Soul Pillars
Secrets of the Soul Pillars
3.5 Edition
Level 12
40 pages

"Wherein the local clergy makes the terrible mistake of not hiring enough assassins for the job." Synopsis: The heroes have just returned from the abyss (Occipitus) and reestablish themselves in Cauldron, when they are assaulted by a group of professional assassins. After they repel the attack, they trace back the lead to the temple of Wee Jas, where they find plenty of opposition from the second in command, Ike Iverson. After dispatching of the cleric and securing of a (spare) soul cage, the group finds evidence of a place important to the cagewrights' cause - an ancient underground complex named Karran Kurral. Mounting an expedition to that place, they find more evidence towards the horrific destiny on schedule for Cauldron. However, they gain access to the Soul Pillars after defeating a dracolich, that they can use to gather plenty of intelligence on the cagewrights' plans. Pgs. 12-51

Cover of Con18 - 1 Moroni Mirror
Con18 - 1 Moroni Mirror
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
32 pages

After a successful mission for Earl Phenwick you return to receive your accolades. Upon your arrival it is discovered that the earl's child is missing. His daughter was last seen around a mirror of unknown power and an advisor believes that she may have made her way into a different world via the magical portal. Time to put on your hero hats!

Cover of DDLE4 Death House
DDLE4 Death House
5th Edition
Level 1
5 pages

This adventure introduces characters to the land of Barovia. It expands what we know about the lands around Castle Ravenloft and sheds new light on the dark past of the castle’s lord. Players will investigate mysterious happenings in a small haunted house in Barovia.