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Cover of The Vault of Iptiz
The Vault of Iptiz
5th Edition
Level 5
9 pages

There is the well-known regional legend of Iptiz, a spirit naga whose greed was remarkable even among its own kind. Murderous raids and relentless pillaging yielded a hoard so valuable that the creature needed some place to store and protect it. Thus was the Vault conceived: an underground complex custom built to destroy anyone who is not its creator. Years ago, Iptiz's campaign of terror suddenly ended without precursor or cause. The location of the Vault was never discovered. Until now. The ring-city of Sulindal, built upon the shores of a mile-wide desert oasis, has come under martial law by an invading army of yuan-ti. They intend to exploit the resources in this renowned city of knowledge to locate the third and final Beacon of Selune. ...but for what purpose? A four to six hour adventure for four 5th level players.

Cover of Dead in Thay 5e
Dead in Thay 5e
5th Edition
Level 9
55 pages

Szass Tam, the lich lord of Thay, and his Red Wizards threaten to dominate all of the Sword Coast. The Bloodgate, an elemental node of power, must be destroyed in order to stop him. Remake of the original 4th Edition adventure.

Cover of Steel Shadows
Steel Shadows
3.5 Edition
Levels 6–8
16 pages

A killer is stalking the warforged of Sharn. Some say the murderer is a vengeful spirit, while others blame human bigotry and fear. Can the adventurers expose the truth that lies hidden in the depths of Sharn? Steel Shadows is a D&D adventure suitable for four characters of 7th level. This adventure is set in the city of Sharn in the Eberron campaign setting. Since this is a mystery themed adventure, at least one of the characters should have the Investigate feat. The adventure includes a sidebar for scaling the adventure for lower and higher level characters.

Cover of Creaking in the Dark
Creaking in the Dark
5th Edition
24 pages

When an injured child collapses in the street, will you venture into the cellar he fled from to discover what hides, creaking in the dark? Published by Nord Games

Cover of The Demon Stones
The Demon Stones
Levels 4–5
79 pages

When huge stones fall out of the night sky, A deadly curse settles over Gravencross. Help the village exorcise the Demon Stones. “The sun had set an hour ago, and the rain lashed down and the wind howled on the dark moor. A storm this late in the season was unusual, but this one seemed different. The clouds were more menacing, tinged with anger, the rain colder and more biting than usual. Skerrill had to find the lost calf and get him back to the farm before his father came back from the city on business. He’d been looking for two hours now, and he was right in the middle of the moor when the storm hit. He knew he should have turned back as soon as darkness fell, but then he was never the brightest boy in the valley. If only he had remembered to lock the farm gate. The calf was now likely dead anyway having stumbled among the boulders and rocks, panicking in the dark, and then fallen in a floodwater stream and drowned. Either way, he was in more trouble than he could imagine. Suddenly, a bright flash of white light and a roaring peal of thunder were preceded by an explosion as a huge object fell from the sky and impacted the ground of the moor no more than a stone’s throw from him. Dirt, mud, water, and debris erupted from the impact site, flying high into the air and then covering the moor for hundreds of feet all around. Skerrill was knocked to the ground instantly and covered in the fallout from the blast. His ears rang and his head spun, but he staggered to his feet in a daze. He stumbled to where the blast had happened only moments before, and in a depression in the ground lay a huge stone glowing orange as if hot. Skerrill passed out. Two more thunderous explosions crashed in the distance.”

Cover of A Fey's Evil
A Fey's Evil
5th Edition
Level 4
19 pages

The heroes hurry to reclaim a treasured item that an evil hag has hidden away. The item they seek is well guarded by dangerous foes bent on destroying any that dare enter their domain. Estimated play time - 1 hour. This product contains two combat encounters designed for 4th level PCs, an extensive backstory, new monsters and new magic items. The encounters are easily adapted to almost any campaign setting. The text also includes optional changes that DMs may consider when running the adventure for their own campaigns. This side trek encounter is the second of a three-part "Fey's Bargain" encounter series.

Cover of APS02 Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief
APS02 Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief
Levels 1–3
45 pages

Goblins have returned to the area of Westgate, seeking an ancient magical item constructed for their foul kind. In their search, the goblins attack an imperial convoy secretly disguised as a merchant’s wagon. The knowledge that goblins are near must be kept quiet from the public, thus a small band of adventurers is required to seek out the creatures and the stolen magic item, deep inside the warrens of the great goblin chief! But the adventure does not end there...

Cover of The Premature Burial
The Premature Burial
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
41 pages

The Premature Burial is the first in a series of four interconnected stories that recall the themes and atmosphere of Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Terror. Baldur's Gate, year 1492 DR, a dark and terrifying sect works secretly in the slums with the aim of punishing all those who have long oppressed, marginalized and killed the city's poorest and weakest citizens. The patriars, unaware of anything, are the cult's main targets, and a magical plague is about to fall on them that can cause a veritable slaughter. The characters will find themselves caught up in these dangerous events and will be drawn into a spiral of horror, blood and madness that will strain their bodies and souls. The Prior who leads the mysterious cult has "a special plan" in mind for them and will do anything to achieve his goal. Players will be forced more than once to question their morals and make difficult choices in a scenario of complex social conflicts, personal revenge stories and tremendous machinations. What repercussions would the cult's plan have if it were carried out? And what would happen instead if it were averted and the patriars continued to run the city as they always have? Shadows as black as night once again loom over Baldur's Gate, and this time they may change its face forever. - Adventure: story lasting 4 to 8 hours for characters ranging in level from 4 to 6 - Setting: adventure set in the famous city of Baldur's Gate but easily adaptable to any setting - Narrative: detailed descriptions and an emphasis on story immersiveness - Roleplay: in-depth characterization of NPCs with biographies, descriptions of their personalities and their physical appearance - Bestiary: 3 new customizable opponents with the mechanics "Affixes," which can add an extra degree of complexity to confrontations, and " Weak spots," which grant a strategic advantage to characters who manage to discover them - Magic: obscure and unknown spells used by cultists to carry out their plans - Layout: designed to make it easier for DMs to browse information, featuring special attention to color coding and visual immediacy of text boxes - Maps: 3 maps available in high resolution, VTT and printer-friendly versions - PDF: available in high-quality, interactive, printer-friendly print versions - Playlist: a collection of songs selected by the authors to create the right atmosphere during game sessions

Cover of Lilishade's Demon Cave
Lilishade's Demon Cave
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
32 pages

For the past 5 years this elven village has been plagued by undead creatures of the nearby swampland. The undead are consisted of unlucky elf villagers or travelers who were foolish enough to walk through the swampland. It is unknown how the undead appeared in the swampland in the first place, but it is rumored that a demonic entity has found shelter in a cave inside the dark forest next to the swampland and it is being worshipped by necromancer cultists. This adventure is for parties no larger than 5 characters and no higher than level 5.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #6: Temple of the Dragon Cult
Dungeon Crawl Classics #6: Temple of the Dragon Cult
3.5 Edition
Levels 8–10
32 pages

In Temple of the Dragon Cult, the characters are called in to pursue a dragon that the king’s army was able to wound but not kill. It seems straightforward enough: the army tracked the dragon to its lair, and all the characters have to do is go in and kill it. But this dragon has a devoted cult of dragonblood followers who worship its every breath. Its lair is their temple — and they’ll fight to the death to defend their dragon-god…

Cover of Vault of the Blood Mage
Vault of the Blood Mage
5th Edition
Level 8
56 pages

Vault of the Blood Mage is a deadly one-shot dungeon adventure for 4-6 8th level characters. Player Characters find themselves locked in a dungeon room with no memory of how they got there. Inflicted with a magical disease that is slowly turning them into mindless zombies, the dungeoneers have to work quickly to find the antidote and escape the vault before succumbing to the deadly affliction. To do so, the characters must avoid deadly traps, fight unique monsters, and solve fiendish puzzles.

Cover of The Scepter Tower of Spellgard
The Scepter Tower of Spellgard
4th Edition
Levels 2–4
96 pages

Protect the Future! At the height of Netheril's power, the fortress of Spellgard held many great secrets of the Empire of Magic. Now, only ruins remain... and one last guardian, the near-mythical Lady Saharel, whose prophetic visions draw the desperate and the doomed from across Faerun. But a dark presence in one of Spellgard's intact towers wants to control the power of prophecy for itself and remake the future in its own image.

The Trickster's Labyrinth
5th Edition
Level 3
38 pages

A 5th Edition Fantasy Adventure for 3rd Level Characters The PCs find themselves trapped in a strange labyrinth. They’ve arrived by magical means, and they can’t go back the way they came. They have no idea where this labyrinth is located. As they explore the labyrinth and try to find their way out, they may learn that everything is not as it seems, and the difference between an enemy and an ally can be difficult to discern. Escape is not easy, and a fate worse than death awaits those who fall. Published by Starwalker Studios

Cover of Temple of Draxion
Temple of Draxion
3rd Edition
Levels 1–3
4 pages

The Temple of Draxion is an adventure with 2-3 encounters that uses clever tactics, trickery, and good defensive positions to make low-level monsters challenging. The defenders in the encounter try to deceive the PCs; groups willing to accept anything the DM says at face value will horribly misjudge the actual level of danger they are in. The adventure is set in a partially-collapsed dungeon that was once a temple to Erythnul, but is now the headquarters of a pair of aspiring bandits, and their kobold employees. Pgs. 12-15

Cover of The Tomb of the Daughter
The Tomb of the Daughter
Any Level
8 pages

The adventure text was written by a neural network (Talk to Transformer) and compiled by a human editor. It is surprisingly usable. The adventure is centered upon the dangerous and thoroughly weird Tomb of the Daughter, the burial place and temple of an ancient Goddess. Explore several rooms connected by teleport systems, fight strange creatures, and perhaps thwart a demon summoning.

Cover of The Test of High Sorcery
The Test of High Sorcery
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
154 pages

So you want to be a Mage of High Sorcery? To join the esteemed organization, you must travel to the Tower of Wayreth and undertake the most important event in your life—the harrowing Test of High Sorcery! If you can survive where so many aspiring mages have failed, you will forever bind your soul to the Gods of Magic and gain access to untold arcane secrets. The Test of High Sorcery is the perfect adventure for new and veteran players looking to experience Dungeons & Dragons in a new way! It is a solo adventure, where your choices have meaningful consequences, but it also provides balanced rules to play with a group or a Dungeon Master. This 154-page tome features: - A sprawling adventure that fits perfectly as an expansion to any Dragonlance campaign, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, or as a stand-alone replayable experience - A tale full of sorcerous intrigue, featuring many new characters alongside iconic favorites like Fistandantilus, Takhisis, Fizban the Fabulous, and the Gods of Magic - Innovative Destiny and Trait mechanics make your choices really matter—and ensure every mage’s Test of High Sorcery is a unique experience - Over 60 possible outcomes to determine which Order of High Sorcery you join and provide compelling new plot hooks for your character during future adventures - Dozens of unique locations with rich stories and sorcerous challenges that Dungeon Masters can use to create their own version of the Test of High Sorcery - New magic items and stat blocks, with mechanics that support clever use of enemies’ weaknesses and the environment against them - Four gorgeous sample characters, with interactive character sheets designed to be new-player friendly so that you can jump right into the story - A detailed primer on the history of Krynn and how it relates to the Mages of High Sorcery - A community survey when you finish to let you see how you compare to other mages taking their Tests of High Sorcery

Cover of SD9 - Kingston's Trough
SD9 - Kingston's Trough
5th Edition
Levels 8–11
22 pages

In your last adventure you discovered a strange, and somewhat sinister looking, key. After a long wait it appears you have found an answer to what it opens. The good news is that it leads to great wealth, the bad news is that it opens a tomb. Oh yea, there may, also, be some…individuals that want the key too…

Cover of Cult of The Glutton
Cult of The Glutton
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
14 pages

A temple once devoted to Solonor Thelandira deep in the elvish lands has been taken over by troglodytes during troubled times. Whilst the heroes of the realm were fighting elsewhere, a dark, abyssal evil was summoned into being. Can the characters purge the evil from the once sacred shrine? Will they be devoured by The Glutton?

Cover of G3 Cult of the Green Orb
G3 Cult of the Green Orb
Levels 4–7
20 pages

“Do not try to escape. You are in my control. Look at me. I am the sum of all evils. Look carefully. My power infests all times, all galaxies, all dimensions...many seek me out...But see how I destroy their lives..." (from the film, Heavy Metal, 1981) For half a century, life in the mining outpost of Piktown has been peaceful and prosperous until a strange green glow in the nearby mountain range rekindled a frightening legend from the past. Does this recent luminous phenomenon signal the return of the dreaded Cult of the Green Orb? The Overlord has hired you and your fellow adventurers to stop the troubling green glow! This module is a classic-style dungeon crawl meant for a single night’s play, with plenty going on behind the scenes to keep players (and referees) interested. For use with Swords & Wizardry** or the Original Edition of the First Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Cover of Red Hand of Doom
Red Hand of Doom
3.5 Edition
Levels 6–12
126 pages
10  0

A hobgoblin force is expanding and threatening the land. Confronted with the relentless advance of Azarr Kul’s horde, the characters must undertake vital missions to influence the outcome of the war. Can they shatter the armies of the enemy, or will Azarr Kul’s dreams rain destruction upon the human lands? The adventure is fast-paced and time-sensitive, and requires almost constant movement by the party. WoTC 95385