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Cover of Unchained!
Levels 6–10
14 pages

The gnomes built a dragon. Can you turn it off? We gnomes built this wonderful dragon but now the darn thing seems to be out of control. The party meets a hapless gnome tinkerer who's mechanical dragon has gone haywire! The construct is possessed by a spirit named Ahmoras. The party is led to a town called Gnomevale on the way to Mount Nevermind. Finding the town devastated by the automaton, the party follows in the wake into the mountains. The party has many ways to defeat the automaton, ranging from brute force to tricking the spirit of Ahmoras out of the construct. Pgs. 36-49

Cover of Shattered Souls
Shattered Souls
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
22 pages

The Shades of Bodach Ridge Whitepeak has a dark history of black magic originating with the evil witch Skruul the Reaper. The dark rituals she conducted seemed sure to plague the region, until a plucky group of adventurers thwarted her plans sending her into a state of perpetual fractured undeath. Now souls scatter from her old haunt on Bodach Ridge. What could have set these souls free?

Cover of FD5 - Venture into Sordack Valley
FD5 - Venture into Sordack Valley
Levels 2–5
20 pages

The fifth offering of the Filbar Dual (FD) series is Venture into Sordack Valley and takes the small group of young adventurers and puts them on the border of the frontier. The small town of Commerstance is located on the edge of the Lordek River separating civilization from the wild. Several locales are present for the aspiring group of adventurers including two wanted criminals.

Cover of To Save A Forest
To Save A Forest
Levels 4–6
16 pages

Only You can prevent forest curses! The population of a small town have been disappearing and its up to the party to save them and the town from a looming disaster.

Cover of The Legacy of the White Dragon
The Legacy of the White Dragon
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
18 pages

The village of Silverwell lies at the foot of a mountain range in the icy north. Through most of its history it has enjoyed relative peace, save for its battles with the harsh elements. Recently however, a group of villagers were attacked by bandits while hunting in nearby Rothir’s Pass. The bandits left behind a grim message warning for none to follow. Frightened by the possibility of a larger attack on the village, the headman will happily reward any brave adventurers that can help. Unknown to the inhabitants of the remote village of Silverwell, this new terror pales in comparison to the troubles that have already begun to flood down from the distant Mount Neboria – troubles stemming from the dark wish of a dying dragon. This is an introductory adventure for a group of four or five 1st level characters, which should run for roughly 4 hours of gameplay (excluding preparation time), ending with a quest hook for groups that wish to continue into a full campaign. It includes extra tips and tricks both for new DMs and for interaction with new players.

Cover of Jackal's Rift
Jackal's Rift
Levels 1–10
1 pages

A unique skill-challenge focused adventure on a perilous cliff wall! A rift descending adventure where certain doom is mere inches away at any given moment.

Cover of M2 Vengeance of Alphaks
M2 Vengeance of Alphaks
Levels 28–32
32 pages

Centuries ago, the despotic Alphaks, ruler of Alphatia, was banished to another world. From his own sphere of entropy he learned to manipulate men, and now seeks revenge against the human race. The volatile region of Norworld, a perennial battleground between Thyatis and Alphaita, draws Alphaks's attention. The already existing frictions, small-time political players, and petty vengeances are the sparks Alphaks will use to ignite a huge war that will destroy man-kind. This is an adventure of politics and diplomacy, of treachery and treason. Only courageous and bold actions can save Norworld from the horrors of war and liberate its people from oppression. The Vengeance of Alphaks may be played as a sequel to module M1, Into the Maelstrom, or separately. The D&D Master Set Rules are necessary for running this game. TSR 9148

Cover of FP8 - Insignia of Bromide the Wicked
FP8 - Insignia of Bromide the Wicked
Levels 6–8
22 pages

In your many adventures since ridding the world of Sukits the Butcher you have heard whisperings of his boss in the area. The name Bromide the Wicked has been passed around as a greater threat to the freedom in the area as he is the slaver boss. The Plainsmen have given your party the general direction of this evil man and ask for your help in the matter. Is your party ready to deal with the slaver issue and take down the network of traffickers?

Cover of C17-3  York Towers
C17-3 York Towers
Level 6
100 pages

After handling a bit of diplomacy for the York Republic, the ruling council has asked for more assistance from you. Years before the western edge was not where it is now. A series to protective towers stretched out securing the land. Unfortunately for the country, those towers were taken by Giants of the region and pushed the York-ians to their current border. The council feels that your party is strong enough to go scout out the area and see if the land can be retaken. This adventure setting was designed for both 5th Edition rules AND 1st/2nd Edition D&D for the Filbar Campaign for six, sixth level adventurers and DM. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign.

Cover of The Lauros Road Bandits
The Lauros Road Bandits
Levels 5–6
4 pages

Characters strike a blow against evil when they take on orcs and assassins in these scenarios. Included in I13 Adventure Pack I - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/i13-adventure-pack-i TSR 9202

Cover of Legends of the Hero Kings
Legends of the Hero Kings
Any Level
160 pages

Far in the future, bards sing tales of kings and conquerors from ages past - but from your present. The Hero-Kings of legend are your player characters from your campaign, who even now shape the course of Cerilian history. More than simply an adventure collection, this 160-page book enables you, the Dungeon Master, to turn ordinary domain actions into oppurtunites for heroic exploits. Each of the eleven "legends" set forth here is based on a different random event from the BIRTHRIGHT Rulebook. Don't allow a mere die roll to decide the outcome of a blood challenge, rebellion, intrigue, or magical event - make the PCs forge their own destinies by confronting a madman who is "Blood Hungry," wresting the "Fang of Kriesha" from its evil wielder's grasp, thwarting a rival regent's "Double Dealing," and saving all of Cerilia from "The Gift of Azrai." These adventures are suitable for PCs of all levels and classes - wheter regents, scions, or commoners - and can take place wherever you campaign is set. This book also includes an appendix that offers advice for running different types of BIRTHRIGHT campaigns and creating your own adventures fit for a king. TSR 3125

Cover of After Lost Mine III: Journey to Beneath Wyvern Tor
After Lost Mine III: Journey to Beneath Wyvern Tor
5th Edition
Levels 6–7
22 pages

The Ghost Tribe of Orcs were driven from their home under Wyvern Tor by some terrible evil. They marched to Phandalin and attacked, only to be defeated. Now the heroes will go beneath Wyvern Tor to discover the terror that chased out the orcs and perhaps find the source of the orc’ssardonyx. Journey to Beneath Wyvern Tor is the third of four parts in the After Lost Mine series. It will play out the journey to the orc’s former cave settlement and then into the darkness beneath. Part IV will have the party deal with the terror from the Underdark that drove out the orcs.

Thiondar's Legacy
Levels 8–12
29 pages

The player characters are contracted to go on an expedition to discover the fate of a long-lost tribe of Elves (the followers of King Thiondar). This is a lengthy adventure across several locations. Roleplaying is stressed, as some encounters will be very deadly if resolved through combat.

Ambush at the Boxcar Rocks
5th Edition
Levels 1–20
3 pages

"Ambush at Boxcar Rocks" is a two hour adventure for character level 1-3 (3-6 players) but is easily adapted to challenge higher level PCs by adjusting the spawn rate and the spawn limit. It features one hand-drawn, color map. It can be run as a brutal oneshot gauntlet or a quick side quest to pad the players purses. Deep within the labyrinth of massive, glacier deposited rocks there is a natural cave once used for interring the dead. Now the bones of the pit within stir because of a foolish neophyte. A listless, blood thirsty horde tramples toward daylight and nothing will remain in their wake...

Cover of FA2 - Springwood Forest
FA2 - Springwood Forest
Levels 3–5
11 pages

Rumor has it that an evil temple resides in the forest as well as a mad mage who may or may not consume children. While these rumors abound speculation of the existence of such is frequently countered with the tenacity of the elves watching over the forest and how it would be unthinkable for them to allow such issues to occur. Note: This seems an incomplete adventure. While the evil temple is mentioned, there are no maps for it. Also the mad mage is given back ground, there are not stats for an encounter.

Cover of Last Christmas
Last Christmas
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
66 pages

This Christmas, Santa Claus must die! Adopt the role of one of history’s iconic Christmas villains and raid Santa’s North Pole base in order to destroy Santa’s corrupted form. Due to Grinch’s machinations, Santa’s jovial form has been corrupted and he’s called off his annual gift-giving journey. Now, the Spirit of Christmas gives Grinch an ultimatum: he must assemble a team of other famous villains, infiltrate the North Pole base and destroy the corrupted Santa Claus so he can be reborn and deliver presents. The team will have to navigate environmental hazards, deal with four factions of Santa’s elves and finally battle the Man in Red himself. However, each team member has their own secret agenda to complete … and time is running out!

Cover of I13 Adventure Pack I
I13 Adventure Pack I
Levels 4–10
96 pages

DMs, do you wish you had more time to put together fresh, innovative adventures for your players? Have you ever been stuck for a new plot line, but been unwilling to delve into the reading and prepartion required by full-length modules? TSR Inc. proudly presents a new AD&D game accessory designed for the DM who wants variety and challenge for player characters. Adventure Pack I contains 12 short modules, each a complete stand-alone adventure. The scenarios are unique and unusual; they will intrigue characters of all levels, and offer a variety of settings and plots for the DM to choose from. These adventures are suitable for one-time play, or can be inserted into your campaign at any time. Each module includes one or more maps, background for the DM, NPC capsules, and complete encounter descriptions. The scenarios are designed for a specific range of player character levels, and can easily be made more or less difficult if neccessary. Now, with a minimum of preparation, you can give your player characters a challenge that will last for as little as one day of game time or months of it. DMs are sure to find Adventure Pack I convenient, innovative, and invaluable! Contains 11 Adventures: The Circus of Gandolfo - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/the-circus-of-gandolfo Sharla's Zoo - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/sharlas-zoo The Weird Woods of Baron Orchid - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/the-weird-woods-of-baron-orchid To Kill a Kraken - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/to-kill-a-kraken Reign of Triumph - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/reign-of-triumph Terror of Skytumble Tor - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/terror-in-skytumble-tor Steaks - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/steaks The House of Long Knives - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/the-house-of-long-knives The Lauros Road Bandits - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/the-lauros-road-bandits Scavenger Hunt - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/scavenger-hunt Blood and Laurels - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/blood-and-laurels TSR 9202

Cover of Base of Operations
Base of Operations
3rd Edition
Level 5
7 pages

Base of Operations is a short adventure intended for four 5th-level characters. DMs can easily modify the adventure to suit higher- or lower-level adventurers, or larger or smaller parties of adventurers. Simply adding a few monsters to every encounter area makes the adventure more challenging for larger parties, and adding levels to any of the humanoids can make them more of a threat to high-level groups. For low-level adventurers, make the relationship between the two factions within Brightstone Keep more strained, and take away a few monsters from each group. You can remove levels from some of the humanoids in the adventure to make it a lower-level challenge, but it is important that the orc cleric (described in encounter area 8) still have the ability to animate the dead. Still, he can have fewer minions around him when encountered, and that makes him less of a challenge for a lowlevel party.

Cover of FQ3 - Outpost of the Humanoids
FQ3 - Outpost of the Humanoids
Levels 2–4
23 pages

FQ3- Outpost of the Humanoids is the third adventure for the Filbar Quest Series. As you make your way to a meeting with the Baron of the Knolls you come across a roadside inn and a pair of old adventurers that have a small task for you near some old abandoned ruins. Sounds easy enough right? For some reason it never is easy, especially in Filbar!

Cover of The Tales of the Haunted Ravine
The Tales of the Haunted Ravine
5th Edition
46 pages

The Tale of The Haunted Ravine is a Hex Crawl Adventure of Exploration that can be used for any game system but was designed for use with D&D 5e. A Hex crawl map and random roll tables are used to create surprising encounters and mysteries for your players to interact with. Wild necrotic magic, magical mutations, undead, lost souls, and demons all cloaked in a fog fog-choked landscape; forsaken by the gods and scarred by the battle fought here long ago. Will your adventurers survive and escape the Haunted Ravine? Or will they join the legions of cursed souls imprisoned in this corrupted land?