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Cover of Rauvin Vale: Tomb of the Barakor
Rauvin Vale: Tomb of the Barakor
5th Edition
Level 1
12 pages

Goblins of the Malauth tribe have occupied a dwarven crypt in the Nether Mountains. When a dwarf from the hamlet of Hilltop goes missing, his brother enlists adventurers in Rauvin Vale to head up to the tomb and discover what happened to him. An introductory adventure for 1st level characters.

Cover of Lost in the Forest of Gloom
Lost in the Forest of Gloom
5th Edition
Level 4
10 pages

Lost in the Forest of Gloom is a short spooky quest

Cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #26: The Sixfold Trial (Council of Thieves 2 of 6)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #26: The Sixfold Trial (Council of Thieves 2 of 6)
Levels 3–5
93 pages

To banish the monstrous shadows that stalk Westcrown by night, the PCs go undercover, joining the city’s chaotic theatrical community in an elaborate plot to infiltrate the estate of the decadent lord-mayor. Yet theater life turns deadly when they become players in a spectacle no actor has ever survived. Can the PCs endure their debut performance in a city where an actor’s first big hit is often his last? This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, and includes: "The Sixfold Trial," a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 3rd-level characters, by Richard Pett The Six Trials of Larazod, the complete and unabridged text of that infamously deadly play, by Nicolas Logue An exploration of the faith of Iomedae the Inheritor, goddess of valor, by Sean K Reynolds Pathfinder Varian Jeggare investigating death among the aristocracy in the Pathfinder’s Journal, by Dave Gross Six new monsters by Darrin Drader, David Eitelbach, Sean K Reynolds, and F. Wesley Schneider

Cover of HWQ1 The Milenian Scepter
HWQ1 The Milenian Scepter
Levels 6–8
64 pages

Civil War Unrest. Turmoil. Rebellion. As above, so below - the cataclysmic events of the Wrath of the Immortals echo throughout the Hollow World setting. The Milenian Empire, with its classical Greek culture, has not escaped. Already the streets are un-safe, and the omens are getting worse... The emperor is dead... long live the emperor! But is the new emperor a man of the people, or a tool in the hands of malevolent powers? Walk carefully, for no stranger is safe upon the streets these days, and adventurers least of all! The mood of the capital city is turning ugly. Minions of the new emperor look on uncaring, while citizens disappear and philosophers fall to heedless mobs. The old emperor's elite guards are disbanded and scattered. Disorder reigns, and restless citizens threaten open revolt. And yet... a whisper is heard. Civil war can be averted. An ancient artifact, the Milenian Scepter, can rally those who would serve the Empire best. But the Scepter has been lost for generations, and who can say where it might be? The trail leads into the depths of the city, and across a dangerous wilderness to a forgotten oracle. For the lucky and the bold, perhaps it will lead to... THE MILENIAN SCEPTER This stand-alone adventure is compatible with the Wrath of the Immortals boxed set and the accessory HWR3, The Milenian Empire. You will need the D&D Hollow World boxed set to play this adventure. Easily adaptable to the AD&D game. TSR 9378

Cover of The Shortest Night of the Year
The Shortest Night of the Year
5th Edition
Level 0
7 pages

There is no night for faeries and the fey like Midsummer’s Eve, and the green woods hide many wondrous and magical things on the shortest night of the year. On this night, a group of curious villagers would be adventurers, perhaps wander into the forest and encounter the lonely rusalka, who asks for their help retrieving her lost heart before the night is done. Pgs. 7-14

Cover of All the Treasure, None of the Traps
All the Treasure, None of the Traps
3rd Edition
Levels 5–8
3 pages

All of the Treasure, None of the Traps is an adventure that includes a single gauntlet of traps that contains twelve traps; meaning that it has either one or twelve encounters. The adventure consists of a long, twisting corridor with all of the traps set off, but these traps are reset by the PCs when they reach the center of the area. Pgs. 32-34

Cover of Far Beyond Greed
Far Beyond Greed
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
13 pages

A far realms themed delve into a twisted dungeon complex, filled with unique hazards, creatures and items. This adventure is designed for 4 level 6 characters and should take one or two sessions. Player and GM maps included.

Cover of OP23 - Treehouse Troubles
OP23 - Treehouse Troubles
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
2 pages

A message delivery? That's your first "adventure"? Oh well, a quick trip to the woods and drop off a missive to an Elven Bard and you can do real hero stuff! Upon your arrival problems present themselves because, well you are in Filbar afterall!

Cover of The House of Deros Frist
The House of Deros Frist
3.5 Edition
5 pages

The isolated tower of the wizard Deros Frist is an example of a typical tsochari incursion into the human world. This short adventure site describes the lair of a tsochar noble that has successfully replaced Frist, a local wizard of some renown. The tsochar Yikk Tasst now pores through the wizard's libraries and spell books, eagerly absorbing all the arcane lore it can. Pgs. 130-134

Cover of Tomb of Horrors 5e
Tomb of Horrors 5e
5th Edition
High Level
17 pages

In the far reaches of the world, under a lost and lonely hill, lies the sinister Tomb of Horrors. This labyrinthine crypt is filled with terrible traps, strange and ferocious monsters, rich and magical treasures, and somewhere within rests the demilich. Remake of the original AD&D adventure.

Cover of Creaking in the Dark
Creaking in the Dark
5th Edition
24 pages

When an injured child collapses in the street, will you venture into the cellar he fled from to discover what hides, creaking in the dark? Published by Nord Games

Cover of The Horror Under the Mountain
The Horror Under the Mountain
5th Edition
Levels 14–16
46 pages

On a nameless, featureless demi-plane the Tarrasque rages across an all-encompassing nothingness. Last seen on Faerun a century ago during the cataclysm of Odobaz, the battle mage order of the Eldritch Storm sacrificed itself to banish the mighty titan to its demi-plane prison. Now a foul power emerges in the High Ice and nightmare visions of the Tarrasque trampling cities wrack the minds of the living—can your adventurers defeat the Horror Under the Mountain?

Cover of The Prince of Redhand
The Prince of Redhand
3.5 Edition
Level 15
32 pages

Prince Zeech, the ruler of the town of Alhaster and lord of the domain of Redhand, is throwing a party. Bandits, slavers, pirates, and worse have been invited, along with a mysterious woman who holds the key to the coming apocalypse. "The Prince of Redhand" is the eighth installment of the Age of Worms Adventure Path, a complete campaign consisting of 12 adventures, several "Backdrop" articles to help Dungeon masters run the series, and a handful of poster maps of key locations. For additional aid in running this campaign, check out Dragon's monthly "Worm Food" articles, a series that provides additional materials to help players survive this campaign. Issue #340 of Dragon presents guidelines for what the PCs can do to dress to impress, and perhaps eke out a few precious bonuses on their Diplomacy checks. Pgs. 48-79

Cover of Dragon of Icespire Peak
Dragon of Icespire Peak
5th Edition
Levels 1–6
64 pages

An adventure included in the Essentials Kit (2019). The party starts in Phandalin, the starting town for the Starter Set (2014) adventure, Lost Mine of Phandlever. Various jobs are posted by Harbin Wester, townmaster, which the PCs can pursue. These jobs culminate in a raid on Icespire Hold, where Cryovain, a young adult white dragon, has recently claimed as its lair.

Cover of Fever Swamp
Fever Swamp
32 pages

The air is moist. The moisture mixes with your sweat — the heat is relentless. The drone of insects gives you headaches, and the fever from the infected wounds has left you delirious. Your raft is damaged, and there are spirits in the trees. You’ve only been here for three days. Fever Swamp is a hex-crawl sandbox adventure compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and most other Dungeons & Dragons clones.

Cover of Green Bones
Green Bones
3.5 Edition
Levels 15–16
6 pages

In this Adventure, the heroes explore the lair of an adult green dragon who has become a dracolich. She is served by living and undead minions and slaves. Pages 302-307

Cover of Encounters in the Savage Underdark
Encounters in the Savage Underdark
5th Edition
Levels 1–20
150 pages

Encounters in the Savage Underdark is a 150-page supplement containing mini-adventures, NPCs, locations, and magic items,from eighteen of the DMsGuild's best authors.This incredible 150 page supplement features 24 amazing new Underdark adventures. Visit Annarei's Garden Encounter an insane aboleth Interact with traveling merchants Attend the Fire Fest Perform an Underdark heist and so much more....

Cover of Fires of Dis
Fires of Dis
Levels 5–9
74 pages

In the Outer Planes, a holy sword can be a fiend's best friend, especially when the owner wants it back? Sneaking into the second layer of foul Bagtor ain't easy, but with a little help from the right high-up men, it can be done. 'Course, exactly who the right high-up men are can give a basher pause, so it's often best not to ask. But there's a sword to be found, and bloods needed to find it. Truth is, those who don't end up lost are sure to find out that no good deed goes unpunished! Fires of Dis is a Planescape adventure for four to six characters of 5th to 9th levels. From Sigil, the City of Doors, the heroes plunge head-first into a dangerous journey across the Outer Planes. Their quest for a stolen sword leads them to the hostile gate-town or Ribcage, the treacherous plane of Baator, and the disciplined burg of Fortitiude - a gate-town teetering between two planes, just waiting for something to tip the scales. Your player characters need wits as keen as their steel to brave the fires of Dis and survive!

Cover of Harbinger House
Harbinger House
Levels 4–7
64 pages

A succubus with an unquenchable lust for power is turning the Cage into a ripping madhouse. And the Lady of Pain ain't pleased. . . . Something's foul in Sigil, berk. A mad slasher prowls the streets, leaving a trail of bloody clues in his wake. Leatherheads boldly court the Lady of Pain, longing for the sharp touch of her shadow. Even the silent dabus're acting barmy, a sure sign that the Lady herself is uneasy. Are these strange events tied to a madhouse full of spell-touched sods ready to slip the bonds of mortality? A curious body'd better step carefully. After all, the dead-book's full of fools who wished for power?or got in the way of another berk's wish. Harbinger House is a Planescape adventure for four to six characters of 4th to 7th levels. From Sigil to the Outlands and back again, the heroes must piece together a puzzle that could shake the Cage to its foundations. A dark secret of the multiverse wails to be discovered in the lunatic asylum called Harbinger House, and only the player characters can shape its power-for good or ill. TSR 2614

Cover of The Matchmakers
The Matchmakers
Levels 1–3
11 pages

All's fair in love and rivalry. Some matches are made in heaven, but not this one. Pgs. 26-36