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Cover of The Titan's Dream
The Titan's Dream
Levels 5–9
11 pages

A bizarre journey into the realm of sleep. A casual visit to a living, nightmare theater. The King sends the party to speak to the Oracle, a Titan named Andromicus and ask about the fate of the kingdom. But the titan is asleep and sleeping he draws the heroes into his dream! This very weird adventure imagines the titan is dreaming three different five act plays whose stories intertwine and intermix randomly. The heroes find themselves in a random act of a random play and must "solve" the central tension of the act to put the Titan's mind at ease and move on to the next Act. Once they solved five different acts (which may happen out of order and each be from different stories) they exit the dream and the Titan wakes, allowing the players to ask the Titan Oracle a question. Some acts are short roleplaying encounters, some are full on combat scenarios. While the players can earn experience, and might get some cash, any magic items they find are illusory! A unique adventure with a lot of promise for an open-minded DM. Seems very like a classic Star Trek episode and in fact follows many of the same rules about Gods and Dreams. Pgs. 5-15

Cover of Caermor
Levels 2–4
11 pages

Why would a town refuse to be rescued? A highland town faces a greater danger than can be imagined - and no one wants your help against it. In a remote village in the desolate north, a spate of murders and kidnappings has the town on edge. A woman named Gwendolyn goes missing and it is suspected that Albee is the perpetrator. However there is a conspiracy in the village that the heroes must unravel, to which they discover is actually the sinister plot of a devil worshiping cult. Pgs. 33-43

Cover of In the Dwarven King's Court
In the Dwarven King's Court
Levels 3–5
17 pages

The game is afoot in the royal palace. A thief prowls the dwarven palace, but even more goes on than meets the eye. Set in in a dwarven kingdom, a peace treaty with an aggressive rival kingdom is to be signed with ceremonial gifts exchanged to mark the occasion. However the treaty is put in jeopardy when the ceremonial sword that was gifted to the kingdom is stolen before the signing. The adventure begins when the characters receive a vision that directs them to help the kingdom. They must investigate the mystery of the missing sword, navigating a diverse cast of palace dwarves in order to preserve peace in the kingdom. A tale of intrigue, can the heroes find the sword before it is too late? Pgs. 16-32

Cover of The Keep at Koralgesh
The Keep at Koralgesh
Levels 1–3
22 pages

Buried in fire, but hardly dead. Only the Keep survived the destruction of Koralgesh, but few adventurers will survive the terrors that now stalk the lost Keep's halls. Players hear rumours of the Keep at Koralgesh and then traverse it to acquire the treasure within. Pgs. 45-64

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