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Cover of The Iron Orb of the Duergar
The Iron Orb of the Duergar
Levels 11–15
22 pages

The Northmen and their allies play hardball. The Northmen are on a rampage, and only the duergar know why. Discover the secret of the iron orb. In the lands of the Northmen, near the city of Tallborg a mysterious relic was uncovered in a mine: a perfect orb of black iron. The orb was taken to the temple. When Ulvmard, high priest of Odin lifted the orb it revealed its true nature. The orb levitated from his hands, floating before him. The orb had changed Ulvmard, bestowing him great powers. The orb spoke to him with flattery and advice. As he became reliant on the orb, its power over him extended, bending him to its will and taking control. It used him to further its agenda: destruction of the dwarven race and restoration of the duergar! Claiming to be acting on Odin's behalf, Ulvmard lead the Northmen to rise up against the dwarves, and ordered raids to pillage the southern kingdoms for the materials he would need to construct a colossal iron warrior to defeat the dwarves. This adventure has viking and norse mythology influences. Pgs. 50-71

Cover of Dovedale
Levels 1–3
15 pages

If the drought doesn't get you, the goblins will. The river has mysteriously run dry and the farmers' crops are in peril. Locals are convinced a nearby tribe of goblins are responsible, and have offered a reward to anyone brave enough to sort it out. While they were correct about the goblins causing the drought, they were wrong about the reason. The chief of the goblin tribe is an enthusiastic fisher and a particular fish, Salvel the Talking Trout has continually eluded him. This adventure has a humourous tone and emphasises role-playing and negotiating. Pgs. 8-21 & 49

Cover of Floating Rock
Floating Rock
Levels 5–9
3 pages

While travelling across the ocean by ship, the party is attacked at night by by the infamous Floating Rock bugbears. What makes this band of pirates unique is their lair: they live on the shell of a gargantuan sleeping sea turtle as it drifts around in the ocean current. Pgs. 24-26

Cover of Goblin Fever
Goblin Fever
Levels 3–5
21 pages

A plague has struck Waen Fawr, leaving hundreds dead, the city lawless and in crisis. The plague seems to drive those affected to violent, manic behaviour and the city militia have their hands full. Smoke shrouds the city as buildings burn, bandits and looters roam the streets amid the chaos. This adventure comes with tiles to create a city map as the players explore. Tables of rumours and random encounters are provided, as well as detailed location-based encounters. Pgs. 28-48

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