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Cover of Odyssey of the Dragonlords
Odyssey of the Dragonlords
5th Edition
Levels 1–15
460 pages

Odyssey of the Dragonlords is heavily inspired by stories from ancient Greek mythology. As we designed the campaign, we sought to include ideas from many different sources: The Odyssey, The Iliad, Jason and the Argonauts, The Oresteia, and others. However, Thylea is not ancient Greece. You will not find Zeus, Athena, or Apollo among the gods. As you explore Thylea, you will encounter familiar tropes, monsters, and treasures from Greek mythology—but the rules are different here. Mortals have only recently come to these lands. The world of Thylea blends high fantasy with the trappings of ancient history. Elves, dwarves, and halflings now live alongside minotaurs, centaurs, and satyrs. Our goal is to make your party feel like heroes from one of the greatest stories ever told—but the ultimate end of that story is entirely within your power. Your players will make choices that forever change the world of Thylea. As the gamemaster, we encourage you to embrace this idea and run with it. How will your players reshape history—and what does it mean to be a hero?

Cover of Fishing for Gods in Strade's Gallows
Fishing for Gods in Strade's Gallows
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
55 pages

"Fishing for Gods in Strade's Gallows" is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e module designed for 3-5 players at levels 2-3. This module features NPC dynamics where cordial manners and a polite smile matter just as much as sword-swinging prowess. Original monster entries and dungeon maps can be found in the appendices. A medical shipment to the swampy town of Strade's Gallows takes a turn for the eccentric when the party happens across enigmatic shrimp-men who begin to worship them as gods. Can the party solve the mystery of Strade's Gallows' ailment, or will their new disciples botch it all up? This module includes a list of songs which convey the mood of the setting. They are all online so it's easy to make a playlist.

Cover of Curse of Strahd
Curse of Strahd
5th Edition
Levels 1–10
256 pages

Under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires. The wind’s howling increases as he turns his gaze down toward the village of Barovia. A lightning flash rips through the darkness, but Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind fills the midnight air. The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner—and you are invited. Spans levels 1-10.

Cover of Castle Spulzeer - Classic Modules Today 5e Conversion
Castle Spulzeer - Classic Modules Today 5e Conversion
5th Edition
Levels 8–12
30 pages

An omnious encounter with a fortuneteller sends a party of adventurers on a 200-mile journey across the Lands of Intrigue. While traveling throught the towns and terrain (detailed here for the first time) that lie in their path, they hear rumors and obtain clues about their mission. Their ultimate destination is Castle Spulzeer, a once proud stronghold that has become a den of terror. When the heroes enter the haunted keep, they meet a terrifying trio of residents: a madman armed with stolen magical power, a liche whose secret laboratory houses untold horrors and treasure, and a furious ghost bent on revenge. These three ensnare the party in their fight over an ancient weapon. Each will stop at nothing to keep it from the other two. The heroes must choose with whom they will ally - and the wrong choice could lead to their doom. Castle Spulzeer is an adventure complete in itself. However, as a crossover story, it offers every Dungeon Master a choice between two endings. The first leaves the party in the Realms. The second transports the characters to the Demiplane of Dread, where the plot continues in the Ravenloft adventure The Forgotten Terror. For 4 to 6 Characters of Levels 8-12 This conversion guide allows DMs to run the original module with 5th Edition rules. To use this conversion guide you will need a copy of Castle Spulzeer, originally available in hard-copy and now for sale in digital format on the DMs Guild. Visit Classicmodulestoday.com for instructions on creating your own classic module conversions and selling them on the DMs Guild. Castle Spulzeer was originally scheduled for publication by TSR in June 1997. Then, near-bankruptcy caused a total failure of TSR's schedule, resulting in no books being published from February through the very end of July. Some books would be delayed for over a year, and others would disappear altogether, but Castle Spulzeer was relatively lucky: it was just delayed four months, until October 1997. The reason may well have been its theming, and its crossover with the Ravenloft line, which made Castle Spulzeer a great Halloween release. Castle Spulzeer has an even more far-reaching connection: its ending can lead players to the demiplane of Ravenloft and The Forgotten Terror adventure. This was probably intended as a bit of advertising for Domains of Dread (1997), the third edition of Ravenloft which was released in August 1997. In other words: in their last days, TSR was working very hard to cross-market their products, but they didn't live long enough to see the success of the Spulzeer-Intrigue-Dread connection.

Cover of Love's Sorrow
Love's Sorrow
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
7 pages

The night mist hangs low around von Helter Manor. A man and woman share a tender moment on their balcony after the best night of their lives—a flash of red as they fall. Blood begins pooling around them, staining the earth crimson. A mysterious figure grins in the darkness. The Red Lady has taken her next victim. Pgs. 75-81

Cover of OP1 Tales of the Outer Planes
OP1 Tales of the Outer Planes
Levels 1–16
96 pages

Has reality got you down? Tired of everyday, humdrum, commonplace happenings of life on the Prime Material Plane? Want to really get away from it all? Then step right up for the chance for adventure out of the ordinary...way out of the ordinary... Tales of the Outer Planes is an anthology of short adventures set throughout the many Outer Planes for use with the AD&D Manual of the Planes. Some of gaming's best designers have contributed adventures to this set, which includes scenarios set in the Seven Heavens, Olympus, the four Elemental Planes, the Nine Hells, and the Astral and Ethereal Planes. Tales of the Outer Planes is a perfect collection for powerful characters who have it too easy at home and are looking for new challenges. Many of the most fearsome monsters are even more dangerous on their own planes - can you take them on and live to tell the tale? These adventures can be inserted as a "change of pace" in an existing campaign, or can be the foundation of an entire new set of adventures. Either way, Tales of the Outer Planes will be sure to open up a whole new frontier for AD&D game players everywhere. TSR 9225

Cover of Ambushers of the Splitrock pass
Ambushers of the Splitrock pass
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
14 pages

Detailed encounter, easily convertible into an adventure. Starts from investigating ambushes on the mountain pass and quickly escalated into a more twisted story about duergars, alhoons, and treasure vaults. Setting-agnostic (classic fantasy - best)

Cover of NQ17 - Bloodreaver Blade
NQ17 - Bloodreaver Blade
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
20 pages

When old ruins are discovered, rumors swirl about the lost owner's magical blade. This scenario involves an overland crossing and a dungeon delve and none of it will be easy for the players.

Cover of Seven Swords of Sin
Seven Swords of Sin
3.5 Edition
Level 7
32 pages

Long hidden away in remote vaults and guarded by powerful wards, the ancient Seven Swords of Sin have been stolen and brought together again for a terrible cause. Seven Swords of Sin is a lethal adventure that pits players against a vile enchantress, Tirana, in a trap-laden and monster-guarded dungeon. Only the brave (and perhaps foolish) can survive Tirana's lair and rescue the fabled Seven Swords of Sin from her heinous plot to unlock their deadly powers.

Cover of PS4 - Jaunt through the Woods
PS4 - Jaunt through the Woods
5th Edition
Levels 2–4
17 pages

The Provincia series continues with the fourth adventure in the series “Jaunt through the Woods” After successfully exploring the Ruins of Tobrick your intrepid adventurers continue their path north to warn the residents of Queen’s Point of the humanoid gathering. While attempting to circumvent the evil army they will have to continue through the forest using old trails. Along the way a collection of encounters gives the party multiple opportunities to enhance their skills!

Cover of The Vault of Larin Karr
The Vault of Larin Karr
3.5 Edition
Levels 4–9
113 pages

Hunt for a Legendary Treasure! Deep beneath a peaceful valley lies the vault of the legendary drow adventurer Larin Karr. Rumor has it Larin Karr has gone, but his vast treasure acquired from years of plundering hordes in the Underdark still remains. Can you find and loot the impenetrable vault? The Vault of Larin Karr details Quail Valley, its residents and monsters, and the twisting tunnels of the Underdark that stretch beneath it. The Vault of Larin Karr takes PCs from 4th to 9th level, during which time they fight dragons, find a missing statue for a band of renegade elves, save the village of Pembrose from scheming hobgoblins, and explore the Underdark and its many dungeons - including the legendary Vault itself! Contains new monsters and magic items! 2003 ENnie Award Silver Winner: Best Adventure

Cover of Mists of Akuma: Seven Grains of Rice
Mists of Akuma: Seven Grains of Rice
5th Edition
Level 13
58 pages

A Mists of Akuma adventure for 4 to 6 characters of 13th level. This second adventure in the second wave of Mists of Akuma adventures comes to you from the mind of Anthony Alipio and is a tale inspired by the classic film Seven Samurai! Join the legendary iconic hero Tomoe Masamune (the samurai known as the Crimson Blade) and defend the simple village of Noru from the power-armored bandit king Calvert Boyd and his raider army in an epic mass battle your table will never forget! A two-page spread preview of the contents of this adventure. What you'll find in Honorable Wills: 3 Maps! (classic Noru, modern Noru, and Bandit Camp) 11 New Statblocks! including heroic samurai, rebellious tengu, devious bandits, and more 2 Ways to End the Adventure! Included in Act 3 are directions for running the final climactic mass battle like it's seen in the film that inspired this module and for a more contemporary approach tailored to the nuances of D&D 5E mechanics

Cover of MHI - 17 Transport Detail
MHI - 17 Transport Detail
5th Edition
Level 4
18 pages

After capturing the Notorious TNY, a female bandit leader, you have been offered a substantial bonus if you can take her, alive, to the capital for trial. The coin is hard to turn down and you accept the mission. You caught her already, what could possibly go wrong on a transport? This offering was a fantastic time for the Murder Hobo Inc. podcast show on Twitch. The series features a rotating cast for a two hour game every week. They also offer a "talk show" format every Tuesday. We urge you to check us out: twitch.com/mhoboinc and don't forget to follow!

Cover of Dire: Tomb of the Fallen
Dire: Tomb of the Fallen
Levels 3–5
36 pages

A desperate ghost, a plea for help, and a forgotten crypt filled with peril and plunder. This is a tale of past conflicts, where blood magic has left a foul and dire aftermath, and time is of the essence. Maps and illustrations help guide you through rugged wilderness to re-discover a tomb lost to all but its denizens - creatures enslaved by an unholy item or awakened by its looming threat. Published by Roan Studio

Cover of Strike on the Rabid Dawn
Strike on the Rabid Dawn
3.5 Edition
Level 15
21 pages

A terrible thunderstorm batters a seaside port, yet thunder and lightning are nothing compared to what is about to be unleashed by the diabolic crew of the Rabid Dawn. Casters with access to control water, control weather, or control winds will prove especially valuable, as will characters with strong Swim skills. The adventure is best suited to a predominantly good or neutral aligned party of PC's. Strike on the Rabid Dawn takes place in the port city of Hardby (Dungeon #109). As most of the action takes place within a lighthouse and on a ship at sea, however, any suitable port from your campaign makes an appropriate substitution for Hardby. Pgs. 12-32

Cover of Khyber's Harvest
Khyber's Harvest
4th Edition
Level 2
30 pages

A trek across the Shadow Marches leads weary travellers to Blackroot, a quiet village of ramshackle huts nestled among the darkwood trees. Here, orcs and humans live in peace. However, all is not well. Something evil has crawled up from below, threatening to devour the village and its denizens. Only a party of brave heroes stands in its way. In Khyber’s Harvest, the PCs battle an ancient evil threatening a remote village in the Shadow Marches. The dark power of the planes has grown strong in this place. Depraved cultists and twisted aberrant creatures are dragging innocents down into ancient caverns to undergo a horrific transformation. To save these helpless villagers, the PCs must overcome the terrors of Khyber—a quest that brings them to the attention of the dreadful Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes.

Cover of The Tomb of Mercy
The Tomb of Mercy
5th Edition
Level 8
12 pages

The players and the DM compete in a race against time to see if all humanity can be saved, or if the fiendish servants of the Hells can corrupt the world for their own nefarious purposes. Special time-keeping and resurrection mechanics are included to keep the pace exciting and the plot moving. Prepare to delve into the long-forgotten Tomb of Mercy!

Cover of SM12 The Trials of a Young Wizard
SM12 The Trials of a Young Wizard
Levels 1–2
48 pages

Fresh-faced and more than a little hung-over our newly graduated mage of the great Dunromin College of Magic and his friends step into the tea-room next to the Porter’s Lodge and ask for something for a headache. Within minutes they find themselves accosted by the smiling figure of Malcolm Darkstar, Bursar of the College and owner of the tea-rooms, keen to ask them a favour… This is an introductory level set of scenarios designed to take a starting-level party on their first exciting adventures; The Lost Son; The Return of the Cauldron of Millent and the Murder at the Red Barn

Cover of Uzaglu of the Underdark
Uzaglu of the Underdark
Levels 5–10
4 pages

"The module takes place in a large cavern that is part of an extensive underground cave network. It can be used as a side-trek encounter in the Undermountain or Night Below campaign." -- from the adventure. Includes a small keyed map of the cavern.

Cover of Mirrors of the Abyss
Mirrors of the Abyss
5th Edition
Levels 15–17
266 pages

"For untold eons, Eshebala ruled over Vulgarea, the 193rd Layer of the Abyss...content to revel in hedonism, corrupt the hearts of her dwindling followers and inflict petty cruelty. Yet, if there are days in the Abyss, there came one when she realized she despised her own province. She hated demonkind. She hated the Abyss. It had become unbearably tedious, spent...done. The burgeoning goddess decided she would dip her toe back into the lives of mortals, and quest to remember...to understand her own existence...But that was a lofty goal for a mind that had long ago begun to unravel. Instead...She is learning that all she has left is cruelty...and it was always cruelty that gave her power, so she now believes, to the woe of any who cross her path." Partly inspired by a scant notation by Carl Sargeant in 1992's TSR book Monster Mythology: "Eshebala is the foxwoman deity of vanity, charm, greed, and cunning. Her symbol is a female fox. Eshebala appears as a foxwoman, a shapely fur-covered female with a fox’s head, or as a beautiful young elf maiden. She is bedecked in rich clothing and jewels, and carries a silver mirror. Eshebala’s realm of Vulgarea can be found on the 193rd layer of the Abyss. She is wily and vain. She favors beautiful things and collects jewelry and art, the tackier and flashier the better. She prefers to overcome her opponents using subtlety rather than force, seducing and devouring out of boredom. She loves gossip, and always insists on being the center of attention. Eshebala is a patron of evil shapeshifters who use their wits and wiles before resorting to violence." Eshebala is a true chaotic evil demon goddess, behaving 100% true to form, and an extremely challenging opponent to take down for your players. An unforgettable 262 page jaunt for Levels: 15-17, with multiple possible modes of play, including Party Mode for up to 12 players. Profusely and paintstakingly illustrated over the course of several years by an award-winning professional illustrator. No stock illustration in this beast! A loving, dark & insanely detailed exploration of the 193rd Abyssal Plane An exuberant nod to the most grueling, deadly dungeons ever created Rich encounters that play out in a unique way each time 100 + NEW CREATURES 200 + NEW TREASURES (& possibly the most illustrated treasury ever provided) 82 BOOKS for PCs to discover 70 + NEW SPELLS & RITUALS, INCLUDING DETAILED OPTIONS FOR DEMON SUMMONING 50 + NEW TRAPS, HAZARDS & EFFECTS (guaranteed to run amuck) 4 RANDOM TREASURE TABLES, including a TABLE OF GEMSTONES that would be useful in any campaign 2 NEW CLASS SHIFTS: the Demonologist & the Exorcist!