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Trapped in the Toybox
5th Edition
Level 8
11 pages

This adventure has a lighter tone but isn’t completely out of place in a serious campaign. The challenges include combat, puzzles, traps and a legendary monster; Jack, in a Box. Does the party need to find something that an evil (and possibly mad) mage may have secluded away in an extra-dimensional space, and ordered an evil Jack-in-the-box and his toy army to protect it at all costs? Well that’s convenient because that is exactly the kind of situation that "Trapped in the Toybox" can help you with. Alternatively maybe that Dragon fight went a little too well for your party, maybe this “cursed chest” could help teach them a little humility. This adventure is designed for 4 (1d6 + 1) adventurers of 8th level who are in possession of a sense of humour. The toybox was created by a chaotic yet playful wizard, in order to hide an enchanted amulet under the protection of Jack. The adventurers should find themselves trapped inside the toybox, and they're in Jack's world now. Jack is the master of this domain and protector of both the amulet he has been entrusted with and the only exit of the toybox. There are a number of ways the adventurers may have come to be inside this toybox, e.g., the toybox may be found as part of the adventurer's loot in a dungeon or dragon's hoard, upon investigation it drags the adventurers inside. Note: This module commemorates our first themed week of Reddit's /r/Monsteraday and ties together this week's monsters in a dungeon designed for four 8th level adventurers. https://www.reddit.com/r/1d6Adventurers/comments/61axk3/trapped_in_the_toybox_adventure_module/ Published by 1d6Adventures

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