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Cover of The Sea Witch
The Sea Witch
3rd Edition
Level 10
8 pages

The Sea Witch is a short adventure for four 10th-level characters. The difficulty of the adventure can be adjusted by changing the level of main antagonist (Black Molly, the sea hag pirate) or by altering the number of her ogre servants. To tailor the encounter to groups of different levels, refer to table 4-1 in Chapter 4 of the DUNGEON MASTER’S GUIDE. The adventure is set off a lightly populated coastline known as Misty Bay, but adapts easily to any coastal region in existing campaigns. The sea hag known as Black Molly is a notorious pirate who has plagued the coastal cities for the better part of a decade. A successful Knowledge (local) check (DC 15) will reveal that Molly and her ogre crew have a filthy reputation as merciless killers who delight not only in plundering vessels for their riches, but also in destroying the ships themselves and sending all hands to the bottom of the sea. Now the villain and her followers have seized control of the Old Lighthouse of Misty Bay located off a lightly populated coastline. For generations the lighthouse beacon has protected the fishermen of this region, warning them of the dangerous rocks that lurk just below the level of the high tides. Recently, the hag has put out the beacon, darkening the lighthouse; misery and destruction are sure to follow as ships start to blunder into the rocks. Blackmail is apparently Black Molly’s aim in this venture: She conveyed a message to the nearest shore community, the fishing village of Poisson, demanding the princely sum of 50,000 gp. Until she receives this ransom, she intends to hold the lighthouse and its beacon hostage. The fate of the human keepers who tend the lighthouse is unknown to the seaside communities at this time, but they fear the worst. The Sea Witch is ostensibly a rescue mission: The PCs are pitted against the evil of Black Molly and the brawn of her savage ogre crew. It is the heroes’ task to retake the lighthouse and, if possible, free its captives from the clutches of their jailer. What neither the PCs nor the shore communities yet realize is that while she 1would be pleased to have the gold, Black Molly is in fact after bigger treasure. Molly has no intention of giving up the lighthouse — at least, not until she finds what her master sent her here for. Lying on the sea floor practically at the base of the rock on which the lighthouse sits is the wreck of the war galley Flying Cloud, which according to popular legend was captained by a cleric who wore around his neck an amulet of the planes. Black Molly wants this prize, but so far she hasn’t been able to find it. She’s scoured the wreck without finding any sign of the magic item. Now she’s trying to determine where to search next, for the item might well be somewhere near the wreck. If she can’t find it, she’ll start torturing her captives to find out if they have any useful knowledge about the amulet.

Cover of Tomb of the Overseers
Tomb of the Overseers
3rd Edition
Levels 3–5
11 pages

Nearly 100 years ago, Lord Eriador wrested the lands from the hands of evil and began a reign of unsurpassed courage, wisdom, and might that lasted over three centuries. One day this great man of valor was called onward to continue his battle for freedom and goodness on a higher plane of existence. Leaving the responsibilities of rulership to his faithful overseer, he donned his magical shield, helm, and sword and traveled to the Holy Maountain of Anduin to meet his destiny. Eriador left the overseer with this solemn promise: if there ever arose a time of great need, he would answer a summons from the Mountain of Anduin to come back to vanquish any evil that dared to oppress his people. It is now the reign of the third overseer. For years now, an evil mage has been plaguing the land by sending forth hordes of evil humanoid minions to oppress the people. The overseer has been forced to pay tribute to the mage to protect his people. Life has become nearly unbearable for his subjects. It has been over five years since the mage desecrated the holy mountain by placing foul creatures in its depths to guard against the possibility of the people seeking help from their nearly forgotten champion. A fortnight ago, your party was gathered in a secret council chamber to meet with the overseer himself. You felt a spark of hope for the people of this land as the overseer told the legendary tale of Eriador. He gave you the equipment you need and charged your party with the task of venturing into the heart of the now monster-infested Mountain of Anduin to call back the people's great hero, Eriador the Paladin. Although the three parties sent before you had not returned, ridding the of the land of the mage seemed worth any risk, and you eagerly set out on your quest. Now, standing before the defiled mountain, you wonder if perhaps you were too hasty.

Cover of DDAL05-08 Durlag's Tower
DDAL05-08 Durlag's Tower
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
38 pages

East of Beregost, nestled in the outskirts of the Wood of Sharp Teeth, Durlag’s Tower has intrigued and yet stymied adventurers for decades. Stuffed full of mechanical traps and arcane wards, and rumored to be inhabited by fiends, very few have managed to extract any REAL treasure from the former home of Durlag Trollkiller. However, a powerful item in the ancient fight against the giants is said to be housed there, and the cloud giant Baron Rajiram has committed significant resources toward recovering it. After a pleasant tea in her garden, SEER calls upon you to beat him there and put a stop to his efforts! Continued in Durlag's Tomb.

Cover of Dreadful Vestiges
Dreadful Vestiges
Levels 4–7
24 pages

When the hunters become the haunted. Some haunted houses are best left unexplored. The third adventure in the 'Mere of Dead Men' series! Pgs. 48-71

Cover of LP-5 The Lost Places: Black Cliff Lighthouse
LP-5 The Lost Places: Black Cliff Lighthouse
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
26 pages

The water pounds the base of the cliff with the relentless power of time. Jagged rocks appearing and disappearing in the foam of the sea like gnashing teeth. Above it all on the top of the black cliff sits a small house and the dark light tower. The magistrate has sent your party to investigate why the light has gone dark.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #66.5: Doom of the Savage King
Dungeon Crawl Classics #66.5: Doom of the Savage King
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 1
18 pages

At long last, the first adventure ever published for DCC RPG is now available! This is the updated second printing that was first released at Gary Con 2014. It features a fresh edit and several new pieces of art! High above the windswept moors and darksome woods, the village of Hirot is under siege. Each night, as the sun sinks beneath the western mountains and the candles burn low, a devil-beast stalks the village streets, unleashing its savage fury on the living. From warlord to pauper, crone to child, no one is safe. Defeating the immortal hound will require more than mere blades or even spells. To slay the beast, the characters must delve into the mysteries of the land and its Savage Kings. Only then, armed with relics forged from a bloody past, can the most cunning and courageous of adventurers challenge the hound of Hirot!

Cover of The Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar
The Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar
5th Edition
Levels 8–9
34 pages

The Dread tunnels of Ruxbar were created by a cult of a lesser evil deity of the giant pantheon, known as Jargain to serve as a planar gate in hope of bringing chaos and destruction to the natural order of the world and power to the one who would control the gate. Ruxabar was the high cultist who completed the ritual but to his surprise nothing of what he expected came through the gate. Plague creatures, toxic gases and vapors, diseases of all kinds and decay lay quick waste to him and his cult. For some time the gate remained open and the settlements nearby were afflicted with diseases never seen before. The nearby town of Stagwood was quickly abandoned due to the plague. Rumor has it that the gods have weakened the gate and the cult has been destroyed. The remaining villages that managed to somewhat resist the plague are now hiring brave adventurers to venture into the tunnels and close the planar gate for good! Are you capable enough of surviving the horrors that reside in the Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar? Published by Mistfactor Press

Cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #48: Shadows of Gallowspire (Carrion Crown 6 of 6)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #48: Shadows of Gallowspire (Carrion Crown 6 of 6)
Level 13
96 pages

A mad plot to unleash the greatest necromancer the world has ever known draws to its sinister end. As the murderous cultists of the Whispering Way retreat to their profane sanctuary, the powers of death align to resurrect their fallen champion. Bold adventurers pursue these villains, but can their bravery survive the haunted wasteland of Virlych, the accursed cathedral of Renchurch, and ultimately the towering crypt of Gallowspire? And will their boldness be enough to stop the Whispering Tyrant, the infamous lich-king locked away beneath Ustalav’s deadliest ruin, from being reborn upon a defenseless world? The heroes must test their courage against the servants of death itself in this, the climactic final chapter of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path includes: “Shadows of Gallowspire,” a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 13th-level characters, by Brandon Hodge Nefarious plots and macabre menaces to prolong the terrors of your Carrion Crown campaign, by F. Wesley Schneider An investigation into the most infamous liches plotting dooms across the Inner Sea region, by Adam Daigle Laurel Cylphra’s attempt to save a soul in the Pathfinder’s Journal, by F. Wesley Schneider Five new monsters by Adam Daigle, Crystal Frasier, and F. Wesley Schneider

Thiondar's Legacy
Levels 8–12
29 pages

The player characters are contracted to go on an expedition to discover the fate of a long-lost tribe of Elves (the followers of King Thiondar). This is a lengthy adventure across several locations. Roleplaying is stressed, as some encounters will be very deadly if resolved through combat.

Cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #33: The Varnhold Vanishing (Kingmaker 3 of 6)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #33: The Varnhold Vanishing (Kingmaker 3 of 6)
Levels 6–7
100 pages

The Stolen Lands consume many wanderers—the perils of its rugged wildernesses and hidden mysteries prey upon even the wariest of travelers. Founded upon one of the most savage frontiers, the colony of Varnhold defied the many dangers of this harsh region. At least, it did until all the residents of the fledgling community completely disappeared. Now it falls to the PCs to discover what became of their eastern neighbor, a secret steeped in generations-old hatreds and the mysteries of an empire long crumbled to dust. Can they uncover the terrible secret behind this shocking disappearance before the same calamity befalls their own land?

Cover of The Heist At Nimressa
The Heist At Nimressa
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
16 pages

While travelling the open road, the party encounters two good-hearted thieves with a potentially lucrative proposition: The despotic baroness Ytrix hoards a large treasure nearby, locked within her army’s fort. Wouldn’t it be exactly what she deserves to have that treasure stolen and given to the needy that she’s so long ignored and oppressed? That’s what the party’s new companions think anyway, and they certainly have no ulterior motive for the job... The treasure is protected by high walls, a legion of soldiers, a fanatical wizard, and plenty of other surprises to keep would-be thieves on their toes. The party will choose how to approach the fort, case the joint, make their plan, and execute their heist. When they're done—and if they're successful—they'll leave with a small fortune and even a few unique magic items. A 6-8 hour adventure for 3rd or 4th level characters.

Cover of Dark Heart of Mithrendain
Dark Heart of Mithrendain
4th Edition
Level 12
25 pages

When the PCs stumble into the Feywild, they find themselves in the middle of Mithrendain— a glorious eladrin city of grace and beauty. But as the heroes find themselves the target of mysterious attacks, they begin to discover that something rotten lurks in the city’s heart. Sunlight bathes the soaring towers of the eladrin city of Mithrendain. Gentle breezes swirl through wooded parks and along well-kept streets, and in the ancient settlement whos golden hues have seen it named the Autumn City, thousands live in peace and prosperity. For centuries, the fomorian chasms deep beneath the city have stood silent below the great magical seals that closed them in the wanting days of the eladrin empire. Over long years, the folk of Mithrendain have forgotten the dark threats of old, becoming complacent in their tranquility. And so none suspect that corruption lurks at the heart of the city, spreading out from the shadows to taint all it touches. Pgs. 104-128

Cover of The Complete White Ship Campaign
The Complete White Ship Campaign
Levels 1–12
128 pages

"Long ago the Wizards of the world discovered the Afterglow Sea, a new magically charged plane of existence that lay beyond the Veil of the Elemental Plane of Water. It was from this magical well that they drew their supremacy, but some among them sought more raw energy, and surmised another darker and more powerful plane existed beyond the Elemental Plane of Shadow..." The black-heart necromancer Molo of the 13 Wives has discovered the existence of the Veil of Shadow and has set about to once again make contact, threatening the entire world in the process. So it is that a group of adventurers has been hired by the Wizards of the Taux to find Molo before he can bring about this cataclysm, but he has a head start. Molo has gone south across the sea, and a ship, the Coral Stranger, has been outfitted to try and catch him. Can the adventurers survive the trails of the southern ocean, solve the mysteries of corrupted dinosaur islands, brave the shadow-touched port of Distant Turtle City, and overcome the legendary Corsair Mists where Hyperion, Titan of Fire, is said to hold court over sea creatures the likes of which the world has never seen? Even if they can overcome all these obstacles, there is still the White Ship, death vessel of ancient Uthoria and closest contact point to the Veil of Shadow, and Molo himself... Compiling the full White Ship Campaign adventures series from Folio 14-19, as well as over half a dozen supplemental mini-adventures and the Ports of the Nameless Realms supplement, this is a true monster of a sea-based dungeon and lost island crawl. The adventure will take characters from 1st -12th level in an epic island hopping campaign! Contains: WS1 The Isle of Jade WS1.5 The Pearl of Madness WS1.6 Tomb at the Dragon Spine WS1.7 Candon Shaman of the Dark Fen WS2 The Forgotten Plateau WS2.5 The Ruins of Alaxar WS3 Distant Turtle City WS3.5 Pirate Lords of the Dark Sargasso WS4 Samurai's Fall WS4.5 The Final Stand of the Fallen Leaf WS5 The Shattered Tower WS5.5 The Sunken City WS6 Duel on The White Ship WS6.5 The Ghost Tower Ports of the Namless Realms Volume 1&2, Iconic Characters Also Available: WS2.6 Lost among the Crystals WS3.6 The Ogre Magi of Jade Rock These adventures are formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of Caravan Guards
Caravan Guards
Levels 6–8
7 pages

The heroes get to kick some bhut. Beware of cheerful--and long-fanged--employers! While traveling along a lesser road, the PC's encounter a small merchant caravan traveling in the same direction. The merchant leader wants begs the PC's to travel with them, if only for companionship. The creatures, called Bhuts, are found in Creature Catalogue (AC9) published in 1986 by TSR. Pgs. 30-36

Cover of DSE2 Black Spine Box Set
DSE2 Black Spine Box Set
Levels 10–13
314 pages

Unknown to even the mightiest of the great sorcerer-kings, a fire is stirring deep beneath the barren soil of Athas. Sheltered by the titanic bulk of the Black Spine Mountains, a terrible force has ripped open the very fabric of time and space. Now a shimmering portal stands open and a long-forgotten enemy assembles its sinister forces to invade the kingdoms under the dark sun. The only thing that stands in the way of this terrible fate is a band of heroes. Assembled from the four corners of this tortured world and bound together by the tangled cords of fate, they must face an enemy the likes of which they have never seen before. The odds are against them, but they dare not fail. The fate of the world is in their hands. The previous flip-book modules (Black Flames, Merchant House of Amketch, and Marauders of Nibenay) precede this adventure, but they are not necessary to enjoy Black Spine. Contains 3 - 96 page adventure books and 2 fold-out maps TSR 2428

Cover of UN2 The Delve into the Stellar Mine
UN2 The Delve into the Stellar Mine
Levels 3–5
? pages

A Pliable Dungeon for use with any fantasy sandbox. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of Dreams of Solitude: Ravenloft Campaign
Dreams of Solitude: Ravenloft Campaign
5th Edition
Levels 4–13
226 pages

30 Ravenloft adventures inspired by various domains of dread, including Gothic Earth, that can be played as a single campaign! Dreams of Solitude is a collection of thirty exciting adventures that can either be played as a campaign, run as a one-shot, or have pieces taken out to supplement your current home game! You'll meet your match against Atarte, the evil master of dreams, who will task you to defend ancient fortresses from the undead, explore a terrifying maze, fight in the trenches of world war 1 or even a karaoke contest with werewolves! It's SO much fun, and you'll be able to go back for more adventures, again and again! Adventures summary: Demon's Isle: Explore a watery cave and find your way to the Pirate Demon Zekel! Airic's Forest: Survive a forest ruled by werewolves while you try to find the cure for lycanthropy! Fractured City: Enter a glitchy uncompleted illusory town and try to find the "Butcher" that roams the dark alleys. The Heinfroth Heist: Enter Dr. Heinfroth's asylum and steal his journal without becoming his test subject! Tomb of the Hentempet the Red Queen: Face Hentempet the red queen inside her Pharaoh tomb! Graveyard Of invitation: Enter a cursed graveyard and follow the clues to find the reason why the undead have risen! Fey Blood Merchant: Help the Vistani child escape his Rakshasha master before he returns! Horrors in Chateaufaux: Play the role of the Gendarmerie guards and find out who creates chaos in the roads of Dementlieu! On the Run: Explore an ancient tomb and escape the curse that you have unleashed! Vampire Escort Child: Can you help this poor child leave this jail meant for monsters? Defend the Keep!: Command your own military force to defend a keep against waves of undead! Lena's Pets: Explore the heidius laboratory of Frantisek Markov's student and escape before you become body parts for her next experiment! Lava trip: Who would want to be inside an ACTIVE VOLCANO? RUN! Escape Rooms: Find the way to escape before time runs out! How investigative are you? Singing Showdown: Karaoke competition with werewolves??? Labyrinthine Horror: Can you escape the labyrinth before the Vampiric Minotaur catches you? Teety's Hunt for Lulo: Find Teety's elusive love in an enchanted forest of pain! Monster Lab: Create your own Flesh Golem and make sure you are a good parent! Through fire and steel: Run through the No-man's-land while enemy planes and tanks bombard you and assassinate the enemy general! Don't forget to dodge the bullets! Drowning in Filth: Will you manage to escape before you drown in filth? Wilted Roses: Explore the forests of Sithicus and find the Black Rose Effigy! Shyclin’s Circus: An encounter inspired by the Carnival. The joke's on you! Among Us: Can you find shelter in a small cabin found in the woods? The Free Trader, Mist Runner: Avoid the enemy pirate ship at all cost while trying to reach the port with your own ship! The Curious Case of the Man Who Drowned in Air: Solve a detective's case in Victorian era London! Night at the Museum: Protect the museum's artifacts from invisible adversaries! Raid the Shadow: Lay siege on a castle controlled by the undead! Who could be its ruler? Journey to the Center: Control a mechanical worm of Kwalish and drill to the center of the earth to mine mithril! Journey Through Barovia: Visit Barovia's most famous places while trying to solve riddles or die trying! Choose Nothing: Solve a Death Slaad's riddle or get mad! The Final Dream: Tackle Atarte and their illusions in an environment that continiously alters between all of the dream-adventures! Only few can take on a Darklord and live to tell the tale! Published by Mistfactor Press

Cover of Rites of Passage
Rites of Passage
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
7 pages

Every autumn the reclusive goliaths of the Silvertop Mountain Clan hold their Festival of the Hunt, inviting neighbors to join in the partaking of merriment and mead. Your adventuring company finds themselves drafted as monster hunters when a young huntress is slain. The culprit? A lamia, whose lair has discouraged all previous attempts to destroy her. What the party finds inside her cave triggers a different call to action. Pgs. 21-27

Cover of Lich's Last Stand
Lich's Last Stand
4th Edition
Level 23
6 pages

Long ago, a powerful lich threatened the kingdom and was destroyed by mighty heroes. Though its phylactery could not be found, a powerful curse was laid upon the lich, trapping it inside its phylactery. This fading magic can’t hold the creature muchlonger, so the PCs must enter the phylactery itself in order to destroy the lich before it escapes back into the world. Pgs. 144-149

Cover of A Zib For Your Thoughts
A Zib For Your Thoughts
5th Edition
Level 2
17 pages

One person's trash is sometimes another's treasure. In this case, it’s also an opportunity for you to go on an excursion across the Tenth District, tracking down a client's very specific request… in thoughts. A 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 2nd-level characters, set in Ravnica. Pre-generated characters are also included.