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Cover of Ashes of Athas
Ashes of Athas
4th Edition
Levels 3–9
? pages

You will take up the mantle of heroism in a grim world where simple survival cannot be taken for granted. These heroes will shape the world of Athas while they grow in power and prestige - or die trying. Your character has been asked to aid a secretive faction of the Veiled Alliance in the Free City of Tyr against an unknown assailant. Ashes of Athas is a 4e D&D campaign set in the world of the Dark Sun campaign setting.

Cover of TB5: Children of the Harvest
TB5: Children of the Harvest
5th Edition
Levels 7–8
44 pages

The Children of the Harvest is a stand-alone adventure set in The Blight for 4—6 7th- to 8th level characters. The Blight is a dark place. Children disappear all the time, especially those of poor. The Harvester of Cribs, one of the city's strange local gods, is blamed for many of these disappearances. Typically , these disappearances arc random, isolated instances, and in many cases, Harvester has nothing to do with it all, merely being a convenient explanation or alibi for some other nefarious activity. This time, however, 36 children have disappeared from their homes— all in a single night—and many of them were not from the houses of the poor. Not even jaded folk of City-State of Castorhage will stand for this (especially not a prominent Justice and a guild leader who have each lost a child in this rash of disappearance). Now is the time for a call to action. Now is the time for heroes.

Cover of FQ13 - Future Past
FQ13 - Future Past
High Level
19 pages

In FQ13 – Future Past our brave adventurers are summoned by the Duke of Bast to the capital city. You quickly learn that your exploits have earned you a celebration in Bast and are to be honored by all! Prior to the festivities, the duke’s advisor Thril Galia requests to meet you and makes a unique proposal and shows you an arcane piece of the historic book…what have you gotten yourselves into now?

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #82: Bride of the Black Manse
Dungeon Crawl Classics #82: Bride of the Black Manse
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Levels 3–5
25 pages

Centuries past, Lady Ilse ascended to scion of House Liis by trading the archdevil Mammon what he wanted most: her immortal soul – and a diabolical betrothal. The triumph proved hollow, for every year on the eve of her fell covenant, she was beset by visions of Mammon and her foul promise. Seeking to save herself, she was buried alive, swaddled in the holy symbols of a dozen divergent faiths. This desperate ploy held Mammon at bay for centuries…but a devil can afford to wait a very long time. After hundreds of years, the last of the holy wards has fallen. The devil has come to collect his due. Tonight a storm crashes against the ancient manor house and forgotten spirits rise from the muck and mire. The fallen belfry tolls once more, announcing the hellish fete. As the adventurers arrive to explore the Black Manse, Mammon calls for his winsome bride. He will leave with a soul at the end of the night. The only question is: Whose?

Cover of SPA2: Goblins vs. Kobolds
SPA2: Goblins vs. Kobolds
5th Edition
Level 3
41 pages

The party is caught between warring goblin and kobold gangs, occupying an abandoned dwarven mine. Will the heroes ally with one of the sides in this quarrel, try to make peace between old enemies, attempt to eliminate both sides, or achieve their goal stealthily and unnoticed? The choice is completely theirs! Small Party Adventure: Though the party size of 3–5 characters is considered optimal in D&D, there are times when you can only gather one or two players at most. This adventure is designed exactly for such occasions.

Cover of CCC-GLIP-02-01 Blue Scales
CCC-GLIP-02-01 Blue Scales
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
38 pages

A behir has been hired to destroy the herds of aurochs necessary to feed the hobgoblin city of Glip Dak. Patrols and scouts continue to go missing, forcing the hobgoblins to hire mercenaries to track this behir as they recall their troops to the capital to maintain order as food riots break out.

Cover of OP4 - Leprechaun's Luck
OP4 - Leprechaun's Luck
5th Edition
Level 1
2 pages

This single page, single player adventure introduces a new adventurer to the exploration life! Despite reservations by their family, the young PC opts to head to a nearby town to begin their career. The road to Remus is blocked thanks to a raging river but there was a shortcut that could be taken…

Cover of Aldriv's Revenge
Aldriv's Revenge
3rd Edition
Level 1
48 pages

Duke Aldriv III has been brutally murdered. His brother, Prince Cardor, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Mordeln, the bastard son of the Prince, is under suspicion. But Mordeln claims to be innocent, and fears he will be the assassins' next target. Let your plater characters' personalities come alive as they join forces with Mordeln in his desperate race to find his missing father. Will the players find the Prince before the assassins do? Or will they too fall victim to the mysterious figure manipulating the events from behind the scenes?

Cover of FC8 - Epistle to the Pasha of Poncetalla
FC8 - Epistle to the Pasha of Poncetalla
Levels 5–7
20 pages

The newly ordained Bishop Martin has called upon your group to deliver a message across the sea. While somewhat beneath your status, the new bishop was a former adventurer of some renown. Along the way to the southern reaches the party will find themselves dropped off at the wrong port and unable to speak to the locals…and that’s just the beginning! The party will need to find the pasha, get valuable information from him to assist the new bishop, and finally get back home. This adventure goes with FT – Antioch – Kingdom of Nirack.

Cover of Monument of the Thunderer
Monument of the Thunderer
5th Edition
Level 7
2 pages

"Monument of the Thunderer" is a desert half-dragon lair intended to challenge a party of four 7th-level characters. Near the city state of Makuria, on a small island in the middle of the Green Nuria River, an immense stone sculpture of a dragon watches over the mighty Red Cliffs and the waterfall that pours off them. The monument was built by ancient worshipers of the Mharoti conqueror known as Zulatil the Thunderer, but now serves as a base of operations for a band of sinister thugs who call themselves the Red Cliff Raiders.

Cover of DDAL07-14 Fathomless Depths of Ill Intent
DDAL07-14 Fathomless Depths of Ill Intent
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
34 pages

The time is now! The yuan-ti lay on the cusp of freeing an ancient being of insurmountable evil from its imprisonment. Should this happen, Faerûn may very well be plunged into an age of darkness. You have traveled the width and breadth of the peninsula and learned what you could about your foe. Now it’s time to put that knowledge to use. Steel yourself, adventurer, there are important deeds to be done! A Four-Hour Adventure for 11th-16th Level Characters

Into the Forsaken Temple's Crypt - Episode One: Gather, Gloom
3rd Edition
Level 10
4 pages

Into the Forsaken Temple's Crypt is a short adventure for four 10th-level characters. The adventure takes place in a buried temple crypt, which has been sealed for centuries. Dungeon Masters can adjust it for higher-level characters by expanding the dead magic areas and increasing the number and power of constructs and undead that inhabit the complex. Some things are best left untouched, and some secrets are best left untold. One such secret is the location of the resting place of the traitor Ellowyn Blacktree. Her body has lain undisturbed for centuries, undead but immobile, in the prison the elves created for her. The elven histories tell that Ellowyn was a powerful wizard back in a time beyond human reckoning. While others worked diligently to learn magic, Ellowyn's arcane powers came to her quickly. In her youth, she called this a blessing from Corellon Larethian, and she worked diligently to serve him for the good of all elvenkind. In time, she became one of seven female elves entrusted with the care of a mythal, or elven place of power, devoted to preserving the balance of magic and nature. But Ellowyn, it is said, kept a terrible secret of her own: She had fallen in love with a drow whom history knows as Orith To'rellen. One dark winter night she betrayed her sisters, Corellon, and all of elvenkind by allowing Orith and the followers of Lolth to overrun and defile the mythal. Ellowyn herself was then betrayed by the drow, who abandoned her on the surface near a vampire's lair as they returned to their home in the Underdark, leaving her to face certain death and elven justice alone. In the depths of their grief and anger, the elves sentenced Ellowyn, perhaps unwisely, to dwell forever in the darkness that she had chosen, thus ensuring that she never followed the normal path of life and death that most elves take. Many elves died at her hands before they could restrain her. With terrible spells rarely seen even in that ancient time, they bound her in an underground crypt far away from any living thing. There, the legends say, she waits, nursing a terrible hatred against elves, drow, Corellon, Lolth, and especially Orith To'rellen.

Cover of The Ooze Chambers of Emirikol
The Ooze Chambers of Emirikol
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
55 pages

The legendary spellcaster Emirikol the Chaotic has turned the region into a wild magic zone, a place where all magic goes awry. The only way to put things back to normal is to retrieve the source of the problem deep inside the Ooze Chambers of Emirikol! This adventure is for 4th level characters and can be run on its own or as part 3 of the Litany of Arrows adventure path. This adventure contains, 2 pages of new magic items, 8 new monsters and NPCs, a full write-up of Bwimb II, the Paraelemental Princess of Ooze, an entity referred to in many D&D products but never fully fleshed out and stats for the 3rd edition iconic heroes Regdar and Mialee, who play a major role in this adventure. It's got over 10 pieces of original art, full color maps, tagged and untagged, and a special handout for the player who obtains the Ooze Fist of Emirikol. This adventure builds on the story begun in the platinum-selling Castle of Corellon and the follow-up, Warpath of Gruumsh.

Cover of WGA4 Vecna Lives
WGA4 Vecna Lives
Levels 12–15
95 pages

Vecna Lives is a high level adventure that pits players against the lich and almost demi-god Vecna. Although based in Greyhawk, the adventure is easily adaptable to Ravenloft and Planescape. This adventure is meant to kill characters. If you are a DM who cannot bring himself to kill a player’s prized character or one who can be pressured to “give a guy a break,” you must be extra strong when running Vecna Lives! For centuries, Vecna-archmage, despotic tyrant, the most fearsome of all liches-has been nothing but fearful legend to the honest folk of Greyhawk. Once the supreme master of all undead sorcerers, even today his Hand and Eye are object of immense power. Now something evil is stirring in the lands around Greyhawk. The Hand and Eye of Vecna have been found-and Vecna wants them back. TSR 9309

Cover of Carnival
64 pages

Freak show or sanctuary? It's all a matter of perspective when you're at Carnival. A carnival offers a glimpse of abnormal and unnatural things most genteel folk never talk about, much less see. This carnival is not a simple sideshow, though, and its performers are far more than freaks on display. Carnival is a wandering haven for those who have no place else to go - including adventurers who made enemies of the wrong people. Under the protection of its mysterious mistress Isolde, it offers refuge to those rejected by the world. Outcasts and lost souls of all kinds can find solace here, and sometimes even a second chance at life... but nothing at Carnival comes without a price. TSR 11382

Cover of FT - Corsair Bay
FT - Corsair Bay
Levels 1–6
17 pages

Clover Island is home to one of the wildest towns in the world of Filbar. While the town of Corsair Bay is recognized as the home of the Pirate Kingdom it is a fully functional town. This location sits at the midway point for those crossing the Newmack Sea and is a resupply stop for most commercial traffic pirate and otherwise. The ruler of Corsair Bay is the legendary, and somewhat retired, pirate named Hannibal the Black. This fearsome pirate now enjoys ruling the community and most of the explored areas on the island but his ship still waits in port for him should he decide to set sail again

Cover of FT - Havendale
FT - Havendale
Levels 1–5
14 pages

A medium sized city is situated between Challenge of the Minotaur and Hall of the Dwarf Lords and is centered on the edge of frontier near the Border Hills. The town is walled and populated my mostly Mountain Dwarves although most races are present and welcome. This area provides an excellent respite for those fresh off the trail of adventure!

Cover of The Globe
The Globe
Medium Level
12 pages

Among the snow globes that sit gathering dust there is one quite unlike the others. One is full of sand and an ancient library. Shake it and you’re transported to the dungeon. Here's what it has: Beautiful cartography from Dyson Logos 27 keyed rooms to keep your players busy for a few sessions A new enemy called the Mummies who do no damage but burst into sand that gets into armor and skin, spreading a deadly disease A sand golem Pharaoh who can multiply A twisted lich (or moderately low level) who collects teeth A sphinx searching for the answer to a riddle A few traps (including snakes and skin-burrowing scarabs) A treasure room that has roughly 10,000gp worth of assorted treasures, making it difficult to export It exists inside a magical snow globe, meaning it can fit into your campaign world with ease Has repercussions and ways to continue after the fact Basically this is a dungeon for a more Old School feel.

Princes of the Apocalypse
5th Edition
Levels 1–15
258 pages

Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes. Each of these prophets has assembled a cadre of cultists and creatures to serve them in the construction of four elemental temples of lethal design. It is up to adventurers from heroic factions such as the Emerald Enclave and the Order of the Gauntlet to discover where the true power of each prophet lay, and dismantle it before it comes boiling up to obliterate the Realms.

Cover of Sewer Losers
Sewer Losers
5th Edition
Levels 2–4
9 pages

Arnyn, a merfolk mercenary, has been hired to clean out the sewers below a thriving port city. Unfortunately, she jumped at the payday before truly understanding what she was being asked to do. Now she's looking for someone to take over her contract.