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Cover of FQ4 - In the Caravan Service
FQ4 - In the Caravan Service
Levels 4–6
27 pages

The quest continues…kind of! After enjoying the accolades of your previous successes in the Barony of the Knolls, your group begins to get that adventuring itch and finds a job opportunity and will allow you to see more of the Duchy of Bast at the same time. The local caravan service is in need of a few hearty individuals that can handle themselves in a fight. A quick trip to Phillipsburg should give you an idea of where you would like to go next right?

Cover of HOF2 - Putting a Krampus in the Holiday
HOF2 - Putting a Krampus in the Holiday
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
11 pages

Putting a Krampus in the Holiday is a tongue in cheek adventure for a group of low level PCs. This scenario takes place during the Filbar holiday of “Giftus” a ten day celebration that culminates in a gift exchange. This year’s holiday is threatened when a jolly Gnome finds a few items that turn a happy holiday into a potential nightmare! A short little adventure that can be played after your own holiday celebration!

Cover of If Looks Could Kill
If Looks Could Kill
5th Edition
Levels 6–7
33 pages

Everyone in the villages that once made up the Kingdom of Lilies knows the tragic tale of Queen Niva Brysis, a fair and beautiful sovereign from a past generation. The queen and her kingdom are often thought of in the same regard; the kingdom didn’t truly come into being until her birth, blossomed in her youth, and wilted away as the queen aged and succumbed to madness. Of course, this is in the annals of history now, as Queen Niva died decades ago, crazed and alone in her mountain keep… right? Not according to a new cult calling itself The Queen’s Adherents. This group not only claims that Queen Niva is alive and well, but she has regained her youth and former beauty. What’s more, they promise any that join their ranks may receive their queen’s blessing and become immortal themselves! The PCs are ultimately the ones that need to dissolve the cult from growing, and in doing so look into the mystery behind the queen’s enigmatic return. But be careful, because if looks could kill, this mission could be murder! Dungeons on Demand is a line instant dungeons you can drop into your campaign, each is designed for 4-5 player parties of specified levels, and each dungeon is complete with a back story, hand drawn maps, traps, puzzles, and reference information to monsters and treasure. You can customize each one to fit in your campaign however you wish, and each one can be played through in one or two gaming sessions.

Cover of Mini Hex
Mini Hex
5th Edition
Levels 4–11
16 pages

Content in English / Contenido en Español Mini Hex is Hex Crawl that can be played in one session, its ideal to show your players what a hex crawl is about. It may serve simple purposes as finding some rare flowers in the forest, the location of a ritual in the city or the cave with the treasure in the hills. This module contains: 3 scenarios. 18 combat encounters for levels 4, 7 and 11 characters. 30 obstacles encounter of varying difficulty. More than 100 traps variations. Aids for easy setup. Area and battle maps. A couple of interesting mechanics to make your game feel fresh. Mini Hex es Hex Crawl que se puede jugar en una sesión, es ideal para mostrar a tus jugadores de qué se trata un rastreo hexadecimal. Puede tener propósitos simples como encontrar algunas flores raras en el bosque, la ubicación de un ritual en la ciudad o la cueva con el tesoro en las colinas. Este módulo contiene: 3 escenarios. 18 encuentros de combate para personajes de nivel 4, 7 y 11. 30 obstáculos ambientales de diversa dificultad. Más de 100 variaciones de trampas. Ayudas para prepara rápido y fácil una partida. Área y mapas de batalla. Un par de mecánicas interesantes para que tu juego se sienta fresco.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea
Dungeon Crawl Classics #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 0
20 pages

Since time immemorial, you and your people have toiled in the shadow of the cyclopean ruins. Of mysterious origins and the source of many a superstition, they have always been considered a secret best left unknown by folk of your hamlet. But now something stirs beneath the crumbling blocks. Beastmen howl in the night and your fellow villagers are snatched from their beds. With no heroes to defend you, who will rise to stand against the encircling darkness? The secret of Chaos are yours to unearth but at what cost to sanity or soul? An introductory adventure for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game, Sailors on the Starless Sea pits a mob of 0-level adventurers against legacy of the Chaos Lords and their corrupted hordes. Delving beneath the crumbling ruins, the characters discover ancient crypts, a starless sea, and an ancient ziggurat, where death and treasure await in equal measure!

Cover of The House of Long Knives
The House of Long Knives
Level 10
9 pages

Characters strike a blow against evil when they take on orcs and assassins in these scenarios. Included in I13 Adventure Pack I - https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/i13-adventure-pack-i TSR 9202

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #93: Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom
Dungeon Crawl Classics #93: Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 2
24 pages

Far to the west, beyond civilized lands, lie the Tolomak Islands— volcanic peaks covered in pestilential jungle and bestriding sunken ruins. The legends say the Tolomaks are home to treacherous witches, ferocious cannibals, moon demons, and worse! Wise are those who steer well away from these accursed jungle isles, but not everyone is wise… For the legends also speak of power unimaginable and treasures beyond the limits of mortal avarice. Now, under the light of the triple moons, a band of intrepid adventurers sails ever nearer the islands. With luck, they will escape with a fortune; without it, they may not keep their souls.

Cover of F14 - Bog of Jelaneus
F14 - Bog of Jelaneus
Levels 8–12
38 pages

The world of Filbar was built upon the remnants of the Adurite Empire an ancient empire that extended among the continents. Centuries ago a curse befell the land and the empire causing its destruction. In the campaign the players were given the opportunity to discover a very difficult way to lift the curse. While this adventure can be used as individual fillers it also offers campaign players the opportunity to lift the centuries old curse. Can your players piece together what happened and solve the mystery?

Cover of Tower Of Zoramadria
Tower Of Zoramadria
4th Edition
Level 23
8 pages

The Tower of Zoramadria is hidden away in the Feywild. The tower is an arcane academy under the tutelage of the lich Parthal. Parthal and his students lead serene lives of study and contemplation, except when they engage in a bout of bloody necromantic research that requires innocent souls as vital components. Parthal has a score to settle, and the Feywild itself might shudder and scream before the lich has had his revenge on those who killed his love. Pgs. 104-111

Cover of EN5ider #100 - Into the Feywild
EN5ider #100 - Into the Feywild
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
15 pages

The PCs pass through a fey crossing, arriving in a heap in front of the throne of Princess Daneliean Dandelion. Wherever the PCs were trying to go, and whoever they were trying to chase down, isn’t here. Instead, they are the captive audience of a petulant, semidivine Archfey who demands to know how they came to be in her throne room. She will be lenient with them, provided they can complete a grand collection of quests on her behalf. What follows is all very storybook logic and strange whimsy. This adventure is focused more on roleplay than combat.

Cover of I11 Needle
I11 Needle
Levels 8–10
48 pages

The king's notice asked for adventurers to undertake a mission to a far land. It was marked with the rune for "high danger, high reward" so of course you volunteered. The king has heard of a great obelisk that towers over a ruined city in a far country. He wants to know more about the obelisk and its strange powers. Your job is to find the obelisk and bring back a report to the king. The mission seems absurdly easy...until you reach the jungle. Don't think the king is through with you if you get back to the capital city alive. You haven't seen the last of that jungle yet. Is a share in the spoils of an ancient civilization worth the risk? Don't forget to pack you bug repellent! TSR 9187

Cover of Shadowbrook Manor
Shadowbrook Manor
Levels 1–3
13 pages

Once a powerful proponent of Law, the Archmage Tazimack the Red was eventually driven mad by a fear of mortality. As he slipped into insanity his retirement home began to reflect the chaotic bent of his mind. Long after Tazimack’s unnaturally animated body has disintegrated, his manor house remains as a shadow cast by a twisted intellect. Can the characters bring order to this chaos?

Cover of Dusk Tower
Dusk Tower
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
19 pages

A mystery scenario involving exploration of a drow archmage's tower while trying to solve the mystery of his involvement to the latest rumors of kidnapings in the nearby town. Benevolent academic or vile predator? The good people of Fern do not seem to agree these days about the nature of the owner of the iconic Dusk Tower. With a supporting cast that includes an innkeeping druid, a scorned sculptor, a belittled apprentice, an invisible butler, and a mysterious tower basement the heroes are sure to have their hands full. Can they uncover the secrets of Dusk Tower before it is too late?

Cover of Into the Dragon's Maw
Into the Dragon's Maw
5th Edition
Level 12
20 pages

Your stalwart band treks through the trackless jungle seeking the Dragon's Maw Waterfall. At the base of the falls, behind a massive curtain of water, is rumored to be the cavern lair of a great wyrm. The local Xulmec tribesmen say the great dragon has not been seen in nearly 100 years, so perhaps its hoard lies unguarded and ready for plunder. But what role do the heroes play in a blind shaman's prophecy foretold a century ago?

Cover of Wedding Bells
Wedding Bells
5th Edition
Level 3
10 pages

A political wedding is threatening a major source of income for the Thieves Guild Ebonclad. Ebonclad would like to see the affair disrupted and the couple never wed. Such a job may be risky, and its outcome could very well start a war if done poorly or without subtlety. That’s why a team of promising agents has been assigned to handle it. The mission’s goal is to disrupt the upcoming wedding of Camilla Swain and Le’Nal Beshiin, to ensure Ebonclad keeps a revenue stream open that their marriage would surely close. The caveat is, neither the bride nor the groom are to be harmed. This will mean the party will have to come up with a method to disrupt the wedding as it’s happening, while avoiding suspicion. As a bonus, the party members can rob wealthy guests or steal wedding presents. The mission is open-ended, giving the players full reign to decide how they will work towards a successful outcome. It lets you work to guide player decisions based on the information presented here, or improvise results based on the players’ actions.

Cover of A Dungeon and a Dragon
A Dungeon and a Dragon
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
26 pages

A Four to Six Hour Adventure for 11th-16th Level Characters in Dungeons and Dragons 5E The Adult Green Dragon Valturnax has attacked the nearby village of Hartsvale, threatening to destroy them completely if they do not submit to his rule by nightfall. To save the town, adventurers must ascend the mountain by climbing through the caves housing the dragon’s minions and face him in his lair – and they need to do so before the sun sets. This adventure is meant to be quite challenging. Enemies know the adventurers are coming and have had time to prepare, and they do so intelligently. This adventure draws some inspiration from Tucker's kobolds. As an added bonus, this adventure is available completely for free.

Cover of The Passenger
The Passenger
5th Edition
Levels 10–12
18 pages

Mr. P has a job for you. You must investigate three robberies that took place in Waterdeep in the past few days, and connect them to whoever is responsible. All clues lead you to a certain mansion, but it is certain that the raid will not be easy, as they are always watching, always one step ahead... Who's watching you ask? What do you mean? No one is watching.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #76: Colossus, Arise!
Dungeon Crawl Classics #76: Colossus, Arise!
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 8
28 pages

Giants stalk the shifting sands as the lost city of Stylos awakens from its deathless slumber. The Fourth Age of Man is at hand! All that stands between the gigantic hordes of Stylos and their conquest of the world is your band of adventurers. Sinister traps, implacable foes, and the crushing tread of the dread Colossus all lurk within these pages, eager to test the courage and cunning of even the most accomplished adventurers.

Cover of The Night Auction
The Night Auction
5th Edition
Medium Level
12 pages

Adventure Synopsys: The players are hired to investigate the death of the drowned sailor. Following the clues, the PCs discover more deaths, all linked to an event happening that very night, The Night Auction. The prized item of the night, the Demon Egg, has the power of birthing a powerful fiend into the mortal realm. As the PCs follow the trail of blood, they finally encounter the mysterious Houndmaster. As men die and bids raise the price of mortal life, who will remain to snatch the egg and claim the demon’s might? GM’s word: This adventure features social, investigative, puzzle and combat challenges, all wrapped in an exciting noir story. The villain designed for this adventure posses new unique abilities to test your players’ combat prowess. There are drawings, NPC portraits and puzzle handouts! Last but not least, The Night Auction features 5 brand new original and wicked items!

A Giant Ransom - Episode Three: Thin Ice
3rd Edition
Level 11
3 pages

A Giant Ransom is a short adventure for four 11th-level characters. There are opportunities for diplomacy, stealth, and combat, based on the choices the PCs make, so any mix of classes is appropriate. The adventure can be set in any campaign world, in a frontier region near glacier-covered mountains. In the first episode, the PCs were employed by Duke Ambrinigan to exchange a ransom of 10,000 gp in gems for a golden lion that was taken by frost giants in a recent raid. While waiting for the giants to arrive at the designated meeting place, the PCs watched as the white dragon Whildenstrank attacked the giants and then flew off with the statue. Charged with returning the golden lion statue at all costs, the PCs dealt with the remaining frost giants and then headed west, toward the lair of the dragon in the midst of the nearby glacier. Along the way, they encountered Velg the Dragon Tamer, another frost giant who was also on the trail of the dragon. Velg may or may not be with the party now. The PCs are now traveling across the flat icy surface of the glacier, and may have just noticed something burrowing under the ice, heading straight toward them.