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Cover of Road to Danger - Classic Modules Today 5e Conversion
Road to Danger - Classic Modules Today 5e Conversion
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
30 pages

The road to adventure is fraught with danger. Travel swiftly, and guard yourselves well. Road to Danger is a collection of low-level adventures for the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. Each adventure stands alone, but any or all of them can be inserted easily into an ongoing campaign designed to challenge low-level characters and prepare them for even greater dangers down the road. For a group of unsung heroes, the challenge begins with six adventures originally presented in Dungeon Adventures magazine: Grakhirt's Lair by John Nephew: The villain responsible for the bloody battle at Nolivari remains at large. Catch him before he attacks again. Trouble At Grag's by Grant and David Boucher: When a crime wave threatens the town of Dagger Rock, a half-ogre innkeeper calls upon brave heroes to find the culprits. The Stolen Power by Robert Kelk: The priests of Highland need help to catch a thief and recover a book of infinite spells from his wilderness retreat. The Matchmakers by Patricia Nead Elrod: A love affair torn by treachery threatens to plunge the city of Povero into civil war. Roarwater Caves by Willie Walsh: A xvart shaman needs brave heroes to attack his own lair, but are the perils worth the reward? The Inheritance by Paul Culotta: A keep on the edge of civilization has fallen to the ruthless Lostafinga tribe. Remove the threat, and claim the castle as your prize! Road to Danger is a collection of low-level adventures for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. Each adventure stands alone, but any or all of them can be inserted easily into an ongoing AD&D campaign designed to challenge low-level characters and prepare them for even greater dangers down the road! Product History "Road to Danger: From the Pages of Dungeon Magazine" (1998), edited by Christopher Perkins, is a collection of six low-level adventures. It was published in August 1998. This conversion guide allows DMs to run the original modules with 5th Edition rules. To use this conversion guide you will need a copy of Road to Danger, originally available in hard-copy and now for sale in Digital format on the DMs Guild. Visit Classicmodulestoday.com for instructions on creating your own classic module conversions and selling them on the DMs Guild.

Cover of Barrowmaze
Levels 1–5
? pages

Local villagers whisper of a mysterious place deep in the marsh - a place shrouded in mist and dotted with barrow mounds, ruined columns, and standing stones. The tomb-robbers who explore beneath the mounds - or rather the few who return - tell tales of labyrinthine passages, magnificent grave goods, and terrifying creatures waiting in the dark. Are you brave (or foolish) enough to enter Barrowmaze? Barrowmaze Complete (BMC) is a classic megadungeon for use with any old school fantasy role-playing game. BMC includes everything in Barrowmaze I and II in the same book in addition to new material, art, layout, and cover art by Ex-TSR artist Erol Otus. Barrowmaze Complete will keep your players on their toes and your campaign going strong. BMC is brought to you by the Old School Renaissance (so don’t forget your 10’ pole). This edition includes art by the aforementioned TSR artists Erol Otus, as well as Tim Truman, Jim Holloway. New old-school artists include Peter Pagano, Cory Hamel, Stefan Poag, Zhu Bajie, Stephan Thompson, and others.

Cover of LP-3 The Lost Places: Iron Keep
LP-3 The Lost Places: Iron Keep
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
30 pages

First the bandits attacked then the Roc carried away the guide. Since then you have blindly followed the camels hoping that their instincts would lead you to water or help of some kind. You and your friends are lost in a sea of sand. Plodding along in the shadow of the camels and doing your best to stay alert. Ahead the heat shimmers take shape. This time it is a castle. Blinking away the dryness in your eyes you realize that the tower is not a mirage but it is broken.

Cover of The Weeping Woman
The Weeping Woman
5th Edition
Level 2
7 pages

This is a reclamation of the classic Mexican horror story designed to keep young adventurers wary of their curfews, La Llorona. In this tale, adventurers will face perilous encounters with beings that lurk in the shadows, and uncover what might have happened to drive a woman long ago to transform into a nightmarish legend.

Cover of Citadel Of Fire
Citadel Of Fire
Levels 10–14
32 pages

Adventure into the Ancient Stronghold of the Sorcerer Yrammag. Includes six story tower and five dungeon levels. Designed for high-level characters and filled with wizard apprentices, their creations and undead. Please note: The link for this adventure on Amazon is for a reprint of the original.

Cover of The Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar
The Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar
5th Edition
Levels 8–9
34 pages

The Dread tunnels of Ruxbar were created by a cult of a lesser evil deity of the giant pantheon, known as Jargain to serve as a planar gate in hope of bringing chaos and destruction to the natural order of the world and power to the one who would control the gate. Ruxabar was the high cultist who completed the ritual but to his surprise nothing of what he expected came through the gate. Plague creatures, toxic gases and vapors, diseases of all kinds and decay lay quick waste to him and his cult. For some time the gate remained open and the settlements nearby were afflicted with diseases never seen before. The nearby town of Stagwood was quickly abandoned due to the plague. Rumor has it that the gods have weakened the gate and the cult has been destroyed. The remaining villages that managed to somewhat resist the plague are now hiring brave adventurers to venture into the tunnels and close the planar gate for good! Are you capable enough of surviving the horrors that reside in the Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar? Published by Mistfactor Press

Cover of C5 The Bane of Llywelyn
C5 The Bane of Llywelyn
Levels 4–7
32 pages

Excitement and unrest grip the land of Pellham. Two hundred years ago, the royal line of kings was deposed and replaced by a High Council. The current council is well-meaning but hopelessly incompetent. Everyone agrees that a drastic change is needed for the kingdom to survive. The ancient Prophecy of Brie foretells that in Pellham's darkest hour, a king from the past will return to restore the kingdom. The time of the prophecy is now. All is in readiness: the symbols of the ancient kings have been recovered, the keys to the royal tomb are in hand, powerful magics to revive the long-dead king have been secured at great cost. Only one problem remains... no one knows where the king is buried! The Bane of Llywelyn concludes the epic adventure of the Prophecy of Brie -- can YOU insure that the quest will be a success? The adventure can be played as a separate adventure or as the second part of the Prophecy of Brie series. TSR 9109

Cover of Aesirhamar
Levels 9–16
12 pages

The characters are summoned by the Norse gods to track down two dwarves, one of whom has made a weapon for the giants to use against the gods. The mission takes the characters to Jotunheim, on the plane of Gladsheim, to take the god-slaying weapon from the giants.

Cover of FS9 - Water Weird's Wake
FS9 - Water Weird's Wake
Levels 2–4
27 pages

This solo adventure is designed as an adventure to teach the PC that sometimes you need help in solving tough problems. The adventurer learns that Ortella the Druid is seeking assistance in obtaining spell components to help the local village. It seems that the community has a magical phantasm causing problems in its lake and they need help in the form of Ortella and Ortella needs your help!

Cover of Book of Lairs
Book of Lairs
5th Edition
Levels 1–15
109 pages

Fight the Monster in its Den … If You Dare! Book of Lairs brings you 24 great monster lairs for 5th edition! Each of these exciting and unusual battlegrounds comes with a complete short adventure, including a hook, area hazards, tactics, and treasures. Stage your 5th Edition fights in unforgettable locations like: Alchemist’s Guildhall Necromancer’s Cistern Clockwork Tower Den of the Rotten Kings Lost Halls of Everforge A Pirate Cove Crypt of the Warlock Citadel of the Void Dragon A Dark Grove Lost Fane of the Serpents Branches of Yggdrasil Tomb of the Scorpion Prince Sky Stairs of Beldestan Imperial Ghoul Outpost Umbral Vampire Lair And 10 more! Designed by some of the top names in the RPG industry, Book of Lairs is sure to add an aura of wonder and mystery to your game! Book of Lairs uses standard monsters as well as surprising new creatures from Tome of Beasts, and both monster books are required for maximum playability.

Cover of Guardians of the Tomb
Guardians of the Tomb
Levels 3–5
4 pages

A hidden trail leads through a swamp to a dilapidated shrine. A profound evil is nearby. The shrine is either to a powerful dead thief, or a god of thieves. A cool, simple little puzzle protects some treasure. Just cash! No items. A short interlude designed to be dropped into an ongoing adventure. Pgs. 61-63

Cover of Under Revelers' Feet
Under Revelers' Feet
5th Edition
Levels 12–13
2 pages

Let nothing end the Feast by the River. Let the celebration of our enemy’s vanquishing ring out night and day for eternity. Let the bones of our enemies and our prey mingle below our feet. This is your time, our time, the best time. —Queen Gellao on the eve of her victory over the followers of Dur; decreed at the River’s Bend feast hall

Cover of A Simple Job - Adventure 1: What Lies Beyond Reason Adventure Path
A Simple Job - Adventure 1: What Lies Beyond Reason Adventure Path
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
59 pages

It was supposed to be a simple job... A strange merchant offers you a simple job – pick up and deliver cargo. You have three days to get it a mere fourteen miles through the city. How hard could it be? A Simple Job is a journey through the city of Anduria, a cascading series of events that takes the heroes to explore strange locales and bargain with even stranger creatures. What secrets does the city hold, buried away for countless centuries?

Cover of City of Sands
City of Sands
5th Edition
Level 7
120 pages

The City of Sands adventure module starts where the Domes of Ishaq-Zahur leaves off, sending a party of heroes from the peril of the desert tombs to the streets of the sandy metropolis, Archensheen. There the players will find themselves caught in the middle of a fierce struggle for political power and ancient artifacts as factions from all across the city vie for control of relics from the Nartheneen's glory days. Choosing a side may make more enemies than it does friends, but can the heroes survive if they choose to stand alone? Part 2 of 6 in the Fate of the Forebears series.

Cover of Dromar's Tomb
Dromar's Tomb
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
3 pages

Dromar is a figure of power all over the realm. He is known as a legendary fighter from centuries ago. He was buried in a tomb along with an artifact of great power. Those who built his tomb were afraid of grave robbers, and so his tomb was created in the frigid, ice-coated lands at the base of a a mountain. The secret of this tomb's location has been passed among a select few people as the years have gone on. Most of the general public do not even believe it exists, but now the ancient relic buried alongside Dromar is needed once again.

Cover of Take it to the Mezzanine! (WBW-DC-MEZZ)
Take it to the Mezzanine! (WBW-DC-MEZZ)
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
37 pages

"TRAPPED! What’s that gigantic stage? Why does that village look so out of place? How do you escape this place and why are those two ballistae arguing like siblings?! Find out in the Mezzanine, a Domain of Delight created by an Unseelie archfey named the Grand Director." In the land of fairies, lives an imprisoned archfey named The Grand Director. He made the mistake of disrespecting his evil queen and tries to perfect his horrible play. Within this adventure you will find an Unfinished Wall, a Dance Battle, and Trippy Mushrooms. Your characters have become trapped in the Feywild and they must get the locals to set aside their differences to help the archfey revamp his play for the Unseelie Queen.

Cover of Masque of the Worms
Masque of the Worms
5th Edition
Level 1
16 pages

Bring the haunting themes of Edgar Allan Poe to your table! Baronness Elenore Rennet has yet to return home from a masque at Moldavia Manor two nights ago. Can the players find her and uncover the hideous secrets brooding inside the grim estate of Count Moldavia? Masque of the Worms is a 1st-level one-shot originally written for a live playthrough by the Castle Mac crew in the courtyard of the Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Richmond, VA. Check out their fantastic performance on the Castle Mac YouTube channel. This adventure is optimized for the live-streaming, one-shot format, but makes for a spooky and thrilling session at any table. It is sure to make even the bravest hearts shudder!

Cover of Under Our Noses
Under Our Noses
5th Edition
Level 4
8 pages

The Thieves Guild Ebonclad has learned of a construct that would make an ideal guardian or soldier. Unfortunately the constructs creator is looking to sell this to The Crown. It is in Ebonclad's best interest to intercept this construct before its abilities can be demonstrated. The party plays the role of a group of saboteurs, required to sabotage or destroy a construct named Marx before it can be demonstrated to The Crown in less than a day’s time. The mission’s primary objective is to locate the construct Marx and destroy or sabotage it. If Marx is destroyed outright, the party will need a patsy to pin the crime on. If possible, the party should steal Eva Dalphane’s schematics for Marx, as well as investigate how the artificer brought the construct into the city undetected.

Into the Forsaken Temple's Crypt - Episode Two: A False Tomb
3rd Edition
Level 10
6 pages

Into the Forsaken Temple's Crypt is a short adventure for four 10th-level characters. The adventure takes place in a buried temple crypt, which has been sealed for centuries. Dungeon Masters can adjust it for higher-level characters by widening the dead magic areas and increasing the number and power of constructs and undead that inhabit the complex. The PCs had just entered the Forsaken Temple's crypt in the last episode. Now they can begin to penetrate deeper into the crypt, discovering more of its hidden dangers.

Cover of N3 Destiny of Kings - Classic Modules Today 5e Conversion
N3 Destiny of Kings - Classic Modules Today 5e Conversion
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
32 pages

When Treason Walks the Land... Trouble stirs in Dunador! The King lies dead of a wound received during a hunting expedition. His brother, Lord Edrin, challenges the rightful Crown Prince, a half-trained young man named Edmund, for possession of the throne while Edmund travels on a pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Nevron. Forces throughout the kingdom vie for control of the realm. Can the player characters find the Crown Prince and protect him from the treacherous forces at large in Dunador? N3: "Destiny of Kings" (1986), by Stephen Bourne, is the third adventure in the novice series for AD&D. It's up at the upper end of what could be considered "novice" play, though, with the pre-rolled characters being 3rd and 4th level. It was released in February 1986. Like N2: "The Forest Oracle" (1984), this adventure is offered as a generic adventure, not specifically based in any existing AD&D setting. Suggestions are given in the conversion guide to place the adventure in the Forgotten Realms. Out of the Dungeons. One of the most impressive elements of N3 is its complete lack of dungeons. Instead - as was increasingly the case by the mid 80s - the players are heavily embroiled in a plot. They must find the prince of Dunador and return him home safely. Elements of investigation and intrigue thus find their way into the game. There is also some opportunity for wilderness adventure - a quality that was also becoming more common in AD&D by the mid-80s. Future History. A decade after its original publication, Wizards of the Coast updated "Destiny of Kings" to 2nd edition AD&D and reprinted it (1998). It was one of the few classic adventures to receive this treatment. This conversion guide allows DMs to run the original module with 5th Edition rules and provides a reference sheet for encounters. To use this conversion guide you will need a copy of Destiny of Kings, originally available in hard-copy and now for sale in digital format at the DMs Guild.