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Cover of FVS5 - Penchant for Adventure 4
FVS5 - Penchant for Adventure 4
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
15 pages

Penchant for Adventure – 4 is the solo adventure for a 4th level character. This scenario can be used for the PC to obtain a ‘special’ item that they want. Originally used for a paladin to get his warhorse, the adventure can be tailored to suit the needs/wants of a specific PC. Like all the Penchant for Adventure settings the adventure takes place around the small community of Penchant. Not all of the businesses are in focus for the adventure although details can be feathered in as you need.

Cover of Rise of the Druid's Curse
Rise of the Druid's Curse
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
24 pages

Your investigations into weird occurrences in Waterdeep's Field Ward leads you to the source of a disease that suddenly breaks out. You are the only ones who know of the cure, but you won't be able to procure it if you remained quarantined like the rest of the ward. The clock is ticking for you and your allies.

Cover of Demonheart
3.5 Edition
Levels 6–8
96 pages

Demonheart is a D20 adventure campaign for 4-5 characters. As it is a long and fairly involved story, characters should be level 6-8 when they begin and will earn enough experience to rise to levels 10-12. Demonheart includes many opportunities for both combat and roleplaying. At least one fighter-type is required, and given the wild, frontier nature of the campaign, a ranger’s skills would be especially useful. Stealth and intrigue also favor rogue characters, while a cleric, particularly from a martial order who can fight well would find plenty of opportunity to use his or her powers against the undead and evil outsiders. Demonheart also takes place in a wilderness setting where ancient magic abounds, and the special nature skills of a druid will help the party to make friends with some of the land’s fey or wild elvish inhabitants. Sorcerers and wizards will likewise find use for their talents, but those who understand divine or druidic magic may be more important than arcanists. As this adventure involves the struggle against evil, both ancient and resurgent, the party’s overall alignment should be good, though individuals of other alignments may be tempted to use the ancient magic of the forest for their own ends, or even join with the forces of evil!

Cover of The Folley at Fairmarsh
The Folley at Fairmarsh
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
7 pages

The small fishing village of Fairmarsh runs along the riverside of the Winding Water. An ancient tomb holding a dangerous trophy has been disturbed, unleashing a long-forgotten enemy on an unsuspecting village.

Cover of B7 Rahasia
B7 Rahasia
Levels 1–3
32 pages

Gray Mountain lies deep in the lush elven forest. The temple there was a haven of meditation and learning - until taken over by an evil cleric known as the Rahib. Far under the mountain, he paces before the temple's great altar. A brown-robed servant rushes in and falls to his knees, trembling at the sight of the Rahib's black panther. "Rahib, adventurers came to the village as the sun rose - the strangers now protect Rahasia." A scowl crosses the Rahib's face. "I must have Rahasia! Attack again tonight." As the servant scurries away, a deep growl rises from the giant cat. Gripping the panther's leash, the Rahib paces again, speaking out loud. "We must dispose of these strangers quickly; the secret beneath the temple will not wait much longer." Note: the setting is unspecified, but certain tie-ins, like the wines, prefigure Ravenloft. See: https://twitter.com/chrisperkinsdnd/status/703751906703749120 TSR #9115

Cover of Sharn II, Council of Roaches
Sharn II, Council of Roaches
5th Edition
Levels 3–7
54 pages

A roach thrall has infiltrated Sharn's highest circle of power, the council, and few have noticed. It's up to our adventurer's, with a little help from a perceptive councilor, to rid Sharn of the growing infestation.

Cover of C5 The Bane of Llywelyn
C5 The Bane of Llywelyn
Levels 4–7
32 pages

Excitement and unrest grip the land of Pellham. Two hundred years ago, the royal line of kings was deposed and replaced by a High Council. The current council is well-meaning but hopelessly incompetent. Everyone agrees that a drastic change is needed for the kingdom to survive. The ancient Prophecy of Brie foretells that in Pellham's darkest hour, a king from the past will return to restore the kingdom. The time of the prophecy is now. All is in readiness: the symbols of the ancient kings have been recovered, the keys to the royal tomb are in hand, powerful magics to revive the long-dead king have been secured at great cost. Only one problem remains... no one knows where the king is buried! The Bane of Llywelyn concludes the epic adventure of the Prophecy of Brie -- can YOU insure that the quest will be a success? The adventure can be played as a separate adventure or as the second part of the Prophecy of Brie series. TSR 9109

Cover of Pathfinder Society Scenario #28: Lyrics of Extinction
Pathfinder Society Scenario #28: Lyrics of Extinction
3.5 Edition
Levels 7–11
22 pages

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 7th to 11th level characters (Tiers: 7–8 and 10–11). The fabled ruined city of Dokeran, deep inside the heart of the Mwangi Expanse, has been found and it's your job as a Pathfinder to explore it and discover how it fell. After fighting through fiends, enslaved warriors, and the damned spirits of Dokeran's dead, you find that the ruined city has a dark secret—one you might not survive.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #68: The People of the Pit
Dungeon Crawl Classics #68: The People of the Pit
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 1
31 pages

It has been years since the last virgin was sacrificed: and now the pit beast awakens once more! Every generation it stumbles forth on undulating tentacles from its resting place deep below the great ravine, its towering blubbery mass ravaging the land before returning to slumber for decades. But this time is different. The Great Beast strikes with intelligence: bands of faceless gray-robed men emerge from the tenebrous depths, herding the beast’s roaming tentacles before them. The enigmatic people of the pit live despite the passage of ages! The earth shakes each night as they herd the primordial tentacles ever further, while the villagers ask: is any man brave enough to put the sword to this menace?

Cover of Down the Blighted Path
Down the Blighted Path
Level 5
64 pages

More than a hundred years ago, Delbera Axebringer—a mighty warrior and dwarven leader—slew the necromancer Audalot Karexin, but spared his young apprentice Zohir. In the ensuing decades, the bitter survivor brooded and plotted her revenge. Now, descendants of the Axebringer clan are vanishing, dragged screaming into the darkness by the animated bodies of their fallen kin. The Axebringers and their hometown of Davarn need heroes to break this family curse. What mysteries lie sealed within Delbera Axebringer’s ancient abandoned fortress? And what challenges lurk along the Blighted Path winding through the Darklands beneath Golarion’s surface? Down the Blighted Path is a deluxe adventure for 5th-level characters, and includes 64 action-packed pages of exciting battles, supernatural mysteries, and monstrous foes, plus a gorgeous double-sided poster map featuring an overview of the dwarven trading post of Davarn and a miniatures-scale battlemap! The author of this adventure, Monica Marlowe, was the winner of the 2015 RPG Superstar contest, in which hundreds of unpublished authors competed or the chance to write a Pathfinder Module. In addition to her adventure, this book contains a host of new monsters and magic items designed by the contest’s runners-up. Players can expect to reach 7th level upon completion of this adventure—if they can survive its deadly haunts, Darklands horrors, and furious villains both living and undead!

Cover of Blood Throne of Maglubiyet
Blood Throne of Maglubiyet
5th Edition
Level 3
14 pages

Urban Uprising and Oldschool Dungeon Crawling. A hobgoblin horde has subjugated the city for Freystand, searching for a relic of their god. Will the heroes save the town from the tyrannical hobgoblins? Will they discover the true purpose of the Bloodthrone of Maglubiyet? Work with the rebels of Freystand to sabotage the hobgoblin's by completing objectives in the city. Crawl the warrens to find and destroy the Bloodthrone of Maglubiyet. Discover the true purpose of the throne and cosmic horror that threatens the world. Designed like an old-school dungeon crawl but with modern sensibilites.

Cover of The 384th Incarnation of Bigby's Tomb
The 384th Incarnation of Bigby's Tomb
Levels 15–25
10 pages

You possess a map to the tomb of the cursed archmage Bigby. Legend has it that the dungeon itself changes, altered by a powerful artifact and changed each time the tomb is entered. Some tales say that Bigby is trapped in magical stasis seeking something to prolong his life. All agree that great treasure and magic lie within if you are brave enough to face the hazards.

Cover of DDAL05-07 Chelimber's Descent
DDAL05-07 Chelimber's Descent
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
33 pages

Deep in the Marsh of Chelimber lie the ruins of a great wizard’s tower. SEER has received intelligence, which she imparts via her emissary Hsing, that deep beneath the marsh in the remains of an old tower is knowledge of older magics. This could be just what Parnast needs to resist the onslaught of Bad Fruul and his armies!

Cover of Ashes of Evensong
Ashes of Evensong
5th Edition
Levels 11–13
50 pages

They say the legendary Ashes of Evensong have been found! In the year 689 DR, the song dragon Evensong was incinerated by Kallurous, a red dragon. In the wake of her death, Evensong’s ashes were gathered into a hundred urns by members of the Harpers. Originally intended as mere relics, the urns fell out of the Harpers’ possession when the caravan transporting them was ambushed. They were thereafter lost to history. Three months ago, stories began to circulate that at least one of the urns has been found. An artificer from the city of Elskar claims to have acquired some of Evensong’s ashes. According to his story the ashes are more potently magical than even residuum, created as they were from the mortal remains of a powerful magical creature burned to ash in the fires of an even more powerful dragon’s breath. This tale is dismissed by most, but certain factions and private interests aren’t willing to reject the possibility without investigation. If true, the artificer may be in possession of a highly dangerous and unfathomably valuable substance. More importantly, he may be in possession of the knowledge of where it came from, and the secret of what happened to the Ashes of Evensong all those centuries ago. In search of the truth behind a rumour that some of the Ashes of Evensong have been found, the player characters find that the Ashes are ultimately incidental to a far more worrying development. The trail of the Ashes leads them to the discovery of a fiend pact warlock operating among the ruling class of the city, a vault of forbidden magics the secrets of which have been breached, and a diabolic artefact about to be reclaimed in the name of a Duchess of Hell. With a focus on investigation, puzzles, and dangerous traps, Ashes of Evensong rewards players for caution and cleverness. Published by Spilled Ale Studios

Cover of The Maze of Zayene M1 - Prisoners of the Maze
The Maze of Zayene M1 - Prisoners of the Maze
3.5 Edition
Levels 8–12
60 pages

To Kill A King Death to King Ovar the tyrant! Life to law and order! Four characters are charged with a mission so insane, so daring, that terming it an assassination does not do it justice. Are the four volunteers who would lay low King Ovar killers or heroes? If murderers, how are they better than the madman theyre assigned to kill? And even if they are mere assassins, are they determined enough to overcome the Maze of Zayene? Snared in the Wizards Web

Cover of Nemesis
Levels 9–12
27 pages

A Planescape adventure for 4-7 PCs of levels 9-12 (about 60 total levels). While the module begins in the planar city of Sigil, most of the action takes place in Vudra, a layer of the Abyss. The PCs start in Sigil, tasked to find a vanished brother, and the trail leads to Vudra where the layers demonic ruler gathers magical blades for a terrible vengeance plot. Pgs. 32-58

Cover of Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad
Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad
Levels 6–9
48 pages

Lost Tombs, Volume 2 The lich Lyzandred: a madman, an undead archmage, a survivor of the twin cataclysms that destroyed tow great empires. His name invokes fear in the hears of the smallest children, the bravest warriors, and the wisest sages. Like a malicious cat, the lich toys with all who stumble into his maze, tormenting them with strange puzzles and obscure riddles, monsters and demons, weird traps and dangerous magics. All who enter the crypt of Lyzandred find themselves scarred with his rune, proof of their visit -- and their folly. But there is a method to the madness of Lyzandred, a purpose to his twisted games. If you're lucky, you might even live to learn about it. The Lost Tombs series begins with Star Cairns (Volume 1) and concludes with The Doomgrinder (Volume 3). Each adventure is playable separately, or they can be linked to form an epic-length story. TSR 9580

Cover of CCC-TRI-15 The Dark of the Hive (Part Four of the Yulash Series)
CCC-TRI-15 The Dark of the Hive (Part Four of the Yulash Series)
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
47 pages

Strange events are occurring near the town of Yûlash—ground tremors originating from an old mind flayer hive. Our heroes are asked to investigate the old hive and determine the cause of the seismic activity, but another pressing matter is revealed to them, too. This Adventurers League legal adventure set in a small town near Yûlash. This module first premiered at TotalCon 2018. Contents include: PDF of the adventure PDF of the Adventurer’s League certificate High resolution maps

Cover of Cairn of the Winter King
Cairn of the Winter King
4th Edition
Level 4
31 pages

The characters arrive in Fallcrest just as a blizzard starts from the gloomy black clouds. the villagers gather to discuss how to survive the untimely and unusual blizzard. Suddenly between the roar of the wind and thunder, a ship descends filled with undead with one message: Return the ice scepter!. Afterwards, the characters must decide, find and return this relic to the Winter King, or bluff and plan to dethrone him. As they reach the tops of the mountains, possibly injured, the whole of the Winter King's inner domain stands before them. If they fail, winter will claim the Nentir Vale forever. Group of 4-6 players.

Cover of Curse of the Gumdrop Ooze
Curse of the Gumdrop Ooze
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
6 pages

An adventure site for 3-5 characters of levels 3-4. Featuring two new monsters from the forthcoming guide, The Hag's Hexes! Seven fully developed encounter areas! It's National Gumdrop Day on February 15th, and the forthcoming release entitled THE HAG'S HEXES has a candy hag and its candy-coated minions, so we're releasing this exclusive, seven-encounter adventure site featuring two new monsters -- the enticing Gumdrop Ooze and the cursed Crul -- to celebrate!