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Cover of The Grey Citadel
The Grey Citadel
3rd Edition
Level 5
112 pages

The whispered worries grow more fanciful and terrifying by the day... where has the loremistress gone?... what's wrong with the master smith?... who-or what-stalks the marketplace?... The questions need answers, and heroes are needed to do the asking! But the only thing worse than what hunts the mist-shrouded streets is what lies beneath them... Adventure in Dun Eamon: Demons roam the streets of the city of Dun Eamon, criminals rule the night and an important local power figure has gone missing. Can your heroes unravel the clues that lead through every social element of the city, into the hearts of its inhabitants and far below its streets in search of answers? Or are some mysteries better left unsolved? Uncover An Artifact: The Grey Citadel is a mini-campaign of urban detective work and dungeon exploration designed for four or more characters of 5th level. Set in a rain-soaked, rough-and-tumble frontier city, The Grey Citadel offers numerous colorful NPCs, a richly unique location, new monsters and magic items plus enough plot twists to provide hours of role-playing and door-kicking adventure where your wits must be as sharp as your swords!" This adventures mixes dungeon crawl with city investigation, keyed encounters and timed encounters.

Cover of NC3 - Oppressor of the North
NC3 - Oppressor of the North
5th Edition
Levels 6–9
20 pages

Your players have ventured so far north that they are within reach of the last vestiges of humanity. You are weary from your travels and decide that a respite in Gregat, City of the Shrine. The area is also home to several other spots of interest that you may go to since you are in the region. This ‘sandbox’ style offers several adventures for your players but beware, they are just as deadly as any dungeon delve!

Cover of An Introduction to D&D -- The Wealthy Merchant
An Introduction to D&D -- The Wealthy Merchant
5th Edition
Level 0
8 pages

This campaign was created as a response to comments from some friends of mine. Though they were avid board game players, they didn’t want to try D&D because it seemed like too much of a time commitment with too many rules to learn before getting started. This campaign uses stripped down characters and a simple campaign, and was made to give them a chance to try it for half an hour on a regular board games night. I’m putting it online in the hopes that other people can do the same with it and expand the community. Inspired by /u/plaintreality of Reddit.

Cover of The Maze Beneath the Maize
The Maze Beneath the Maize
5th Edition
Levels 5–6
23 pages

The Therayle farm, which has been in the family for generations, was the best producing in the region. It now faces ruin. Hugh Therayle, the current owner, is at wit's end trying to reestablish even a modicum of control over the disrupted land. But, when Hugh saw the ancient doorway jutting up from the middle of the field where his corn used to be, he knew that this wasn't the type of problem a plow could solve. More than two centuries ago, a red wizard by the name of Houn made a discovery that shook the foundations of magic on Toril. Yet, due to a considerable amount of effort on his part, it never saw the light of day. The exact nature of this discovery is unknown but it involves the location of the skeletal fragments of an ancient being. The weave, which governs all magic on Toril, reacts strangely to the fragments. More information existed before Houn destroyed his research and fled Thay. His current whereabouts are unknown but many of his peers have attempted to track him down and steal his research for themselves.

Cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #55: The Wormwood Mutiny (Skull & Shackles 1 of 6)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #55: The Wormwood Mutiny (Skull & Shackles 1 of 6)
Level 1
92 pages

The Wormwood Mutiny is the first in the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path by Paizo. The adventurers wake to find themselves press-ganged into the crew of the pirate ship Wormwood, the vessel of the nefarious Captain Barnabus Harrigan. They'll have to learn how to survive as pirates if they're to have any hope of weathering rough waves, brutal crew members, enemy pirates, ravenous beasts, and worse. But when fortune turns to their favor, it's up to the new crew to decide whether they'll remain the pirate's swabs or seize control and set sail for adventures all their own.

Cover of MHI - 4 The Mutiny and The Bounty
MHI - 4 The Mutiny and The Bounty
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
11 pages

Chasing pirates can be a dicey business especially with an ocean storm bearing down upon you. As you give chase to Captain Longstockings and her crippled ship, she wanders into a cove...TRAPPED! This criminal cleanup is almost complete...

Cover of DDEX02-10 Cloaks and Shadows
DDEX02-10 Cloaks and Shadows
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
47 pages

The Cloaks of Mulmaster have taken an interest in your progress, and may be looking to sponsor adventurers for future work. You’ve been offered an interview with one of their ranking members at the Theater of the Stars, but you never know what to expect in the City of Danger. A four-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters.

Cover of Raiders of the Lost Oasis
Raiders of the Lost Oasis
5th Edition
Level 4
28 pages

Captured! While trekking across a trackless wasteland, your stalwart band has fallen into the clutches of a nefarious gang of desert raiders. Imprisoned in a subterranean chamber, you are bereft of all of your equipment and magic items, save for a few tattered loincloths. But as chance would have it, an opportunity to escape the cell presents itself. To escape, you must head deeper into an ancient sealed tomb, armed with nothing but your wits and anything you can find along the way. Getting to the surface is just one of many challenges, as you still need to recover your precious equipment, and flee the Lost Oasis, which is surrounded by an inhospitable sea of solid glass!

Cover of OP14 - Mission from Mars
OP14 - Mission from Mars
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
2 pages

An older man named Mars Barz approaches you and your associate as you wander the small town of Senja. He is a local alchemist and purveyor of elixirs and has a delivery mission he needs fulfilled. You’ve got time to kill…why not!

Cover of There Is No Honor
There Is No Honor
3.5 Edition
Levels 1–3
33 pages

The first savage tide has already touched the mortal world, yet none who live today recall this time of red ruin. Unleashed from the cruel heart of a fell seed known as a shadow pearl, this savage tide swept over an ancient city perched atop the crown of a remote island. The tide transformed beggar and noble, merchant and thief, resident and visitor into feral, ravenous fiends. The fruits of centuries of labor came crumbling down in a matter of days, and when the survivors tried to stem the tide by destroying the pearl, the resulting blast of power sunk their city into the boiling lake of death. Through it all, the Abyssal architect of the savage tide watched, taking pride in the ruin. When the tide's final ripples had faded, what was left became known as the Isle of Dread. Now, after a thousand years, the true masters of the Isle of Dread look upon new targets, new cities beyond the horizon, compelled by the hateful will of their demonic lord Demogorgon to prepare for the coming glory. This time, the doom will not be limited to one hapless city. This time, all of civilization waits unknowing on the shore, blissfully ignorant of what the incoming tide brings in. "There Is No Honor" is the first chapter of the Savage Tide Adventure Path, a complete campaign consisting of 12 adventures that will appear in the next twelve issues of Dungeon. For additional aid in running this campaign, check out Dragon's monthly "Savage Tidings" articles, a series that helps players and DMs prepare for and expand upon the campaign. Issue #348 of Dragon kicks off this series with details on six affiliations based in Sasserine that your players may wish to join. And if you're running Savage Tides in the Forgotten Realms or Eberron, make sure to check paizo.com for the latest conversion notes for each adventure. The Savage Tide Adventure Path debuts as a new band of heroes confronts exotic monsters, undead pirates, and a sinister guild of thieves on the cusp of unleashing a murderous coup. Pgs. 14-46

Cover of The Night Comes Down
The Night Comes Down
5th Edition
Level 6
26 pages

Deacon Manor used to be a friendly and welcoming place. Often hosting nobles from far and wide as well as supporting the local community of Fettercairn. However, since the return of Lady May, and the unfortunate death of her parents, things have changed. Very few people visit now and those that do never return... Published by Fortiter Games.

Cover of Rise of the Druid's Curse
Rise of the Druid's Curse
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
24 pages

Your investigations into weird occurrences in Waterdeep's Field Ward leads you to the source of a disease that suddenly breaks out. You are the only ones who know of the cure, but you won't be able to procure it if you remained quarantined like the rest of the ward. The clock is ticking for you and your allies.

Cover of OA1 Swords of the Daimyo
OA1 Swords of the Daimyo
Levels 1–6
64 pages

From the log of the Leaping Dolphin: "110th Day: The gale nae stops for twa days. My ship is driven before it and the magus is as helpless as a wee babe. Akito names the winds tai-fun in his heathen tongue...." Drawn by the lure of aventure and riches, a crew of seamen sails valiantly into uncharted seas. In the squalid dens of the port districts, tales hint at a land of untold riches across the waves. But getting there is only the beginning. Across the waters lie Kozakura, a land of mystery and danger. There you will discover new cultures, strange values, secret powers, and fabulous terrors. For Kozakura is a land of Oriental Adventures. Swords of the Daimyo is the first module designed for use with the AD&D Oriental Adventures rule book. Swords of the Daimyo includes descriptions and maps of the island of Kozakura, detailed information and maps of Miyami Province of Kozakura, and a series of adventures to introduce old and new player characters to the intrigue of the Orient. This adventure book set contains three adventures: Over the Waves We Will Go Riders of the Black Temple Lord of the Black Temple TSR 9164

Cover of ROS4 Secrets of the Wildlands
ROS4 Secrets of the Wildlands
Levels 6–9
36 pages

Chaos reigns outside Roslof Keep, and the spread of the violet corruption runs deep within Mithelvarn's Dungeon. Now, the Company of the Ivory Scimitar must not only face the challenges of the Roslof delve, but will also find the dangers of the Kelmalin Wildlands must be overcome as well if they are ever to get to the bottom of the deadly plague that ravages the land. Time is running out, and only those brave enough will be able to face the horrors of the Glade of the Burning Dead and the dark recesses of The Hill. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules. Also available in PDF.

Cover of Eye of Flame
Eye of Flame
4th Edition
Level 16
6 pages

Days ago, a portal to the Elemental Chaos appeared near the PCs’ home city. Since then, it has grown into an enormous sinkhole that periodically belches fire and brimstone. The rip in reality threatens to overwhelm settlements and a nearby river unless someone ventures through and closes it from the other side. Pgs. 102-107

Cover of FO6 - Conquest of Ironrod Tower
FO6 - Conquest of Ironrod Tower
Levels 2–4
15 pages

The local nobles of the region have sent word to your group requesting a meeting. Later that day you find the Black Raven roadside tavern and are met at the door. After being escorted to a back room which has seen its share of shady dealings you are propositioned with an offer to investigate and depose a set of local nobles who are brothers. Rumor has it that the Ironrod brothers, who have been overtaxing the citizens, have now employed humanoids as guards. This is forbidden and if true, the brothers need to be brought to justice immediately!

Cover of Proudfoot's Trials
Proudfoot's Trials
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
14 pages

"Proudfoot’s Trials“ is a D&D5e one shot adventure for 3 to 6 players on level 1-3. The playing time is about 3-6 hours. It is an adventure for beginners, so it contains a few tips for the DM on how to handle various situations. The adventure also offers: - Social interaction - Wilderness challenge - Combat encounters - Traps - Riddles - Adjustment suggestions for higher levels - Sketches - City map "Proudfoot’s Trials“ can also be adapted into an established group and campaign. It provides a varied, but not too complicated plot and can be used to create an enjoyable evening for your group.

Cover of 1 on 1 Adventures #8: Blood Brothers
1 on 1 Adventures #8: Blood Brothers
Levels 7–9
21 pages

The Brotherhood is a league of paladins dedicated to truth, justice, and the defense of the kingdom. The guard the borders. Recently, one of the more remote Brotherhood outposts has reported that one of their patrols did not return. The PC must investigate, and determine what has become of the missing paladins.

Cover of Die Vecna Die
Die Vecna Die
Levels 10–13
160 pages

The End of the World Is at Hand! A hideous death cult has seized control of an ancient artifact-monument known as Tovag Baragu. The power behind the cult is the Old One himself, Iuz the Evil, demonic master of an empire. He's on an all-or-nothing quest for supremacy over the world—and the heavens beyond. To stop him, heroes must face horrors never dreamed of, journeying to a shadowed city where Death rules and the living cower. Here, Iuz will achieve his mad dream by destroying the imprisoned master of that alien citadel: Vecna, the mightiest lich, an immortal demigod. Two items exist with the power to stop Iuz—the Eye and the Hand of Vecna—but using them carries fantastic risks. Not even the gods know what will be unleashed when these items are fully activated. Die Vecna Die! takes the heroes from the Greyhawk campaign to the demiplane of Ravenloft and then to the Planescape city of Sigil. However, none of the material from those settings is required for play. TSR 11662

Cover of Doors to the Unknown
Doors to the Unknown
Levels 2–10
63 pages

Four doors of mystery appear in the Cage. They lead to four adventures, if a basher has the dark of them. "These aren't doors in the traditional sense, cutter, but they're portals just the same. They appear for a short time every 500 years, popping up in different parts of Sigil. Each hides a mystery that's waiting to be solved, and together they just might hold the key to a secret of the multiverse. All a body's got to do is tumble to the right keys, open the doors, and face down the Unknown." - Estavan, merchant lord Doors to the Unknown is a collection of four Planescape adventures that can be played separately or as a mini-campaign. When four doors appear in the Cage, the barmies crawl out of the shadows, and the heroes get drawn into events that could have consequences for the entire multiverse. Each door leads to a different plane and a different deadly challenge for the player characters. Together they offer a way to stop an ancient menace before it strikes again.