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Cover of The Song Pharaoh's Coda
The Song Pharaoh's Coda
Levels 9–10
37 pages

The PCs are called on to assist in retrieving the legendary Scrolls of Thoth on behalf of Khemet III, the Ruby Prince of Osirion. Along the way, they discover the ultimate fate of the ancient Song Pharoah -- and potentially assist her in her journey through the Duat, the final series of tests that a Pharaoh must face in the afterlife. It was designed as a one-shot lasting approximately 5-6 hours, but could be run as a side-quest in the Mummy's Mask adventure path. See the site for notes on adjustments to make if you are using it in that way. It includes maps, handouts, stat blocks for all of the NPCs, and Hero Lab files for Hero Lab users. Because the adventure is born digital, the page count is a rough estimate based on print previewing the pages in the site. There is no source of a printed copy other than printing one yourself (which you are welcome to do). This adventure has not been published, and is made available under the terms of the Paizo Community Use License.

Cover of The Stoneheart Ruin
The Stoneheart Ruin
5th Edition
Levels 2–4
16 pages

What elder evils lurk in the depths of the freezing mountain ruins? Find out in The Stoneheart Ruin! The adventure features: An adventure set in a desolate, wintry mountain landscape. 16 pages full of intrigue and mystery, containing full color maps, plus 2 unique monster stat blocks. Provides a great introduction to Mind Flayer lore and mythos for Tier 1 players. Can easily be set in the Spine of the World for use in Rime of the Frostmaiden. Let your characters test their mettle as they climb and face the ancient dangers lurking in the cracks of The Stoneheart Ruin! “I have no explanation for any of these finds. We heard disturbing noises coming from further within the mountain; thunderous and growling.” Excerpt from a pamphlet, signed: “Koralia Meadring, Anthropologist Extraordinaire” Koralia needs you to investigate her most recent discovery: a ruined cavern deep in the mountains. Her small team of academics did a cursory walk-through and think they've found a big breakthrough! However, they left in a hurry after being frightened by the horrors they heard coming from deeper in the mountain. They escaped and found one of their team was missing - a goliath named Marek. You must climb the mountains and locate the ruin, make certain that it is safe for study by Koralia’s team, and if possible, find and rescue Marek, whose fate is uncertain. Made during the November 2020 RPG Writer's Workshop.

Cover of Broodmother Skyfortress
Broodmother Skyfortress
173 pages

(2017 ENNIE Awards Judges' Spotlight Winner!) THE MOST AWESOME ADVENTURE EVER Since the invention of the adventure module, there have only been five adventures that were rated the most awesome, the most epic. Broodmother Sky Fortress leaves them all behind. It’s got these creatures that are half shark. Half elephant. All badass. They fly around in this cloud fortress, wrecking everything in the campaign until the players step up to stop them. It’s all terribly exciting! And all brought to you by none other than the world-famous Arch-Mage of Old-School, Jeff Rients! As an added bonus, we’ve included a Greatest Hits of the ol’ Arch-Mage’s essays and game tools to build your campaign into the unstoppable juggernaut you’ve always wanted it to be. Your game won’t suck anymore! Broodmother SkyFortress: Buying any other adventure is just throwing your money away (includes "3.PF" edition stats by Jukka Särkijärvi because somebody somehow convinced me that would be a good idea back when this thing was being crowdfunded) Writing by Jeff Rients Art by Ian MacLean Graphic Design by Alex Mayo Cartography by Jez Gordon

Cover of CCC-SALT-01-03 Broken Halls of Goldahroud
CCC-SALT-01-03 Broken Halls of Goldahroud
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
28 pages

Beneath the moorlands of Thar, hidden from all for centuries, lies the Broken Halls of Goldahroud. It seems to have been inhabited until recently as the blood marks on the walls are only a few weeks old. What mysteries lie beyond the doorway from the Tomb of Kered? Fear of the markings have forced the SALT Consortium to turn again to hiring adventurers to face what horrors await them in the Broken Halls of Goldahroud.

Cover of The Temple of Tesh-Yatra; or, The Modern Funhouse Dungeon
The Temple of Tesh-Yatra; or, The Modern Funhouse Dungeon
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
14 pages

The Temple of Tesh-Yatra is a setting-neutral dungeon delve for a party of 6th level adventurers, inspired by the classic funhouse dungeons of yesteryear. The dungeon takes 6-10 hours to fully explore. It features a high proportion of non-combat encounters: puzzles, exploration, and the occasional deadly centrifuge. The ungodly fusion of a mad scientist’s lab and a planar temple, the dungeon includes an encounter that can launch your players into the Nine Hells – for a price... The Temple of Tesh-Yatra includes two new constructs to use in your game: the sinister Maimers, and the enigmatic Skorverra; as well as a new magic item: the Amulet of Tesh-Yatra, an artisan’s dream! The Temple of Tesh-Yatra also comes with a VTT battlemap (transparent PNG format). The Temple of Tesh-Yatra was originally set in the Outlands, as an extraplanar dungeon. But given its self-contained nature and the Temple's age, it is well-suited to any wildnerness, and would work equally well seeding a hex crawl.

Cover of Orange and Black
Orange and Black
Levels 1–3
6 pages

Tyger, tyger... A search for a small child in the woods outside of the town of Launise, a case of mistaken intentions, and the despoiled ruins of a forgotten goddess of magic. Cursed is the beast that stalks the Black Forest in... Orange and Black! Pgs. 66-71

Cover of M1: Gallery of the Hate Blossom
M1: Gallery of the Hate Blossom
4th Edition
Level 14
5 pages

A half-marilith, half-medusa druidess lich known as the Hate Blossom lairs in this dungeon, having been run out of mortal society and shunned by demonkind. She possesses the petrified-yet-still-living body of Melenkir, the first human arch-mage and the single creature to remember a ritual that may save the realm from an extraplanar threat. Only slaying Hate Blossom or convincing her to lift the curse will revive Melenkir. Published by Defy Danger and Save Verses Death

Cover of Guesting at Artifice Manor
Guesting at Artifice Manor
5th Edition
Levels 8–10
56 pages

A genius inventor - Anthony Karstark, founder of the "Karstark Inventions", has recently reached a new level of reclusiveness, when he stopped showing up at his company events. A concerned friend and employee, Holly Amberfell, hires an adventuring party, to figure out what happened to him. As adventurers enter and explore the quarantined manor of the great inventor, they have to deal with his mechanic inventions, figure out minor mysteries of past and present, and finally - face Anthony himself, changed by a strange disease into a Slaad-spawn. Guesting at Artifice Manor is an 8-10 hours long mystery and exploration adventure, that should roughly take two playing sessions (or can be squished into one - suggestions on how to do it are inside the book!). It is optimized for 4 to 5 characters of 8-10 levels. This adventure can be used to kick-off a campaign, exploring the origins and history of Slaads.

Cover of PL5 - Phoenix Island
PL5 - Phoenix Island
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
22 pages

After carving out quite the reputation, you and your associates have been summoned to meet with the local regent. As you wait in the audience chamber you notice that the furnishings appear to be in the middle of an upgrade. After being introduced to the slovenly king, his vizier explains the task ahead of you. Apparently the monarch wants to decorate his throne room and wants a Giant Ape as the showpiece. As luck would have it, rumors point to a nearby island in the Jarteach Mere…

Cover of Pathfinder Society Scenario #17: Perils of the Pirate Pact
Pathfinder Society Scenario #17: Perils of the Pirate Pact
3.5 Edition
Levels 1–7
20 pages

When the Black Marquis lost all of the men he could trust on a failed treasure hunt, he did the only thing he could: turned to the Pathfinder Society for help. Offering an ancient lost text in return for assistance, the Black Marquis of Deadbridge sends you deep into the spider-haunted Echo Wood of the River Kingdoms to track down his missing pirates and recover an ancient treasure for the Society. You'll face brigands, pirates, spiders and more—but will you survive the perils of the Pirate Pact?

Cover of Plague of Paucity
Plague of Paucity
Level 2
35 pages

The mountainous lands of the Last Kingdom have long been home to dangerous oni and their foul servitors and kin, but the unification of the Saigoto under the enlightened rulership of the Five Truths has sent them scurrying back into darkness. For years since, they have kept the land shielded from harm. Yet even the great soldiers garrisoned across the Kingdom’s shores and roads cannot stop dissent from boiling up in the shadows. Not everyone embraces the edicts of the land—and while patient teachers, even the Five Truths have their limits. As growing numbers of lastfolk begin to question the traditions of the Last Kingdom, forces far more sinister, preying on the curiosities of mortals, have begun to emerge into the light... Can the PCs discover and end a treacherous plot that threatens to destroy the relative peace of the Last Kingdom?

Cover of The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure
The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure
Levels 4–6
133 pages

The Bleeding Hollow was written as a tribute to the golden era of adventures. Danger lurks around every turn, and a great over-arching storyline ties everything together. There is much to discover and learn, and solving the woes of the adventure is entirely up to the players. They will choose how to deal with the myriad challenges put forth, and will probably run down a red herring or two. They might choose a very dangerous path unknowingly and pay the consequences fortheir actions. That is intended. Let the story lead your party, and your players lead the game. You won’t regret it. Published by Total Party Kill Games

Cover of CCC-BMG-06 CORE 2-3 Edicts of Neutrality
CCC-BMG-06 CORE 2-3 Edicts of Neutrality
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
27 pages

With land trade threatened, the city of Melvaunt is relying on sea trade to get goods into and out of the city. An island rises out of the Moonsea just outside of Melvaunt Harbor, and initial exploration indicates the island is a threat. The origins and nature of the island must be ascertained before trade is shut down completely. The characters explore a mysterious island and help 'living souls' disrupt a ritual being performed by cultists of Cyric. Part Three of the Misaligned Trilogy

Cover of Floating Rock
Floating Rock
Levels 5–9
3 pages

While travelling across the ocean by ship, the party is attacked at night by by the infamous Floating Rock bugbears. What makes this band of pirates unique is their lair: they live on the shell of a gargantuan sleeping sea turtle as it drifts around in the ocean current. Pgs. 24-26

Cover of Monument of the Thunderer
Monument of the Thunderer
5th Edition
Level 7
2 pages

"Monument of the Thunderer" is a desert half-dragon lair intended to challenge a party of four 7th-level characters. Near the city state of Makuria, on a small island in the middle of the Green Nuria River, an immense stone sculpture of a dragon watches over the mighty Red Cliffs and the waterfall that pours off them. The monument was built by ancient worshipers of the Mharoti conqueror known as Zulatil the Thunderer, but now serves as a base of operations for a band of sinister thugs who call themselves the Red Cliff Raiders.

Cover of The Cycle of Cerberus
The Cycle of Cerberus
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
50 pages

Inspired by the 12 Labors of Hercules in Greek mythology, this adaptation incorporates the classic quests, monsters, and motifs of ancient myth while injecting our interpretation of the personality and flavour of the world's greatest roleplaying game. As a result, though those familiar with the original myth may recognize key similarities in this adventure, it has been designed with the goal of re-formatting and reframing these heroic tasks in a new light, suitable for an entire mini-campaign fit for a whole group of brave and heroic adventurers. Use the Village of Kalogeros to incorporate each labor into a long running quest, or take bits and pieces and re-flavor them as necessary to fit your game. The choice is yours. Either way, we hope you enjoy.

Cover of DDA3 Eye of Traldar
DDA3 Eye of Traldar
Levels 1–2
32 pages

Powerful Magics are Loose in Karameikos! You and your companions are starting on your first adventure and you've been swept into the intrigues surrounding the infamous Black Eagle Barony. To prevent the evil Baron von Hendricks from gaining more power, you and your cmpanions must retrieve the magical Eye of Traldar from the wizard's tower at Fort Doom. Can you escapes the clutches of the armed garrison? Will the Baron gain the powerful artifact and use it for evil? You and your friends make the choices and affect the entire Grand Duchy of Karameikos. This module is particularly recommended for novice Dungon Masters and players who want to try their hand at overland adventuring. Recommended for four to six characters, levels 1-2 Handouts and pregenerated characters provided Suitable for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Game box and conventional D&D Game rules Features simple rules on outdoors travelling for exclusive players of the D&D Game box Adventure in the monster-filled caverns and dungeons beneath Fort Doom. TSR 9271

Cover of DDAL00-05 Winter's Splendor
DDAL00-05 Winter's Splendor
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
26 pages

The players are invited to a Winter Gala in Waterdeep. After a guest is killed, investigations ensue to the fiendish nature of the home that the gala took place in. There are shopping opportunities on the way in.

Cover of In the Heart of the Forest
In the Heart of the Forest
5th Edition
Levels 4–7
18 pages

An atmospheric one-shot adventure set in a dark forest for one-on-one or parties of level 5 or 6. There are two new sidekick classes, NPCs, and leveling tables included with handouts for your player! In this adventure, the characters gather information in the small village of Redvale on the outskirts of the Blackwoods Forest. They go into the forest in search of Adelle, a druid whose other eleven Circle members have disappeared within the last year. Inside the forest, they discover several undead beings, including a wood woad, who guides them to Adelle. She and her Circle learned a year before of a sorceress’s plan to extend her power beyond the forest, a death sentence for the village of Redvale and the lands beyond. Adelle is the last one left. Adelle is suspicious of the party at first, but she might help them get to the center of the forest to investigate the dark sorceress and try to put a stop to her destructive plans. This adventure sets a mysterious woodland ambiance that lends itself to an immersive one-shot experience! This Adventure Includes: -Full one-shot adventure for levels 5 or 6 -Two sidekick characters (or DMPCs) with handouts for your player -Two new sidekick classes and unique leveling tables: the archer and the Circle of the Phoenix druid -Mechanics for running a sidekick -Beautiful art -Well-rounded NPCs -Two custom NPC stat blocks -A new custom creature and -Two custom magical items

Cover of House of Reeds and Whispers
House of Reeds and Whispers
5th Edition
Level 8
4 pages

"House of Reeds and Whispers" is the lair of a pair of red hags, suitable for four characters of 8th level. This adventure can be completed in one session. Two red hag sisters recently exsanguinated an eccentric collector named Nahl Fry and took up residence in his swamp-side home. Liori and Ijith were seeking an artifact from the ancient city of Talitheos, the sunken stronghold of the red hags. They found the artifact, a pair of knitting needles made from blood-infused coral. in Nahl Fry's collection. The sisters yearn to understand how the artifact works, and so they are testing its dark powers against a nearby hamlet. They have knitted rapidly growing crimson reeds that funnel the blood of fauna and farm animals back to the house. The hamlet's leader, Galnas, hires the PC's to investigate. The party must press through the reeds, defeat the sisters' guardians, face the hags, and end the reedy infestation.