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Cover of FV10 - Stronghold of the Venomous Wyrm
FV10 - Stronghold of the Venomous Wyrm
5th Edition
Levels 8–10
22 pages

Sightings of a large Green Dragon have become more and more frequent and the shipping lanes are becoming regular targets. The duke has sent a military contingent but no word has come from that group. Is your party ready to lend a hand against an extremely dangerous foe?

Cover of A3-Champion's Rest
A3-Champion's Rest
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
? pages

The Loi’Tok burial mound of the Vikmordere was abandoned long ago. The party is hired by the mayor of the local town to locate some soldiers who went missing after entering Loi’Tok. Strangely enough no sign of the soldiers can be found within the burial site aside from a few scattered weapons and pools of blood. Before the party has time to investigate, Vikmordere barbarians show up searching for a group of their own missing kinsmen. Will the two groups blame each other or join forces to solve the mystery surrounding the recent disappearances?

Cover of Jakandor, Land of Legend
Jakandor, Land of Legend
Levels 2–7
144 pages

The battle for Jakandor is joined as two cultures clash - fierce barbarians and powerful wizards who both believe their destiny is to destroy the other! In such struggles legends are forged! Jakandor, Land of Legend brings the epic struggle of the Jakandor ODYSSEY trilogy to its startling climax. The Knorr and the Charonti are embroiled in a blood feud to claim ownership of their island home: Here are the legendary battles that will either unite two nations or destroy them. This product presents an anthology of adventures and the tools to run an exciting campaign in this land of feuding barbarians and wizards. Additional sites, details of Jakandor's wilderness, and expanded random encounter charts are part of the package. A full-color map features the first true view of the island, combining the Knorr east with the Charonti west. The adventures, adaptable to either society, allow players to explore both the Knorrman and the Charonti cultures. Included is a scenario to help DMs add Jakandor to their existing AD&D campaigns, as well as a large adventure that explores an extensive underground ruin. Finally, rules are presented for battles between the gigantic magical constructs of both cultures. Contains 7 adventures: Island of Fire, Island of Death Vengeance at the Great Drum Amid the Ruins Siege of the Magelord Home Again, Home Menu for Adventure When Titans Clash TSR 09472, From 1998

Cover of DDEX03-05 Bane of the Tradeways
DDEX03-05 Bane of the Tradeways
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
30 pages

Times are hard in the Hillsfar countryside, especially for those of non-human ancestry. Unscrupulous merchants in league with the hated Red Plumes bleed local farmers and artisans dry. Perhaps some of those loot-laden caravans coming and going from Hillsfar could use a bit of liberation? A four-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters.

Cover of NC8 - Usurper to the Throne
NC8 - Usurper to the Throne
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
23 pages

Your previous adventures on in Denali has raised some questions about the ruling body. After an assassination attempt and the recovery of a note, the PCs are led east out of the city. Will their trip to the eastern lands fill in the blanks or end in disaster? If successful their fears may be realized or unfounded…

Cover of DDAL07-18 Turn Back the Endless Night
DDAL07-18 Turn Back the Endless Night
5th Edition
Levels 17–20
41 pages

Your foe seeks to unlock the Iron Door beneath the Peaks of Flame and open the way for the Eater of the World. You must find your way through the maze of tunnels and stop them, or it will be the end of all things. Part Four of the Broken Chains Series.

Cover of Serpent Isle
Serpent Isle
5th Edition
Levels 1–8
68 pages

The Full Campaign - Updated for 2020! On Shadowed Shores In a land few have heard of, and fewer still have visited, lies untold adventure, treasure and fame. The renowned Captain Farsail has sent out word that she will undertake an expedition to Serpent Isle, but is in need of a crew. Anyone able to hold a sword or cast a spell is welcome, but be warned, the island is as deadly as it is beautiful.

Cover of Heart of Stone - A Tome of Foes Adventure
Heart of Stone - A Tome of Foes Adventure
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
12 pages

Something strange lurks within the stony confines of an abandoned wizard’s tower. The sole surviving member of a forlorn adventuring party is desperate to find out what happened to his friends and is willing to provide a generous reward to anybody willing to launch a second expedition. Will the heroes uncover the secrets of the tower, or will they also disappear into the darkness?

Cover of AS2 - Vibrations from the Sea
AS2 - Vibrations from the Sea
5th Edition
Levels 8–12
21 pages

This adventure picks up where AS1 – Artifact of Gegios left off. You return to the city of Gegios to divide treasure and determine what the strange wand is. Your return trip may have given you a clue in that travel to the east causes it to vibrate less while moving in a western direction causes it to shake more. What is the significance of this anomaly? Is your party ready to find out? Bring your water wings folks you’re probably going for a swim!

Cover of Dusk Tower
Dusk Tower
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
19 pages

A mystery scenario involving exploration of a drow archmage's tower while trying to solve the mystery of his involvement to the latest rumors of kidnapings in the nearby town. Benevolent academic or vile predator? The good people of Fern do not seem to agree these days about the nature of the owner of the iconic Dusk Tower. With a supporting cast that includes an innkeeping druid, a scorned sculptor, a belittled apprentice, an invisible butler, and a mysterious tower basement the heroes are sure to have their hands full. Can they uncover the secrets of Dusk Tower before it is too late?

Cover of Last Christmas
Last Christmas
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
66 pages

This Christmas, Santa Claus must die! Adopt the role of one of history’s iconic Christmas villains and raid Santa’s North Pole base in order to destroy Santa’s corrupted form. Due to Grinch’s machinations, Santa’s jovial form has been corrupted and he’s called off his annual gift-giving journey. Now, the Spirit of Christmas gives Grinch an ultimatum: he must assemble a team of other famous villains, infiltrate the North Pole base and destroy the corrupted Santa Claus so he can be reborn and deliver presents. The team will have to navigate environmental hazards, deal with four factions of Santa’s elves and finally battle the Man in Red himself. However, each team member has their own secret agenda to complete … and time is running out!

Cover of The Fiddler's Lament
The Fiddler's Lament
Levels 1–3
13 pages

Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, it's true, but some music truly is the devil's music. This dark fantasy adventure is designed for characters beginning a gothic-themed Adventure Path campaign. An orphan raised by gypsies, now full-grown but still lost and alone, must face once more the tragic curse that destroyed her past. Will her darkling music bring ruin to the village she now calls her home? The adventure can help PCs gain additional experience and much-needed trust with the townsfolk even as they unravel the mystery of the haunted prison overlooking the town.

Cover of Gate of the Lens Wizards
Gate of the Lens Wizards
5th Edition
Level 15
28 pages

A world unseen lies beyond a twisted, metal gate in a remote field of the Dhalpurna Mountains. Will the characters brave the alien monstrosities, technologies, and magic inside to learn the secrets that have been brooding in this strange place for millennia? Gate of the Lens Wizard is a science-fantasy exploration adventure and includes: -A gate that leads to the tunnels beneath a distant jungle moon -Intelligent spiders at war with glass-skulled astronomy wizards -An unfathomable artifact that can rewrite time itself -Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure -High-quality digital maps for use with virtual table tops

Cover of 1 on 1 Adventures #9: Legacy of Darkness
1 on 1 Adventures #9: Legacy of Darkness
Levels 8–10
20 pages

Sehvain Malual is renowned for his work in necromancy, using the dark art to destroy the undead pestilence polluting the world. However every warrior must hang his proverbial sword and retiring from adventuring life, the wizened elf settled down in a nearby town purchasing a small townhouse. Here, he would finally find the peace he so craved, or such he hoped before he found The Black Lexicon. What dark intent consumes Sehvain’s time is anyone’s guess, but only the PC can uncover the Legacy of Darkness.

Cover of West Marches Company: A Grim Promise
West Marches Company: A Grim Promise
5th Edition
Level 3
70 pages

The lands that lie west, across the great sea, are uncharted. The West March Company has spent a fortune on an expedition to loot and tame it. You are part of that expedition. You are the desperate, the outcast, the destitute. This new world is weird and dangerous. Rumours abound of a city of tombs. A cursed dwarven fortress in the mountain. Mist-covered swamps that howl in the night. Pass that treasure map around the table. Drink deeply from your cups and imagine what awaits in the wilderness: gold, glory, death. Inside West Marches Company: A Grim Promise you'll find: Twelve new monsters to surprise and terrify your players. A cult of worms, a city of tombs, centaur khans and a twenty-page dwarven fortress dungeon crawl with over forty rooms. Loaded with art, evocative descriptions, weird NPC's and 2 new magic items. High resolution maps of both dungeons: Kazad Mor The Cursed Dwarfhome and Tunnels Beneath Fort Bramble This module can be run as a standalone adventure or as a west marches style game.

Cover of Trouble Below
Trouble Below
Low Level
16 pages

A goblin warband has found the secret tunnel which leads from the dwarven keep of Hearth-Home to the nearby hills. The tunnel is intended to be a means of escape if the keep ever falls to attackers, but now it has provided goblins with an easy way into the Underkeep. So far, the goblins have confined their attentions to the various underground rooms that make up the Underkeep, but sooner or later they will find a way to the surface. They pose a serious threat to Hearth-Home - the goblins must be cleared out of the Underkeep so this breach in security can be repaired before the orcs hear of it and overrun the dwarven keep. This adventure is slightly more challenging than Red Hand Trail, and it is recommended that it is played after that quest and before Palace of Dread. However, the scenario in Trouble Below can easily be played independently from the rest. Part of TSR 1076 The Goblin's Lair

Cover of The Tariff of Relkingham
The Tariff of Relkingham
4th Edition
Level 3
21 pages

The goddess Erathis has never seemed the sort to demand the sacrifice of mortals in exchange for safe trade routes, but that’s exactly what her high priest has demanded. When a local ruler asks the characters to investigate the high priest, a chain of events is set in motion that could shake the city of Wyllea, and the church of Erathis, to its core. This adventure makes extensive use of roleplaying encounters and skill challenges, with fewer tactical combat encounters. There is a substantial focus on politics and intrigue. The Tariff of Relkingham is written for 3rd level PCs, but contains advice for lowering or raising the starting level from 2-4. It also contains a system for calculating an advantage or disadvantage in the final fight based on the players' actions during the adventure. Pgs. 83-103

Cover of Vaz'kin'rai
5th Edition
Level 1
32 pages

Beneath the roots of a silver elm, there lies a sidereal prison… Vaz’kin’rai is a one-session adventure for the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, which sees 1st level heroes venture beneath the village of Dur to uncover the secrets of a mysterious cosmic vault. What will the heroes find within? And what price might they pay for uncovering it? Featuring: Two bespoke creature statblocks, including a Paragon Creature! Four new magic items! Five premade characters suitable for playing through Vaz’kin’rai! A host of original artwork by Izzy Collins, Emma Durno, and Robin Baxter! A fully supported hook, as well as suggestions for others and how to develop the storylines and themes the adventure introduces into a larger game! A selection of free companion Sonoria – audio ambiences and sound effects you can use to bring the adventure to life sonically! Vaz’kin’rai comes embedded in an original campaign setting, but is self-contained enough that it can be sited easily in most other campaign settings with minimal effort. A selection of deities and lineage origins are also provided in the appendices to help fit characters within Vaz’kin’rai’s setting as presented. Go forth, and see what lurks within the vault of Vaz’kin’rai… Published by Animancer

Cover of Menagerie of Mysteries
Menagerie of Mysteries
5th Edition
Level 6
8 pages

In this level 6 adventure for 4-6 players the party comes across a man named Johann Dhomm who was transporting animals in cages to his private island where he has a menagerie (a kind of zoo) that he eventually wants to open to the public. But the animals have escaped and he asks the party to try and catch them alive for him. However, the animals are actually quite dangerous and range from Gazers to a Wyvern.

Cover of Pathfinder Society Scenario #21: The Eternal Obelisk
Pathfinder Society Scenario #21: The Eternal Obelisk
3.5 Edition
Levels 5–9
17 pages

When the Pathfinder-obsessed daughter of one Qadira's most powerful trade princes goes missing trying to impress the Society, her father angrily demands the Pathfinders track her down or face expulsion from Katheer. Tracking the missing princess leads you to an underground complex filled with traps, tricks, and a creature so powerful, she's lived for a thousand years. Can you save the princess and uncover the power of the Eternal Obelisk?