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Cover of Mountain Sanctuary
Mountain Sanctuary
Levels 1–3
6 pages

It's the little things that count. Obnoxious little problems can easily become obnoxious big ones. Although designed as a companion to "Grakhirt's Lari" (which appeared in issue#1), a copy of that module is not required to enjoy this one. Pgs. 3-8

Cover of The Fruit of Evil
The Fruit of Evil
5th Edition
Levels 4–10
26 pages

A Halfling girl battling a rare disease that no magic can cure. A fruit, which has the power to heal and the power to corrupt, now guarded by mad siblings. A journey through a hostile forest, a trapped tower, and a dungeon to retrieve the fruit to heal the young girl. Will your heroes be triumphant, or will they perish while attempting to retrieve the mysterious fruit?

Cover of The Leystone of the Indigo Star
The Leystone of the Indigo Star
5th Edition
Level 7
8 pages

The interrogation of the rogue wizard, Askalan, by the magocracy of Bemmea exposed his creation of unstable magical artifacts built in a ruined ley-line conduit. This Leystone, built by the mages of Vael Turog, had been dormant for centuries until Askalan discovered a way to power it. Now, after his untimely death, the Leystone's unstable power continues to grow at the edge of the Western Wastes. The magocracy hires the characters to find the awakened Leystone, uncover the mystery of this growing power, and return the source of the power to Bemmea for study.

Cover of The Standing Stones of Sundown
The Standing Stones of Sundown
Levels 4–9
13 pages

The door to the Abyss can be opened with good intentions. An act of mercy released a creature of unspeakable evil. Now, only you have a chance to stop it. A vrock has been trapped inside a stone circle outside the village of Sundown. This stone circle remained untouched for thousands of years, until an unwitting mage decided to depetrify one of the standing stones that he mistakenly thought was a helpless farmer. This released the vrock, who killed the mage and has been trying to regain enough power to plane shift back to its home. This module primarily is based on investigation and problem solving, with a final fight with the vrock at the end. Roleplaying should be emphasized. The town of Sundown is fleshed out with NPCs and stores for player exploration. Pgs. 4-16

Cover of FT - Walled City of Vandosia
FT - Walled City of Vandosia
5th Edition
Levels 1–8
14 pages

Welcome to the seat of power in the Duchy of Starryshade! This large city is where the Archduke Meldor Gantrius IV rules his land. A walled city on the bay, Vandosia is bustling with activity. A busy seaport sits down the road from the fortified city with regional farmers coming into town every day. Many former adventurers call the city home and training guilds are available for those levelling up. While “mostly” safe this city is not without adventure, especially with the massive sewer system below the streets.

Cover of The Clockwork Queen
The Clockwork Queen
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
21 pages

The Clockwork Queen and the Dame of Dirt have been fierce rivals for years--but a brazen abduction sees the situation escalate dangerously. To put matters right, the party must scale an ever-changing clockwork tower full of weird magic and mechanical mayhem, and attempt a daring rescue!

Cover of Mists of Akuma: Seven Grains of Rice
Mists of Akuma: Seven Grains of Rice
5th Edition
Level 13
58 pages

A Mists of Akuma adventure for 4 to 6 characters of 13th level. This second adventure in the second wave of Mists of Akuma adventures comes to you from the mind of Anthony Alipio and is a tale inspired by the classic film Seven Samurai! Join the legendary iconic hero Tomoe Masamune (the samurai known as the Crimson Blade) and defend the simple village of Noru from the power-armored bandit king Calvert Boyd and his raider army in an epic mass battle your table will never forget! A two-page spread preview of the contents of this adventure. What you'll find in Honorable Wills: 3 Maps! (classic Noru, modern Noru, and Bandit Camp) 11 New Statblocks! including heroic samurai, rebellious tengu, devious bandits, and more 2 Ways to End the Adventure! Included in Act 3 are directions for running the final climactic mass battle like it's seen in the film that inspired this module and for a more contemporary approach tailored to the nuances of D&D 5E mechanics

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #72: Beyond the Black Gate
Dungeon Crawl Classics #72: Beyond the Black Gate
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 5
24 pages

Summoned by a coven of foul witches, the adventurers are bid through the Black Gate and across the multiverse, in pursuit of the crown of the fallen Horned King. There, in the icebound gloom of Thrice-Tenth Kingdom, they must pit their wits and brawn against his dread servants. His sullen citadel looms above the darksome woods and elfin ice caves, ruling over the mystic kingdom. Do you dare to ascend the throne of bones and declare yourself master of the Wild Hunt? Whatever your answer, the land beyond the Black Gate is sure to present a grim challenge for the even the hardiest of adventurers!

5th Edition
Level 4
3 pages

Sometimes protecting the cargo is easy but getting the pay not so much. The Bottle has been waiting on the docks for two days, no one has come down and no one dares to go up to see what happened and that is your ship, that is the ship that is going to take you and your cargo across the sea.

Cover of Wyrmhaven
Levels 2–4
16 pages

A shrewd, spell-using green dragon has taken over the deepest chamber of a limestone cave as his lair. The dragon has persuaded a tribe of troglodytes to live in the outer chambers as a sort of "protective buffer" in return for gifts of magical treasure. The troglodytes cherish the useless bits of magic without realizing their modest worth. The outer chambers of the cave are protected by the troglodytes, the beetles and centipedes the troglodytes raise as cattle, and wild creatures. The green dragon uses traps, illusions and magical devices to protect his inner chamber. Wyrmhaven is the second dragon's lair to conquer. Part of TSR 1073 The Dragon's Den

Cover of Shadows on the Long Road
Shadows on the Long Road
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
17 pages

Travellers are going missing on the Long Road, on the 100 mile stretch between Triboar and Longsaddle. Our heroes investigate and discover a haunted mansion with a dark history and a gruesome secret. Their quest brings them to the very gates of hell itself, where an infernal abomination presents them with their greatest challenge yet... Inspired by a Clark Ashton Smith story.

Cover of Battlefield Downs
Battlefield Downs
4th Edition
Level 7
8 pages

The desolate, uneven country known to locals as Battlefield Downs is strewn with the scattered remains of the ancient dead. During the last terrible years of the old empire, a series of grinding military engagements played out across the rolling fields of Battlefield Downs. In one battle that was part of a wider, disastrous campaign that contributed heavily to Nerath's downfall, the Empire of Nerath's legions clashed here against ravaging gnoll packs. It is now a haunted place, where only the bravest dare to tread. Pgs. 72-79

Cover of Sword of Air
Sword of Air
Level 1
522 pages

What is the Lost Lands? The Lost Lands is the home campaign world of Necromancer Game's and Frog God Game's own Bill Webb. This campaign has been continuously running since 1977. Many of the adventures published by Necromancer Games and Frog God Games are directly inspired by this campaign. They have evolved over the decades, and more material continues to flow from it as the dice keep rolling. Sages and wizards of legend speak of the Lost Lands—many of the players who have lived and died in Bill's campaign over the years now have a place in history (in the books). Frac Cher the dwarf, Flail the Great, Bannor the Paladin, Speigle the Mage, and Helman the Halfling are well known to the fans of Bill's work. This is the game world, and these are the adventures in which the players of these famous characters lived and died. Hundreds of players over the past 35 years have experienced the thrills and terrors of this world. The Sword of Air is the centerpiece of the Lost Lands. Currently, this epic tome consists of several parts: 1. The Hel’s Temple Dungeon—kind of like Tomb of Horrors on crack. This six-level, trap-and-puzzle infested dungeon formed the basis of Bill's game through his high school and college years. Clark Peterson’s very own Bannor the Paladin spent several real life months in the place, and, sadly, finished the objective. This is where the fragments of the fabled Sword of Air can be found…perhaps. 2. The Wilderness of the Lost Lands extending to the humanoid-infested Deepfells Mountains and providing detail about the nearby Wizard’s Wall. This so-called “wall” was raised by the archmages Margon and Alycthron harnessing the Spirit of the Stoneheart Mountains to raise the land itself, creating a massive escarpment to block invaders from the Haunted Steppes. These archmages are actual player characters from the early 1980s who live on in the legends of the Lost Lands. Over 70 unique encounter areas are detailed, and each one is a mini-adventure in itself. New wilderness areas may be added based on bonus goals described below! 3. The Ruined City of Tsen. Legend has it the city was destroyed by a falling meteor. This place forms an aboveground dungeon area the size of a city, with over 100 detailed encounter areas. It’s a very dark place…even at noon. 4. The Wizard’s Feud—This campaign-style adventure pits the players in a long-running series of intrigues and battles between two archmages. Which side will they take? Their actions all play into the overall quest, and could well determine which side wins. Law and Chaos are not always what they seem, and if the wrong decisions are made, the entire ordeal could fail. Remember, one of the wizards WANTS Tsathogga to win. 5. New monsters, new demons, new spells, and new rules for various aspects of play. 6. The Tower of Bells. This dungeon is the result of the workshop Bill ran at PaizoCon 2013, where the participants assisted him in building an old-school dungeon. Visit the tower and discover the secrets of the “artist” within. Beware: those entering may never come out!

Cover of CCC-YLRA01-01 Her Dying Wish
CCC-YLRA01-01 Her Dying Wish
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
36 pages

You’ve come to the wild frontier outpost of Ylraphon, a town rebuilt from destruction and now ruled by adventurers, to pass on a proud noblewoman’s final wish to her dungeon-raiding heirs. Yet the young heroes of House Marsh have delved too deep. Can you rescue them from a trap filled ruin, vengeful assassins, and a mysterious entity that turns its attackers into its defenders? The suggested run time is 4 hours, but in practice needed much longer. Ideal for open ended play. Lots of background information - bordering on too much.

Cover of FV1 - Jeopardy Caverns
FV1 - Jeopardy Caverns
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
29 pages

The first Filbar 5th Edition adventure is titled Jeopardy Caverns. This adventure can be used in the new D&D edition or the earlier editions as each stat block is presented. This introductory adventure pits a group of new adventurers ready to go out into the frontier to make a name for themselves. For the 5th Edition version this adventure can act as a gateway from new to 3rd or even 4th level for advancement and is set in an area of humanoid caves.

Cover of DDAL07-18 Turn Back the Endless Night
DDAL07-18 Turn Back the Endless Night
5th Edition
Levels 17–20
41 pages

Your foe seeks to unlock the Iron Door beneath the Peaks of Flame and open the way for the Eater of the World. You must find your way through the maze of tunnels and stop them, or it will be the end of all things. Part Four of the Broken Chains Series.

Cover of The Warlock's Crypt
The Warlock's Crypt
5th Edition
Level 9
4 pages

"The Warlock's Crypt" is a fext and noctiny lair suitable for four 9th-level characters. This adventure can be completed in a single session. An ancient warlock king known as the King in Silver, whose patron was Death itself, knew he was growing old and would soon die. The aging king pledged the souls of his two sons, the Black Prince and the Red Prince, to Death in exchange for his own eternal life. As the final worlds of the pledge pass his lips, the old king collapsed to the ground, dead. Elsewhere in the castle, the two young princes died suddenly in their sleep. All three were interred in the royal crypt within a nearby burial mound. ultimately, the king got what he asked for - he and his suns were returned to life as fext in the service of Death itself. When the fext awoke and climbed out of their coffins, they were confused because it seemed they were trapped within the small royal crypt. Then, the King in Silver discovered a secret door leading to a hidden stone stair that descended into a complex of ancient tunnels and chambers. At the far end of the complex, the fext discovered a second set of ancient stone stairs leading up through a shaft to a hidden exit on the surface. The three fext now lurk within the lower chambers, doing their patron's dark bidding. When commanded, they creep forth from the crypt to spread death during the dark of night.

Cover of Castle Dracula - a 5e Castlevania-style adventure
Castle Dracula - a 5e Castlevania-style adventure
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
122 pages

Dracula, the Lord of Shadow and Darkness, has covered the land in shadow and dispatched armies of monsters and undead from his magical castle. His armies threaten to overrun major cities and plunge the world into a literal Dark Age. The last of the vampire-hunting clan that traditionally opposed him has disappeared, and still the armies advance. He must be stopped. If that's not enough motivation, it is well-known that his castle is full of magical items and great riches... but also great danger. If you've ever wanted D&D and Castlevania to meet, look no further. This adventure is exactly what you wanted. Every area of the castle poses different and unique challenges to keep the party engaged and on their toes. Written for the DM as a ready-to-run adventure, it is designed for four to six characters. The adventure starts at level 3 at the outer defenses of the castle, and ends with the party advancing to level 13 after defeating Dracula in an epic battle. The adventure includes documentation to help even a new DM succed, including suggestions for how to run each of the area "boss" monsters in combat. There are approximately 50 new enemies and over 3 dozen new magical items. It also comes with a list of suggested music for many areas of the castle, and a 25-page campaign log recounting an actual tabletop play-through of this adventure from the DM's perspective.

Cover of The Question of the Sphinx
The Question of the Sphinx
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
30 pages

Match wits and mettle with a sphinx in this new adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. A wild forest edging closer to chaos, a small village threatened by something strange, and a quest to discover the truth from a legend known for her riddles. Locals speak of a mountaintop reliquary filled with powerful artifacts — artifacts which could make all the difference in the climactic battle for the fate of the village. You might even meet a baby sphinx cub along the way. The Question of the Sphinx is a 10 to 12 hour adventure for 6th through 8th level characters. This adventure easily fits within the Forgotten Realms, Theros, or other 5e settings. Solve any of the 20 original riddles Choose from 14 unique magic items Learn a never-before-known spell Brave any of the 6 random monster scenarios, set in 6 random dynamic locations Contend with 3 new monster variations

Cover of Quarrelling Muses
Quarrelling Muses
5th Edition
Levels 11–13
2 pages

In an enchanted forest glade you come across two goddesses locked in a fierce debate. The muse of art and the muse of history want you to help them settle their quarrell once and for all, and they're not taking no for an answer. This is a single forest encounter.