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Cover of Thomepreus' Curse
Thomepreus' Curse
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
16 pages

Thomepreus’ curse is a classic crawl with elements of exploration, mystery and time travel. A curse has befallen the heroes and the source of their predicament is located in a buried temple. Here a forgotten cult have used a magical sand clock to curse their enemies. The temple seem empty but the arrival of the heroes appear predetermined and soon the heroes are propelled through time to arrive in the past. Here clues and objects are required to solve the mystery and to break the curse. However, they must hurry before cult members complete the preordained curse on the heroes.

Cover of Journey to the Inside Out
Journey to the Inside Out
Levels 2–4
43 pages

Beneath our feet is the mythological hollow world – a realm of dense jungles, putrid swamps and rugged mountains. Here a brave party will struggle for survival as they seek to fathom the unseen expanse and to prevent a once defeated god to rise again. ‘Journey to the Inside Out’ can be played as a stand-alone scenario or be used as the first installment in a trilogy of connected adventure modules each taking place in a different era. The scenario can be used with Swords & Wizardry or any other early variant of game rules. Inside you will find: • A 40+ page old-school module with a layout optimized for fast and easy interfacing. • A challenging lost world setting with the possibility to toggle the complexity. • Alternative suggestions for entry to the hollow inside. • Downloadable maps for both players and the Referee. • Story-points for a guided scenario and tables for sandbox and hexcrawl-style play. • Advice for an ongoing campaign. • Locations allowing the PCs to travel to another era within the setting. • Unique new creatures. Published by CTM Publishing.

Cover of The Secrets of the Twisting Colossus
The Secrets of the Twisting Colossus
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
40 pages

‘The Secrets of the Twisting Colossus’ is a tale of alchemy and transformation. The heroes are the material components in the creation of an addictive potion. The heroes are lured into the experiment by the alchemist Paricalus, and once the heroes understand the true purpose it will be too late. The only escape is to understand the subtle clues around them and to keep moving forward. At the end of the experiment lies salvation but also the grand finale. If the heroes escape the experiment, they can confront their tormentor. In this 5E module (suitable for level 4-6 & adaptable to any setting), you will find: • 40-page module. • 3 colored maps and downloadable options for FG, Roll20. • 3 Appendices covering NPCs, magic items, and alternative chambers. • Handouts containing visual depiction to entice players. • 2-3 sessions of gameplay. • A dynamic dungeon where chambers change position. • Rules for miniaturized game play. • Old-school play-style suggestions. • Possibilities to use the module as a springboard to planar adventures. If you enjoy this module please let me know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Have fun!

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