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Cover of The Spectre of Sanguine Isle
The Spectre of Sanguine Isle
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
57 pages

"The Spectre of Sanguine Isle" is an adventure included in the product "Calpurnia's Guide to Practical Traps". It's an adventure that features traps from the document. The isolated town of Cupidinum has been shaken by a senseless murder. The culprit has fled to Sanguine Isle, and it's up to the heroes to find him and bring him to justice. But the fugitive doesn't want to be caught, and he knows a thing or two about guerilla warfare. Can the heroes catch their elusive prey? And was his crime quite as straight-forward as it was made out to be?

Greger's Grotto
5th Edition
Level 1
52 pages

Greger’s Grotto is a community of pirates and other criminals, hidden away on a desolate coastline. The players are slaves sold to the Grotto’s owning family and used for manual labour and bloodsport in the arena. In this adventure, the players will need to: * survive harsh prison conditions, including the rivalry between prisoner factions: human, orc, goblin and hobgoblin * fight in arena battles against prisoners and beasts, often with strange twists to entertain the crowd * explore small mini-dungeons attached to the prisoners’ caverns * ultimately escape; whether by force, alliance with fellow prisoners, stealth, cunning or any combination of these Features of this adventure: * Pay-what-you-want (even nothing). * Illustrated with art by Setvasai. * Designed to fit into most campaign worlds. * Simulationist or story-driven: includes information for both. Use random rolls to determine what happens when, or take inspiration from various story hooks. (Or do both.) * 11 unique NPCs, including members of the Grotto’s owning family and leader of the prisoner factions. * Full maps of the Grotto, its arena and prisoner caverns, totalling over 40 rooms.

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