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Cover of Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid
Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid
Any Level
9 pages

Straight from the garage of Chris's mom—and 1981—comes this homegrown, truly old school adventure of malign druids, twisted tree demons, evil blink dogs, arboreal gelatinous cubes, magical pecans and certain death. Though sadly missing half its original key, the release has been painstakingly recreated by the author as a grown man. More or less.

Cover of Defense of First Tower
Defense of First Tower
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
35 pages

In this adventure for the Eberron Campaign Setting a group of adventurers travels to the well known but seldom explored thorp of First Tower, 27 miles north of Sharn, the City of Towers. The adventurers must solve a terrible event that happens on the House Orien lightning rail, but then will have some time to relax and have fun in the many events and fun things that happen in the festive town of First tower. In the third act, the adventurers must find a way to fight or negotiate with an orc tribe that claims a section of the land as theirs.

Cover of Corrupted Nature
Corrupted Nature
5th Edition
Level 1
7 pages

This oneshot adventure is to help teach new players AND new dungeons masters how a game works. You’ll find easy guides and simple stream game. This adventure will guide the player to level up to a level 2. This adventure is for 4-5 people, though you can adapt it to fewer, if needed. It is a very short adventure for those with little time who would like a taste of D&D in its simplest of form. You will adventure to Bruxhelm, in the Sword Coast, where the players have a dilemma to solve. Nature is running wild! Well.. more than usual.

Cover of An Axe To Grind
An Axe To Grind
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
29 pages

The frontier town of Ehrshire is expanding rapidly, much to the delight of the burgeoning town’s lord, Earl Wallace Viktir. In need of timber to expand his seat of power, the earl has sent logging crews to the surrounding forest, although recent delays have caused him to become anxious and impulsive. Earl Viktir has left for the logging site to see what is causing the setbacks, only to discover it disturbingly vacant! The task now falls to the PCs to catch up with the missing Earl Viktir and sort out the trouble in the woods, but such as task is easier said than done. Something has roused the local plant-life into a frenzy, as if the entire forest has an axe to grind against the loggers! Will the party be able to get to the root of the problem… or will they be left barking up the wrong tree? Dungeons on Demand is a line instant dungeons you can drop into your campaign, each is designed for 4-5 player parties of specified levels, and each dungeon is complete with a back story, hand drawn maps, traps, puzzles, and reference information to monsters and treasure. You can customize each one to fit in your campaign however you wish, and each one can be played through in one or two gaming sessions.

Princes of the Apocalypse
5th Edition
Levels 1–15
258 pages

Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes. Each of these prophets has assembled a cadre of cultists and creatures to serve them in the construction of four elemental temples of lethal design. It is up to adventurers from heroic factions such as the Emerald Enclave and the Order of the Gauntlet to discover where the true power of each prophet lay, and dismantle it before it comes boiling up to obliterate the Realms.

Cover of The Terror of Haverford
The Terror of Haverford
5th Edition
Level 1
49 pages

This Adventure is based on the web comic series, Table Titans. It is set in the same village that part of the comic takes place in, however the path of the adventure does not follow the story line set in the comics. There are familiar elements that are a wink and a nod to fans of the comic, but it is a unique story. The adventure is set around the village of Haverford, currently beset by an unknown [i]Terror[/i] that has resulted in many many deaths in the surrounding forest. The adventures have arrived at this once peaceful hamlet and if they discover the source of the [i]Terror[/i] plaguing the region they will be handsomely rewarded. The Terror of Haverford is a starter adventure. Characters will advance from level 1 to 4 if completed. This adventure has both social and combat encounters, as well as combat encounters that can be solved socially. If characters aren't thorough in their investigations they will be taken by surprise by what lies ahead.

Cover of The Tree of Blight
The Tree of Blight
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
20 pages

A blood curdling SCREAM shatters our adventurers rest as they set up camp for the evening. Without warning the forest comes alive and a heroic struggle begins, as our adventurers battle to avoid becoming the forest's latest victims. Take your players deep into a cursed glade on a dark and stormy night to confront an evil Druidess, and a horrifically corrupt tree...

Cover of The Sunless Citadel 5e
The Sunless Citadel 5e
5th Edition
Level 1
21 pages
12  2

This adventure concerns a once-proud fortress that fell into the earth in an age long past. Now known as the Sunless Citadel, its echoing, broken halls house malign creatures. Evil has taken root at the citadel's core, which is deep within a subterranean garden of blighted foliage. Here a terrible tree and its dark shepherd plot in darkness.

Cover of UK1 Beyond The Crystal Cave
UK1 Beyond The Crystal Cave
Levels 4–7
36 pages

Fleeing the rage that consumed their feuding families, Juliana and Orlando fled to the Cave of Echoes, where it is said every wish is granted. Two years have passed, and all attempts to return the lovers to their parents have failed, though some believe them lost in the enchanted garden beyond the cave. Many are the rescuers venturing into that enchanted park; a few have returned after long absences, their minds and memories curiously disturbed. Now, the handsome reward offered for the return of the lovers has tempted you, but who knows that lies beyond the Crystal Cave? TSR 9066

Cover of The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure
The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure
Levels 4–6
133 pages

The Bleeding Hollow was written as a tribute to the golden era of adventures. Danger lurks around every turn, and a great over-arching storyline ties everything together. There is much to discover and learn, and solving the woes of the adventure is entirely up to the players. They will choose how to deal with the myriad challenges put forth, and will probably run down a red herring or two. They might choose a very dangerous path unknowingly and pay the consequences fortheir actions. That is intended. Let the story lead your party, and your players lead the game. You won’t regret it. Published by Total Party Kill Games

Cover of Aldriv's Revenge
Aldriv's Revenge
3rd Edition
Level 1
48 pages

Duke Aldriv III has been brutally murdered. His brother, Prince Cardor, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Mordeln, the bastard son of the Prince, is under suspicion. But Mordeln claims to be innocent, and fears he will be the assassins' next target. Let your plater characters' personalities come alive as they join forces with Mordeln in his desperate race to find his missing father. Will the players find the Prince before the assassins do? Or will they too fall victim to the mysterious figure manipulating the events from behind the scenes?

Cover of The Claws of Madness
The Claws of Madness
5th Edition
Level 1
37 pages

For centuries, Aelmor Monastery near the port town of Sestone was a safe haven for scholars, monks, and pilgrims seeking enlightenment, its renowned library home to an enormous collection of ancient manuscripts, tomes, and peculiar writings. After suffering a devastating attack at the hands of a possessed monastery elder, Aelmor fell into ruin, its troubled past forgotten. When villagers start disappearing and turn up horribly mutated days later, fear takes a grip of Sestone. What sinister forces are at work? And to what end? The Claws of Madness is a standalone adventure carefully designed for a group of 1st-level heroes, including new monsters, magic items, and a thrilling story arc. Edited by Michele Carter (co-editor of the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook), this dungeon crawl combines the best elements of classic adventures with fresh new exciting avenues. The story in this book also provides the perfect base for an epic, long-running campaign suitable for higher-level characters, in which the heroes unravel the dark mystery of the mythical Hand of Narkul . . . Published by LoreSmyth SmiteWorks.

Cover of Scourge of Scalabar
Scourge of Scalabar
Levels 1–3
18 pages

Pirates and powderkegs. An undersea menace has the merchants of Scalabar up in arms. A strange sea monster is plaguing the trade ships near Scalabar, a coastal city. You have arrived in Scalabar at the behest of Sora Calhaigne. The lady of House Calhaigne needs brave heroes to investigate the loss of her galleon, the Morning Star. She has reason to believe that the sea monster is not what it seems. Includes a list of random city encounters, a keyed map of the port city, Scalabar, as well as a simple overland map of the Scalabar coast, a map of a typical two-story warehouse, a keyed map of the pirate caves, and a keyed map of the ship Thresher. Pgs. 10-27

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