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Cover of D&D Encounters Season 03 - Keep on the Borderlands: A Season of Serpents [Chapter 1-5]
D&D Encounters Season 03 - Keep on the Borderlands: A Season of Serpents [Chapter 1-5]
4th Edition
Levels 1–3
154 pages

At Restwell Keep, you've heard that fortune and glory await those bold enough to brave the dangers of the Chaos Scar, a valley carved ages ago by a fallen star. The same tales warn that this Chaos Scar draws wickedness to it. Perhaps you can help stem this tide... and gain treasure along the way. While the location is a different keep, this adventure is an homage to B2 Keep on the Borderlands(https://adventurelookup.com/adventures/b2-keep-on-the-borderlands)

Cover of The Temple Between
The Temple Between
4th Edition
Level 9
68 pages

“The Temple Between” is an adventure for 9th level characters, and it is challenging enough to take them to 11th level by the time all is said and done. Although intended as the final chapter of the heroic tier portion of the Scales of War Adventure Path, it can be run as a standalone adventure, or as an adventure in a campaign of your own making, with a small degree of modification. It contains elements of urban investigation, dungeon delving, and even wartime conflict, making it a suitable adventure to players of many tastes and preferences. The western end of Elsir Vale has been greatly troubled in recent days. The threat of the orc hordes from beyond the Stonehome Mountains, though turned back at Bordrin’s Watch, still lingers in the people’s minds. Peculiar and hostile creatures of shadow lurk in the caverns and caves below. Political squabbling grows among the city’s powerful dwarf clans. All this makes the city particularly vulnerable to an enemy nobody saw coming - that nobody even imagined. This enemy has goals and objectives far beyond the ultimately unimportant Elsir Vale, but the first step is the utter subjugation of Overlook. An enemy who, at least in part, is already here. In this adventure the player characters start by investigating the strange behavior of the city's clergy. They swiftly discover hints of a conspiracy worming its way through the city hierarchy - some members are possessed while others have been replaced by dopplegangers. After trailing this conspiracy to its source they discover a portal that leads to an ancient temple in the mountains. Using the portal, the PCs go to the abandoned ancient temple where they must confront both a cadre of fey and a band of mercenaries, from whom they learn there is a plot for a full-scale invasion of the region! The PCs must them rush back to Overlook and cement their place as heroes as they face off against the invading forces. Pgs. 4-71

Cover of AS4 - Simian's Gate
AS4 - Simian's Gate
5th Edition
Levels 14–16
22 pages

This high level adventure returns the PCs to Helvana. A recent adventure has netted the party some Adamant, a rare ore in Filbar that is excellent for constructing weapons of amazing quality. As you arrive in Vorshmorgan to locate a smith you quickly discover there are problems in town. The scenario was designed to give upper level players a challenge and pits them against one of the most feared creatures in the land!

Cover of The Purification of Ras Calaq
The Purification of Ras Calaq
5th Edition
Levels 8–9
12 pages

In the kingdom of Minoxia, the dragon Oxitorus rules the people with a disease his breath causes. A rebel approaches you and implores you to investigate a lead he has on a cure. The travel through Minoxia's swamp will be difficult, and you can't trust anyone, as the tyrant's spy network has roots everywhere. What will become of you, even if you succeed?

Cover of Emerald Dawn
Emerald Dawn
4th Edition
Level 12
6 pages

A green dragon called the Dawn fancies herself a deity and has attracted reptilian followers that raid elven settlements. The PCs must find her temple in the woods and end the threat. Pgs. 78-83

Cover of Remains of the Empire
Remains of the Empire
4th Edition
Levels 3–4
26 pages

Long ago, when the Dragonborn Empire of Arkhosia thrived, the flying citadel Ustraternes was undone by tiefling magic. Now, a dragonborn zealot with dreams of renewing the lost glory of his ancestors explores the ruins—and unleashes a plague of rampaging drakes on the terrified locals. The story offers PC's the chance to tame a Warwing Drake, disperse a mob, parley with undead, and battle within an alpine meadow that defies gravity.

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