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Cover of Caverns of Draconis
Caverns of Draconis
Levels 3–6
20 pages

A small local area with ten locations and a big wizard dungeon with 19 rooms. The module is based around some rules lite system exclusive to the module, but for obvious reasons can be run in the system of your choice with little modification. (Some best guess approximations have been made for the creatures for search optimization.) Official description: "This adventure is a work of PARODY based on “Caverns of Draconis,” featured in Season 2, Episode 14 of NBC's TV series, “Community.” THIS IS NOT A TSR PRODUCT. This product was made in accordance with Wizards of the Coast's OGL Version 1.0a. The following game and adventure have been designed to reimagine what the fictional module featured in the episode might look like. This rules-lite RPG is meant to serve as an introduction for newcomers and fans of the show alike. The game can be played with 2-9 players and has everything you need to get started except for dice. "

Cover of Mystery of the Myconid Mausoleum
Mystery of the Myconid Mausoleum
5th Edition
Level 3
1 pages

Several days ago, a colony of myconids were born from the gloom and rot of a swamp near a small fishing town. They found a place to form their new colony, and settled on a crumbling mausoleum in a long-forgotten graveyard. Their rapport spores have been spreading unchecked, and have begun to infect the dead buried underneath the marsh. These dead have risen as spore servants, which the myconids are using as watchdogs to protect their new home from unwelcome intruders—like the adventurers. In this encounter, the characters stumble upon an old country graveyard in the middle of a swamp. When they investigate, they fall under attack by the living dead! Once they fend off their undead assailants, an investigation of the mausoleum reveals the true villain behind the attack: a group of mycanoids that infested the corpses with their spores, turning them into telepathically controlled puppets. From here, the characters can either negotiate with the mycanoids or kill them. This encounter’s three acts are: The Discovery: the characters find an abandoned graveyard. The Trial: the characters are attacked by undead. The Revelation: the characters learn that the zombies are really mycanoid spore servants, and can try to reason with the mushroom-people or destroy them. Either way, there’s treasure!

Cover of Winding Paths
Winding Paths
5th Edition
Level 5
7 pages

Not every journey follows a simple road, and some groups find themselves needing to take the path entirely untraveled to reach their next destination. There are rumors of a treasure deep within the forest, but no one has made it out alive to recount their tales. Compelled by the prospect of a quick journey and the chance of treasure, the party decides to risk a journey through the forest. Little do they know that their chosen route is ruled by a trio of lilitu, who are eager to play with the new toys walking willingly into their grasp. Wits, wiles, and wind hide in the forest, and the lilitu are eager for amusement. This adventure is intended for 5th level characters but can be scaled up or down. It is setting-neutral, and can fit into any published or homebrew location. This is intended as a puzzle-based adventure but could be used as a combat encounter. Pgs. 129-135

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