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Cover of The Inheritance
The Inheritance
Levels 1–3
10 pages

You've just inherited a castle! And now for the bad news... All it needs is a good cleaning out. Pgs. 6-14 & 36

Cover of The Shadow Rift
The Shadow Rift
Levels 7–9
160 pages

For many years folks have gazed into the churning black vapors of the Shadow Rift and wondered at the horrors that might lie within. Some have speculated that it might be a realm of the doomed, where tortured spirits suffer the hours of eternity. Others have speculated that it might be an empty domain, waiting for the arrival of a master who is evil enough to claim it and shape it in his own image. Ever the mysterious Vistani do not know what secrets are hidden in the depths of this gaping chasm. Now, the time has come for the veil of Shadows to be parted. Loht, king of the shadow elves, has reclaimed the mighty Sword of Arak. With this relic, he intends to set in motion a plan that has taken thousands of years to form. He will throw open that vary gate of darkness and invite one of mankind's greatest enemies to walk the land of the living. And if he is not stopped, the rivers of Ravenloft will run red with the blood of the innocent. The adventure can be played independently or in conjunction with the Ravenloft Adventure Servants of Darkness. TSR 1163

Cover of The Burning Goblins
The Burning Goblins
5th Edition
Level 1
61 pages

The quiet village of Greenfork is in a state of uproar, scarred twisted looking goblins raided the village during the night and kidnapped the miller’s daughter. The Mayor has put out a call for adventurers to bring the girl back safely and end the goblins threat once and for all. This adventure starts just outside the village of Greenfork and thrusts players straight into the action. This book contains a full length tabletop roleplaying fantasy adventure: Advancing players from one to three. Sixteen monsters and characters. New Games Masters advice and guides. A fantastic first adventure for new players, but more importantly this adventure was designed with first time Games Masters in mind, giving you as many tools as possible to help run the game.

Cover of FV3 - Road to Kak
FV3 - Road to Kak
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
12 pages

For those who trekked through Jeopardy Caverns and Urgoth’s Canyon a short trip to the north will land them on FV3 – Road to Kak. From this location the party can continue on their quest of fame and fortune with a variety of different encounters. Much like the canyon adventure this one presented different options of travel for a group of young adventurers.

Cover of DSQ3 Asticlian Gambit
DSQ3 Asticlian Gambit
Levels 7–10
121 pages

The palace of the Forest Queen contains treasures unimaginable. To the sons and daughters of Athas's harsher climes, Gulg and the Crescent Forest seem almost perversely lush, a jumble of green and growing things hording precious water for the benefit of the few. But while basking in the glow of Lalali-Puy6's gratitude, your characters have the richness of the forest at your beck and call. Of course, the Oba's sensibilities are easily bruised, and her nature is notoriously unforgiving. Gulg's dank dungeons are only a staging area to a deadly ceremony, where the young nobles of the city chase prisoners through the forest to earn their places as lords of their city - the Red Moon Hunt. Play this as a stand-alone adventure or as the sequel to Freedom, Road to Urik, and Arcane Shadows. TSR 2412

Cover of Terrible Trouble at Tragidore
Terrible Trouble at Tragidore
Levels 5–8
16 pages

Terrible Trouble at Tragidore is a 16 page tournament module for 5th to 8th level characters. Notorious for being one of the worst modules of all time, with implausible background and encounters and a railroad of a plot.

Cover of Rosethorn
5th Edition
Levels 2–5
8 pages

Goblin attacks have always plagued the farmers and merchants who live and travel along the roads leading to Whitesparrow. But a recent rash of new attacks are something different. The goblins of one particular tribe have gotten particularly smart, attacking with careful tactics and cunning ambushes. The village guards haven’t been able to outwit the goblins, even when laying traps of their own and hiring mercenaries to stop them. Even as goblins go, Rosethorn isn’t much to look at. He’s small and runty, and yet a lucky break placed him in charge of the Brownleaf goblin tribe. When he claimed a powerful magic relic from a dead wizard three months ago, Rosethorn found his intellect multiplied many times over. The world began to make a more intricate kind of sense to him, and he saw patterns in the ways other folk traveled the roads. After hiring a spy in Whitesparrow to tell him which wagons to pursue, Rosethorn cunningly bribed the wagons’ guards to throw battles in the goblins’ favor. He then moved the lair of the Brownleaf tribe away from their dank caves and into the ruins of the Bearded Man—an enormous dead tree at the center of the Howling Wood. There, Rosethorn continues his campaign of ambush against the foolish villagers, increasing his wealth and power with each robbery.

Cover of Shadows of the Dusk Queen
Shadows of the Dusk Queen
Level 8
20 pages

Throughout the land, legends of the Dusk Queen persist. They speak of a sometimes kind, other times cruel, yet always mysterious fey queen who ruled from her Dusk Tower—a tall spire of smooth, dark stone in the heart of a great, shadowy forest. Perhaps the most gripping legends, however, whisper of the Dusk Queen’s sudden and mysterious disappearance. Also available in 5e format.

Cover of Druid's Lament
Druid's Lament
5th Edition
Level 6
30 pages

The citizens of Battledale seek aid against marauding bandits, while the neighboring forest looms menacingly over their homesteads. The adventurers stumble upon a much darker foe, while trying to help the peaceful community hunt down the brigands. A misguided druid, who’s on the verge of insanity, wields an artifact, born of sorrow and hate, that could change the world. An evil that might alter the face of Faerun, if left unchecked. Will the heroes be able to vanquish the otherworldly threat once and for all? The players must traverse into one of the most deadly forests of the Forgotten Realms, called the Tangled Trees. Should they survive long enough, they will enlist the help of a magical denizen of the forest, who will aid them to find the bandits, but also in stopping the tainted druid and her abominations.

Cover of RA2 Ship of Horror
RA2 Ship of Horror
Levels 8–10
63 pages

Horrible hauntings, cruel curses, dark secrets...this is no pleasure cruise! The mists of Ravenloft know no boundaries and observe no rules. One way or another, they always get what they want - this time with some help from a cursed captain and his ship. Player characters boarding an innocent-looking ship will soon find themselves aboard a haunted vessel, destined for an island inhabited by a new form of undead creatures. But that's not the end of the horror - an evil necromancer lies at the root of the evil on the island. The battle isn't over until he's been defeated! Ship of Horror is an adventure set in Ravenloft with two beginnings: one for PCs already in Ravenloft, and one for DMs looking for a way to push his PCs into Ravenloft from other worlds. The adventure includes three new monsters, new spells, and several handouts ready for distribution to players. Ship of Horror is an adventure for four to six players of levels 8-10 looking for grisly chills and thrills! TSR 9321

Cover of DDAL-DRWEP-02 Wings of Death
DDAL-DRWEP-02 Wings of Death
5th Edition
Levels 17–20
74 pages

A Dreams of the Red Wizards Epic The treachery and master plan of Thay are at last revealed—and heroes are needed for a final assault to prevent the return of one of Faerûn’s greatest evils! Part Five of the Storm King’s Descent series of adventures. A Four-Hour Epic for 11th- through 16th-Level Characters and 17th- through 20th-Level Characters. Optimized For: APL 13 and 18 This adventure also includes rules for single-table play. Content warnings include: cold weather hazards, possession, and slavery

Cover of The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford
The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford
Levels 1–3
18 pages

Those friendly dwarves were the first to go, the poor things. And now the beast has been killing and eating the people of Brandonsford. No-one wants to leave the town's walls. With the humans out of the forest, fairies have taken over, and now the goblin king Hogboon seeks to claim the entire forest as his new kingdom.

Cover of It Fell From The Sky
It Fell From The Sky
5th Edition
Levels 7–9
15 pages

It Fell From The Sky is a science-fantasy adventure for 7th-9th level characters in which the player characters investigate a meteor that turns out to actually be a crashed interplanar craft containing advanced technology and alien creatures.

Cover of Into Wonderland
Into Wonderland
5th Edition
Levels 8–14
240 pages

Into Wonderland is a book detailing an adventure in the Feywild, a setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. This book provides player options, encounters, variant rules, and a campaign of expeditions into the unknown centred around the city of Endercoast that has been spirited away from the Material Plane. To survive, you'll need to balance the needs of the displaced city with the mercurial whims of four powerful archfey. What's Included? - Endercoast, a city plucked from its roots and replanted in the Feywild - Quirks of the Feywild, including four powerful archfey, a guide for creating new archfey, rules for travel using emotional truth instead of maps, chaotic seasonal and magical effects, pranks, consequences for getting lost, and 14 weird stops along the way - New races - New subclasses - New backgrounds - New feats - New spells - Fantastical questlines taking a party through the courts of the archfey and on magical journeys inspired by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm - A whole heap of chaotic encounters with strange fey creatures - Dozens of new monsters, including 8 ancient beasts, 3 dangerous plants, 4 extremely powerful archfey, a bunch of NPCs based on the new subclasses of the book, creepy new fey like the darkwood stalker and the time vulture, a powerful hag, and more

Cover of Something Dark Stirs
Something Dark Stirs
5th Edition
Level 4
22 pages

A dark and grievous peril has befallen the peaceful free-village of Peppermint as the forces of undeath raised by Senerith Wildblossom, ravage the land. An eon ago he was a proud elven healer of great renown in Duskwood Dell, that has been reduced to a mere husk of his former self, becoming a manifestation of pure evil, intent on wreaking havoc and mayhem to all the living – a Zombie Lord. The players are called to assist Peppermint village and investigate the nearby woodcutting hamlet of Snakewood. The hamlet has been destroyed by the despicable zombie lord, and his forces are now underway to attacking Peppermint too! The players will have to travel to Snakewood hamlet as well as what used to be Duskwood Dell, and then make a mad rush against time while also carrying an injured Halfling, to warn and defend the unsuspecting villagers.

Cover of DC01: Drow Necromancy
DC01: Drow Necromancy
5th Edition
Level 1
9 pages

A peaceful isolated village has hosted its share of superstitions, but something real is poised to plague the citizens of the community. Can heroes rise to prevent the destruction of the village? What drives some to leave the safety of their communities and start along the path of adventure. Maybe it is something in their background that compels them; maybe it is the lure of treasure; maybe it is just a curious map. It is the first episode in the Drow Conspiracy. Published by Dan Hass Endeavors.

The Siege of Castle Rend
5th Edition
Level 5
50 pages

The Siege of Castle Rend is an adventure for the fifth edition of the world’s first roleplaying game, suitable for five 5th-level characters. It takes place over four parts, and each part can be completed in one or two sessions of play, depending on your group’s playstyle and how long you like to play in a single sitting. If all goes according to plan over the course of this adventure, the player characters will expose an usurping lord, fight orcs, acquire a stronghold, defend it from an invading army, win the admiration of a town filled with potential vassals, and make political connections within the Barony of Bedegar. Of course, no adventure goes according to plan. The PCs will invariably throw these well-laid schemes into chaos, and they’ll have to improvise. But if we know how things would have gone if the PCs never showed up (or are cowards), it makes it easier for us GMs to improvise when things go off the rails. Published by MCDM

Cover of Fair Barovia
Fair Barovia
4th Edition
Levels 5–7
38 pages

Barovia has long suffered under the rule of Count Strahd von Zarovich, but the evil that plagues this land extends well beyond the walls of Castle Ravenloft. See what keeps the good citizens of Barovia awake at night.

Cover of Swords of the Moonsea: Five Adventures
Swords of the Moonsea: Five Adventures
5th Edition
Levels 1–10
132 pages

nside this full-color, 132-page anthology you’ll find five best-selling Adventurer’s League quests for level 1-10 characters. Inside are over 20 illustrations, including a half-dozen full-page pieces by the esteemed Andrea Alemanno. Also included are instructions on how to weave these adventures into an ongoing story arc as part of your campaign. Tier 1 (Level 1-4): The Cornflower Hive (SFBAY-04-01): What links an infamous Zhentarim mercenary with a brilliant but tormented artificer? To find out, the adventurers must break the goblinoid siege of the village of Westfir. After the bizarre goblins are defeated, the Cornflower Hive must be destroyed. Ultimately, what secrets are held in the grain mill by the Westfork river? The White Well (PDXAGE-01-01): The Gommurg Clan of hill dwarves rarely deal with outsiders. The dwarf clan’s isolation has gifted them with great skill and wealth. Unfortunately, their pride has made them vulnerable to an ancient power confined centuries ago. An exile has magically foretold the clan’s destruction. This diviner is the only one who knows how to stop the evil threatening the Gommurg. Tier 2 (Level 5-10): The Barrows of Solina (STORM-01): Zhentarim traders. Shadowy figures roaming the fields near Hillsfar. How do these all relate? Everything traces back to the recently unearthed grave-barrows. Rescuing a caravan from undead attackers, the adventurers learn of an ancient danger. The Dark Hunt (PDXAGE-02-01): The village near Oreclasp Keep has been reporting brutal owlbear attacks that have left people missing or dismembered. Lord Oreclasp has placed a bounty for every owlbear beak brought to Oreclasp Keep. The villagers don’t suspect the deeper problems brewing in the land. Under Earth & Stone (SFBAY-04-02): A Mulmaster refugee named Ani Kuleimatt discovered references to a forgotten mine near the Moonsea, a mine rumored to produce an unexpected export. The adventurers are hired to locate the complex and secure its resources for the Mulmaster Diaspora.

Cover of CCC-BMG-17 ELM 1-2 The Lost Sanctum
CCC-BMG-17 ELM 1-2 The Lost Sanctum
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
19 pages

Terrible news indicates that some vestige of the long-dead god Moander might be active in the forests near Elmwood. The Town Council is seeking clever adventurers to brave the perils of the Cormanthor forest to breach a lost wizard’s sanctum in search of a way to protect the town. Four hour adventure. Also contains information about the town of Elmwood. Part of the Elmwood Trilogy.