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Cover of The Cradle of Fire
The Cradle of Fire
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
10 pages

An oasis exploration and lava-filled obsidian dungeon crawl for 4-5 players of 5th to 6th level. Battle elemental evils, save captured sandworms, claim unique elemental magic items. A malevolent and ancient elemental lies imprisoned within a lava-filled obsidian cavern. Explore the hidden passages before his shackles break and havoc is unleashed upon the nearby oasis! 10 pages of oasis exploration and lava-filled dungeon peril! Statblocks for the life-cycle of desert sandworms, plus three unique elemental magic items like "Summer's Bane" - an armlet of compacted ice that grants the wielder a magical bow, and the "Embershard" - a dagger made from the jawbone of a red dragon that imbues the wielder with elemental magics. Run the adventure your way - drop the PCs off at the dungeon entrance and explore the perlious cavern, or let them cavort in the oasis before uncovering the lingering threat. We hope you enjoy the desert oasis and obsidian-carved dungeon crawl from the Heart of Arcana.

Cover of GK3 Descendants
GK3 Descendants
Levels 3–5
22 pages

In this adventure, a temple to a snake god that has lasted, yet changed, through the ages. This adventure takes place many years following the events that occur in the fantasy age in UN3 Dungeons. Part of a double dungeon adventure that is set in two fantastic time periods. UN3 Dungeons GK3 Descendants This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

Cover of WS1 Isle of Jade
WS1 Isle of Jade
Levels 1–3
21 pages

Deep within the Kraken's Maw, a brutal maelstrom of ocean that devours ships, lies the mysterious Isle of Jade. Long forgotten in the memory of men, the island has served as a bastion for an ancient sect of female Corsairs, but their power is waning and the threat of the outside world is at their shores in the form of a necromancer from Roslof Keep. Now a party has set out from Taux seeking the necromancer. Their course will take them directly into a conflict of high magic, ancient warrior religions, marauding fern goblins, and primordial dinosaurs. Will you take up the challenges presented by the Isle of Jade? When a necromancer steals a maiden of ancient bloodline, the Wizards of the Order of Towers must find a way to get her back. Hiring a merchant lord of Taux to fund a rescue mission the hope is to return her before the dark Wizard can use her to find the legendary White Ship and the key to magic beyond this world. Now the mission is in jeopardy as the adventurers have become stranded on the mysterious Isle of Jade. Braving a dark corruption, nasty native Fern Goblins, and even ancient Amazons, the party will have to stop the corruption before it turns the islands inhabitants and giant reptiles mad. This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules. Also available in PDF.

Cover of GameMastery Module D1: Crown of the Kobold King
GameMastery Module D1: Crown of the Kobold King
3.5 Edition
Levels 2–3
36 pages

The crown of the kobold king will be anointed in blood. Five children from the town of Falcon’s Hollow have gone missing, dragged off into ruins underneath a cursed dwarven monastery. Soon they will be sacrificed to the crown, all to the glory of the twisted King of the Kobolds. If they are to be saved from this gruesome fate, brave heroes must follow their trail to the monastery and plumb the depths of its trap-laden and monster-infested halls.

Cover of HWA3 Nightstorm
HWA3 Nightstorm
Levels 8–10
64 pages

To Find the Immortals! The all-powerful Immortals have vanished! The quest to locate them has led across the Atlass Ocean and the land of Shahjapur, where moguls hunt tigers, un-touchables respectfully avoid higher castes, and holy fakirs perch immobile for years on end. In this land of shrines and elephants and shapeshifting assassins, resolution may lie at the end of the mysterious "Emerald River." But no one knows the location of this river and no map shows its bed. Does the answer lie within the Temple of Eight Sweet Winds? Hopefully so, for time grows short. The Immortals themselves must be found and enlisted - to stave off the approaching cataclysm called: NIGHTSTORM! Nightstorm is the third adventure for the D&D Hollow World Campaign Set. The Hollow World boxed set is required to play. This 65-page adventure fits easily into your existing campaign, either as a stand-alone adventure or part of the history-spanning Blood Brethren trilogy. These three lined modules can be played in any order - but the adventure ends here! This adventure is designed for four to six characters of levels 8 to 10. Easily Adaptable to the AD&D Game! TSR 9311

Cover of FN10 - Abbey of Sobek
FN10 - Abbey of Sobek
Levels 4–7
12 pages

With your fame building in the Great Plains of Dorack you have received word of an abandoned temple that has been showing signs of life. Years ago the followers of the old deity Sobek built a temple to honor him. The cult died out after a successful raid by Plainsmen who looted the complex after killing off the monks who inhabited it. A few days after the temple sacking the chieftain responsible for the attack fell ill and died of a mysterious disease. As it was believed a curse befell the warlord, the area was abandoned and considered taboo. Lately strange lights have been seen near the old temple and a giant stone alligator has been spotted in the area. The Plainsmen cannot go to the area as the old taboo is still in place and have asked your party to investigate.

Cover of The Tangled Temple
The Tangled Temple
5th Edition
Levels 8–9
3 pages

While traveling through a jungle expanse, the party meet a trader named Smera with a strange tale. Turned away from a nearby outpost, the trader is now heading back to civilization. Curiosity leads the party to the outpost, which has been destroyed. A strange disease has taken the outpost’s inhabitants, who built the place in support of a scholarly excavation of a nearby temple ruin. Following the path carved through the jungle by the excavation team, the PCs find the temple and its secrets. In this moss-covered and dark adventure, the party explores an old temple, faces its verdant guardians, and finds the source of the strange disease.

Cover of Broken Chains
Broken Chains
Level 6
32 pages

The slave markets of Katapesh may be an unsavory sort of business, but the trade metropolis’s enigmatic law enforcers have few qualms with the legal act of selling and buying flesh. Other factions, including the abolitionist Eagle Knights of Andoran, have their own opinions on the matter, however, and frequently send undercover agents into dangerous territory to break up slave rings. When one such Eagle Knight goes missing while investigating an underground slave operation beneath the dilapidated Twilight Gate district, it’s up to the PCs to delve an abandoned (but hardly uninhabited) qanat beneath Katapesh and discover her dire fate. Yet not everything is as it seems in the dank slave caverns under Twilight Gate, and clues hint that the slavers may have even more loathsome connections than initially suspected.

Cover of DDAL07-02 Over the Edge
DDAL07-02 Over the Edge
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
42 pages

In response to a new but as-of-yet-unnamed threat, the factions have called upon adventurers to venture into the jungle in search of a location for a new base of operations. As such, you have been charged with scouting several locations to assess their viability. Surely something so trivial as a scouting mission couldn’t go wrong?

Cover of Visions of the Vault: One Page Dungeons: Crypt of the Pale Vein
Visions of the Vault: One Page Dungeons: Crypt of the Pale Vein
5th Edition
Levels 1–9
1 pages

The chapel, once populated by the priests and priestesses of Eldath has now been desecrated by cult of necromancers who sought its secrets to prolonged life. They soon discovered the bodies of the chapel’s clerics they slew, and those interred in the catacombs below, were unnaturally strengthened and preserved by the chapel’s white waters. Their bodies were soon used to create powerful undead. Seeing this desecration of her followers, Eldath stemmed the flow of her life-giving waters. The cultists remain in her chapel, seeking to corrupt the well and harness its powers for their vile plans. Published by Arcana Games.

Cover of Pathfinder Society Quest #2: Unforgiving Fire
Pathfinder Society Quest #2: Unforgiving Fire
Pathfinder 2e
Levels 1–4
20 pages

Venture-Captain Rashmivati Melipdra has called for a group of Pathfinders to travel to Jalmeray and assist her in retrieving a stolen relic. A former member of the Monastery of Unblinking Flame, Melipdra was in the process of negotiating with the monastery for custody of some of their most ancient and historically significant training devices. Before the deal could be completed, a rogue monk stole one of the relics and fled the monastery for the island of Veedesha. There, the monk seeks to use her training and the stolen devices to create a new competing monastery. As the PCs travel to a lawless island controlled by bandits and martial artists, they must find a way to retrieve the stolen goods from the new master of the Monastery of Unforgiving Fire.

Cover of The Test of High Sorcery
The Test of High Sorcery
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
154 pages

So you want to be a Mage of High Sorcery? To join the esteemed organization, you must travel to the Tower of Wayreth and undertake the most important event in your life—the harrowing Test of High Sorcery! If you can survive where so many aspiring mages have failed, you will forever bind your soul to the Gods of Magic and gain access to untold arcane secrets. The Test of High Sorcery is the perfect adventure for new and veteran players looking to experience Dungeons & Dragons in a new way! It is a solo adventure, where your choices have meaningful consequences, but it also provides balanced rules to play with a group or a Dungeon Master. This 154-page tome features: - A sprawling adventure that fits perfectly as an expansion to any Dragonlance campaign, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, or as a stand-alone replayable experience - A tale full of sorcerous intrigue, featuring many new characters alongside iconic favorites like Fistandantilus, Takhisis, Fizban the Fabulous, and the Gods of Magic - Innovative Destiny and Trait mechanics make your choices really matter—and ensure every mage’s Test of High Sorcery is a unique experience - Over 60 possible outcomes to determine which Order of High Sorcery you join and provide compelling new plot hooks for your character during future adventures - Dozens of unique locations with rich stories and sorcerous challenges that Dungeon Masters can use to create their own version of the Test of High Sorcery - New magic items and stat blocks, with mechanics that support clever use of enemies’ weaknesses and the environment against them - Four gorgeous sample characters, with interactive character sheets designed to be new-player friendly so that you can jump right into the story - A detailed primer on the history of Krynn and how it relates to the Mages of High Sorcery - A community survey when you finish to let you see how you compare to other mages taking their Tests of High Sorcery

Cover of Sanguine Sacrament
Sanguine Sacrament
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
12 pages

The Godless Depths For the first time in eons, ancient aberrations are emerging from the deep ocean. Driven by some otherworldly fervour, they encroach upon the local villages, searching with beady eyes for anyone linked to the Gods. Even now you hear rumours of kidnap, men and women dragged kicking and screaming into the depths.

Cover of CCC-TRI-23 Sub Rosa
CCC-TRI-23 Sub Rosa
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
31 pages

Hot on the trail of Selise Teshwave and Baron Rajiram, the adventurers must enter newly exposed mountain excavations in the Galena mountains. Swift action must be taken to prevent the Baron from obtaining a powerful weapon from this ruin. Meanwhile, the mysterious Teshwave siblings, Abigail and Char, are hot on the trail of their older sister. This is Adventurer's League legal adventure set near the Galena Mountains. This module first premiered at Carnagecon 2018. Part Two of the Storm Series.

Cover of PS7 - City of Harvick
PS7 - City of Harvick
5th Edition
Levels 6–9
21 pages

After a restful time in Queen’s Point you begin to hear rumors of some “lost city” being discovered. After speaking with some of the locals and visiting the library you become intrigued. Apparently Harvick was abandoned during the plague years and its riches were never recovered. Along with the regular valuables one would find in an abandoned city, it is rumored that an ancient artifact or two may also be present. Sounds like it’s time to strap on the adventuring gear and take a look around.

Cover of Grimmsgate
Levels 1–3
23 pages

Deep in the wooded wilderness, the village of Grimmsgate is an outpost town on a seldom-traveled trail, right at the edge of nowhere. The village’s half-ruined temple of Law, dilapidated inn, drunken blacksmith, exiled trader and a few fur-trappers are enough to keep the bloody-minded denizens of the dark forest at bay, but nobody really expects the village to still be there in another ten years. The woods have become too dangerous for the trappers who once caught animals for fur, and merchants no longer travel the poorly-maintained road. What great evil and what fabulous treasures are to be found in these lands? A brave band of adventurers might make their fortunes here. Or perhaps they might never return… Grimmsgate is an introductory adventure for the Swords & Wizardry tabletop roleplaying game. The Swords & Wizardry rules are needed to play this adventure.

Cover of Sundered Faith
Sundered Faith
3rd Edition
Levels 6–8
15 pages

FOR PUBLIC POSTING: Last week, several laborers who were working to clean up the damage to our sewer caused by the recent earthquake had been found brutally murdered. Until further notice, citizens should stay clear of any sewer gratings, openings, or tunnels for their own safety. Do not allow children to play unattended in areas where such openings are known to exist. The governor is assembling a group of interested persons to investigate these murders. Each member of the investigation team will receive 500gp up front, with an additional 2000 GP to follow upon a thorough and satisfactory completion of the investigation, provided evidence that the matter has been dealt with is presented to the governor. If you desire to join this investigation, please apply at City Hall.

Cover of The Tale of Two Sphinxes
The Tale of Two Sphinxes
5th Edition
Levels 17–20
7 pages

In the beginning, a pair of sphinxes — one male and one female — guarded a desert temple in relative peace. They watched over a vault that held a magical ring that could change the world. The androsphinx — Bazymoros — succumbed to corruption; he denounced the trickster god who created him. Bazymoros forged a pact with the demon god, Baphomet, becoming violent and sought to claim the item in the name of his patron. In an effort to save the world, the gynosphinx Asmuzi defeated him. She locked Bazymoros away, never again to see the light of day. The androsphinx remained as an example of what not to become. It has been so long since this battle that much of the knowledge of Bazymoros has disappeared from the collective memory of the races that inhabit the world. All that remains is the knowledge of the dangerous gynosphinx made from the flesh of human and creature. . . and the treasure she keeps.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar #5: Blasphemy & Larceny in Lankhmar
Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar #5: Blasphemy & Larceny in Lankhmar
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 5
16 pages

A member of your gang awakens in an alleyway with foggy memories of a deal made, a job taken, a partner slain, and a heist planned. They struggle to remember the details, but you all agree that breaking into an abandoned temple should be a simple matter – in and out. Yet the heist is on a collision course with something sinister. What begins as an easy job becomes anything but, as you confront cultists, vengeful spirits, and the servitors of a long-forgotten god. While seeking an easy score, you uncover a plan to strike a blow into the heart of Lankhmar, and no one is safe from the blasphemous plot. A choice needs to be made. Will you stand with the city, or risk letting it descend into chaos? Curse the gods of Lankhmar for their cruel joke that, in the shadowed alleyways of Lankhmar, there is no such thing as a “simple matter.” Officially licensed from the estate of Fritz Leiber.

Cover of FO2 - Forstal's Final Rest
FO2 - Forstal's Final Rest
Levels 2–5
11 pages

Decades ago a group of adventurers saved the town of Logan’s Bluff from a humanoid incursion. While the battle ended in a victory, the cost was high when the party lost a valued member of their group. In his honor his comrades and grateful citizens built a tomb over his final resting spot. In the decades since the battle peace has reigned but has recently waned with the advent of more humanoid sightings. Some have wondered if Forstal’s tomb is drawing the humanoids back for revenge.