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Cover of Escape from Meenlock Prison
Escape from Meenlock Prison
3.5 Edition
Level 1
12 pages

What was supposed to be a simple prisoner transfer grows complicated when the PCs arrive at a prison that’s recently come under new management.

Cover of Mini Hex
Mini Hex
5th Edition
Levels 4–11
16 pages

Content in English / Contenido en Español Mini Hex is Hex Crawl that can be played in one session, its ideal to show your players what a hex crawl is about. It may serve simple purposes as finding some rare flowers in the forest, the location of a ritual in the city or the cave with the treasure in the hills. This module contains: 3 scenarios. 18 combat encounters for levels 4, 7 and 11 characters. 30 obstacles encounter of varying difficulty. More than 100 traps variations. Aids for easy setup. Area and battle maps. A couple of interesting mechanics to make your game feel fresh. Mini Hex es Hex Crawl que se puede jugar en una sesión, es ideal para mostrar a tus jugadores de qué se trata un rastreo hexadecimal. Puede tener propósitos simples como encontrar algunas flores raras en el bosque, la ubicación de un ritual en la ciudad o la cueva con el tesoro en las colinas. Este módulo contiene: 3 escenarios. 18 encuentros de combate para personajes de nivel 4, 7 y 11. 30 obstáculos ambientales de diversa dificultad. Más de 100 variaciones de trampas. Ayudas para prepara rápido y fácil una partida. Área y mapas de batalla. Un par de mecánicas interesantes para que tu juego se sienta fresco.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #73: Emirikol Was Framed!
Dungeon Crawl Classics #73: Emirikol Was Framed!
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 4
20 pages

The mad wizard Emirikol is terrifying the city! Striking without reason and sending his winged apes to slaughter the populace, the famous archmage has gone too far. Now a coffer of jewels is offered to those who would dare defeat him. The ever-changing walls of his Shifting Tower are guarded by a host of diabolical traps, fiendish guardians, and unimaginable terror. Will your adventurers come out victorious…or lose their very souls in the attempt?

Cover of T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil
T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil
Levels 1–8
128 pages

"...the Ultimate Campaign Adventure..." A sinister force, long thought destroyed, stirs from the black hole that spawned it. Like an ebony darkness it prowls the land and safety is but an illusion, for it watches from every shadow and ponders possibilities. What began years ago with the introduction of the players to the quiet village of Hommlet and the amazing lands of Greyhawk, at last is complete. Here is the long awaited campaign adventure featuring the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil! Evil broods and grows beneath those blasted stones. This is your chance to drive it back and scatter its forces again. This product includes the village of Hommlet, the filthy shire of Nulb, and reveals the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil and the labyrinths that lie beneath, a warren of darkness. And beyond these ruins, even more is revealed. For the first time this product provides a complete campaign adventure which will take beginning characters from 1st all the way to 8th level and possibly beyond! Hours of adventure await you! TSR 9147

Cover of FV5 - Xodus Isle
FV5 - Xodus Isle
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
21 pages

While strolling through the streets of Kak you notice a pair of men laying in the alley. Upon closer inspection you notice that one of the dead men has a unique tattoo. Peering closer you notice that this man, dressed as a pirate, has a tattoo of an island with an “x” on it! Once this tattoo is discovered the PCs will need to locate a ship to head off on a treasure hunt. Finding a ship captain that is familiar with Xodus Isle will not be difficult but trusting the captain…well that’s a different story entirely.

Cover of Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls
Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls
Levels 1–7
134 pages

Beware All Who Enter These Benighted Halls of Stone. Within Lies No Solace Nor Any Comforts of Home. Toiling For Our Crimes We Must Dig Where We Dwell, With No Freedom or Mercy In Our Vast Stony Hell. Stonehell Dungeon is a classic-style megadungeon, filled with enough monsters, traps, weirdness, and treasure to keep you gaming for a long, long time. Explore over 700 rooms, encounter more than 40 new monsters, and discover 18 mysterious magical items -- and that's just in the first book! Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls details the first six levels of a megadungeon intended for use with the Labyrinth Lord™ role-playing game, but is easily adaptable to most early versions of the original fantasy role-playing game and its retro-clones. Featuring art by J.A. D'Andrea, Lee Barber, Marcelo Paschoalin, and Ralph Pasucci, Stonehell Dungeon gives the game master all the necessary information to run his players through the dungeon, while offering enormous opportunities to customize and expand on the site. The monsters of Stonehell Dungeon are waiting to meet you. Won't you come in? Published by Three-Headed Monster Games.

Cover of DDAL07-01 A City on the Edge
DDAL07-01 A City on the Edge
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
50 pages

Often called the “Gateway to Chult”, the exotic city of Port Nyanzaru is built upon a landscape both mystifying and marvelous. However, the city’s vibrant beauty is overshadowed by a mysterious scourge that plagues all within the land. Can the divergent forces within the city discover the truth before all are overcome by this growing threat? Five Four-Hour Mini-Adventures for 1st-4th Level Characters

Cover of Dreams Within Dreams
Dreams Within Dreams
Any Level
6 pages

"Dreams Within Dreams" provides a group of heroes with the first hints that ther eis something more to dreams and nightmares than images caused by eating a big meal right before bedtime. It brings them into contact with the first level of reality. One here who experiences a nightmare also catches the interest of Hypnos, a member of the Nightmare Court. This leads to another revelation - dreams can have profound and even dangerous affect on the waking world. Adventure I: Dreams Within Dreams From Book Three: Book of Nightmares: https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/the-nightmare-lands TSR 1124

Cover of The Secrets of the Twisting Colossus
The Secrets of the Twisting Colossus
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
40 pages

‘The Secrets of the Twisting Colossus’ is a tale of alchemy and transformation. The heroes are the material components in the creation of an addictive potion. The heroes are lured into the experiment by the alchemist Paricalus, and once the heroes understand the true purpose it will be too late. The only escape is to understand the subtle clues around them and to keep moving forward. At the end of the experiment lies salvation but also the grand finale. If the heroes escape the experiment, they can confront their tormentor. In this 5E module (suitable for level 4-6 & adaptable to any setting), you will find: • 40-page module. • 3 colored maps and downloadable options for FG, Roll20. • 3 Appendices covering NPCs, magic items, and alternative chambers. • Handouts containing visual depiction to entice players. • 2-3 sessions of gameplay. • A dynamic dungeon where chambers change position. • Rules for miniaturized game play. • Old-school play-style suggestions. • Possibilities to use the module as a springboard to planar adventures. If you enjoy this module please let me know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Have fun!

Cover of Curse of Faeriewell
Curse of Faeriewell
5th Edition
Level 5
24 pages

"A curse has spread through Darkroot Forest! Plants are attacking people, and the very air seems poisonous once you travel deep within the woods. Your group has decided to investigate this area, and rumors have it that the abandoned town of Faeriewell is where this disease started spreading. Or maybe the people of a nearby settlement asked for your help? or perhaps a noble Lord that just inherited the land hired you to clear out his new forest? This part is really up to you." The Curse of Faeriewell is an adventure for a level 5 party that you can easily drop into a campaign or play as a standalone one-shot. It will last between 3 and 5 hours. It is setting agnostic, but best at home in a Fantasy world. This adventure can serve as an interlude from your main campaign, a sidequest or simply as a one shot.

Cover of FT - Silvantri
FT - Silvantri
Levels 1–6
11 pages

Tucked away in the Springwood Forest is the Elven settlement of Silvantri. The town is filled with those Elves who left their ancestral home in the Treetop Forest. The community is elevated and suspension bridges link the buildings together. This setting will allow those enjoy Elven backgrounds to further their joy.

Cover of Third Time's the Charm
Third Time's the Charm
5th Edition
Levels 2–5
25 pages

Questing through the forest, you will be tested. Which side will you take between a wizard and the Keepers of the Veil? Will you be able to find the materials necessary to help cure your friend of the ancient evil that assails him? And when it comes down to it, what are you willing to sacrifice for your beliefs? Third Time’s the Charm picks up where Second Glance left off and invites the PC to find a wizard who can help heal the Crystalline Curse slowly paralyzing the PC’s friend and protector. As the party grows closer on this adventure, learning to depend on one another, they must also navigate the Veiled Wood’s changing landscape, deciding who they can trust and who they will help as much lies in the balance. Though this was written as the third installment in the Crystalline Curse Trilogy, this adventure can be inserted into any campaign setting and scaled accordingly. Third Time’s the Charm is part of our mission to bring you high-quality, ready-to-play material that supports adventuring parties of 1 Player and 1 DM. This adventure is written for a third-level character in a one-on-one 5th edition D&D campaign. Everything you need for your own two-person game is inside! This product includes: -A 3rd or 4th-level adventure adaptable to any setting -Stat blocks for one new creature and two NPCs -A region map, two sitemaps, and a hand-drawn dungeon map to aid the PC’s investigations -A fully realized forest region with fleshed-out NPCs and places to explore -Detailed backstory for the ancient warrior sheltered inside the PC’s treasured amulet -Four custom magical items And helpful tips for DMing a one-on-one game This adventure is perfect for those looking to begin or continue their duet campaign. Published by D&D Duet.

Cover of The Temple of Pure Fire
The Temple of Pure Fire
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
8 pages

Constructed into the side of an active volcano or buried deep beneath the ground lies the Temple of Pure Fire. Within its walls is enough flame and lava to make even the hardiest of adventures question their decision to pass through its doors. This temple contains grand constructs that have laid dormant for hundreds of years, but stir from their great slumber when they are needed to defend this former place or worship. Grand forges, lava-fueled smelters, and even an obsidian lava transportation vehicle wait within the walls of this ancient temple.

Cover of PS8 - Dungeons of Harvick
PS8 - Dungeons of Harvick
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
28 pages

The final adventure (maybe) in the Provincia series is Dungeons of Harvick. Deep below the ruins of the once great city lie twisting tunnels and rooms filled with danger. While clearing the ruins above was no easy feat, clearing out the winding corridors below will challenge even the most courageous of delvers. Do your players have what it takes to eliminate the danger of the depths?

Cover of FA3 - Darkwood Forest
FA3 - Darkwood Forest
Levels 2–6
15 pages

This setting was used in the FN series and like the others in the FA series, it was used as an area for multiple adventure opportunities as well as a semi-safe haven. The main community in the area is the Village of Tomore. This community is offered as a free download! With a multitude of side adventures this area helps mid-level adventurers increase their experience point base. Close to this area is the previously published Sunken Temple of Bulu and the Ruins of Tarlac Keep.

Cover of Villains & Lairs
Villains & Lairs
5th Edition
Levels 1–20
200 pages

Expand your game with this collection of 56 NPCs of various Challenge Ratings, thirteen of which include maps and details of their lairs. Add these NPCs as a side-quest, a main villain, a one-shot, a bounty for easy money, or however else you wish. Written by some of the best-selling authors on the Dungeon Masters Guild and outstanding podcasters, each NPC includes an image, a backstory, motives, flaws, and a stat block. Some even include new magic items!

Into the Forsaken Temple's Crypt - Episode Five: Ellowyn Blacktree the Traitor
3rd Edition
Level 10
4 pages

Into the Forsaken Temple's Crypt is a short adventure for four 10th-level characters. The adventure takes place in a buried temple crypt, which has been sealed for centuries. Dungeon Masters can adjust it for higher-level characters by widening the dead magic areas and increasing the number and power of constructs and undead that inhabit the complex. The PCs have entered the Forsaken Temple's crypt and started exploring a bit. They had the opportunity to work with some drow to get past clay golems. Now they face a greater danger, but maybe they'll turn back before it's too late.

Cover of Old Olga and Young Yvonne
Old Olga and Young Yvonne
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
65 pages

Old Olga and Young Yvonne is a four- to six-hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters, designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, with a village theme, hags and witches, an abducted child to save, some horror, and mysteries to solve! Willow Creek, a remote farming village, is in trouble: livestock is going missing and reappears gutted in the woods, crops fail and fields blight - and now the bastard child of young Yvonne has gone missing as well. What no one in the village knows: Yvonne is a budding witch secretly feuding with Old Olga, an evil hag in the woods - who now demands a human sacrifice from Yvonne in return for her child. Who can sort out this mess, bring back the innocent child, prevent a murder, and return peace and quiet to Willow Creek? This adventure can also be used as a mini-campaign sandbox. With the branching and inter-connecting scenes, locations, and NPCs it provides, combined with the guidance on how to run a "village adventure", the material provided here on more than 60 pages can easily cover up to eight hours of playtime. Included with this adventure are: + an original custom creature, the young witch + 12 original fleshed out NPCs, including personality traits and roleplaying tips + a toolset for creating villager NPCs quickly + 7 hand-drawn maps of important locations + 4 alternative story rewards (depending on how the adventure resolves)

Cover of The Dark Forest (BoL)
The Dark Forest (BoL)
5th Edition
Level 8
4 pages

"The Dark Forest" is an elder shadow drake lair suitable for four 8th-level characters. This adventure can be completed in one session. A hidden grove within a dark forest has been home to a tribe of alseids for generations. The tribe's most recent leader and spiritual heart was an alseid shaman called Riatha the Raven. Within the grove lies an ancient ring of standing stones atop a burial mount. Here, Riatha conducted sacred nature rites to honor and bless the forest and the tribe. During one of these ceremonies, the ground rumbled and a column of dense black energy shot straight up from the burial mound and into the night sky. Thick darkness enveloped the area, and the suddenly blinded alseids heard terrible roars. An instant later, the darkness dissipated to reveal a mysterious pool ringed with skulls among the standing stones. Two large, dragon-like creatures with black scales and burning red eyes glared at the confused alseids. One the ground lay the body of Riatha, deathly still. Terror and chaos followed as the creatures brought swift and sudden death, killing most of the alseid tribe members with razor-sharp teeth and deadly, black breath. The alseids that survived the inital, bloody attack fled into the forest. They counterattacked a few hours later, desperate to reclaim their grove and recover the body of their beloved leader, but the attempt was a fiasco and they were quickly driven off. Now, the few remaining alseids hide in the forest, frightened and unsure of what to do next.

Cover of A Rat Among Us:  Part One
A Rat Among Us: Part One
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
5 pages

The first part of two lairs—a ratfolk warlock lair and a rattok demon lair—suitable for four or five 3rd-level characters. The lairs can be run separately or together as one longer adventure. Demon Lord of Rats is looking to corrupt the city with his influence. They have grown in number and now seek to infiltrate and influence the guilds of the city.