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Cover of Forbidden Mountain
Forbidden Mountain
Levels 6–8
8 pages

A mad venture across the fourth dimension. Hang onto your helmets in this topsy-turvy dungeon. Be warned that the accidental release of the Evil One (described in the text) could have devestating consequences on the PCs, not to mention the local campaign area. The DM should consider alternatives to the Evil One's powers if they are felt to be too destructive. Pgs. 32-39

Cover of Tortles of the Purple Sage - Part 1
Tortles of the Purple Sage - Part 1
Levels 4–10
23 pages

Part 1 of an Expert-level quest into a hostile wilderness. This adventure takes place in the Known World of the D&D game, as outlined throughout the D&D game rule books and modules. The DM may find it useful to consult the Companion and Masters Sets, as well as most of the X-series of Expert Set modules. D&D Expert Set module X9, The Savage Coast, would be especially helpful, as Tortles of the Purple Sage could easily serve and continue that module's direction and plot like, adding a previously undescribed area (the Great Northway) to the Known World. The DM may also place the areas and events of this adventure within an existing campaign setting, as long as the geographical areas of the campaign match those set forth here. Pgs. 40-62

Cover of After the Storm
After the Storm
Levels 8–10
12 pages

The strangest things wash up on the beach sometimes. The inhabitants of the Acitoff coastline are accustomed to storms, but last week the largest hurricane ever recorded swiftly struck a 60-mile stretch of coastline. The first day after the hurricane, mysterious bodies started floating to surface. They bore the symbol of the feared pirate, Jaggertooth Grin! Now it is up to the adventurers to locate the pirate ship and claim the treasure. The adventurers will have to fight the creatures of the deep in this primarily underwater adventure. Pgs. 3-14

Cover of Bristanam's Cairn
Bristanam's Cairn
Levels 8–12
6 pages

A friendly little cottage and a dreadful secret. As the adventure begins, the PCs are on a journey through temperate, wilderness hills -- perhaps toward a destination of importance in the ongoing campaign, or they might merely be wandering in search of heroic opportunities. Pgs. 20-25

Cover of White Death
White Death
Levels 4–7
5 pages

One reason why they call it "the dead of winter." A year ago, a white dragon came out of the mountains north of Polarton, attacking trappers, driving off game, and marauding as it pleased. The dragon is seriously affecting the financial stability of the town. Therefore, the town council has placed a bounty on the dragon. This is a short arctic adventure. Pgs. 15-19

Cover of The House of the Brothers
The House of the Brothers
Levels 6–10
6 pages

Old fog giants never die - they just slowly fade away. The House of the Brothers is an AD&D® game scenario for 3-6 characters of levels 6-10. Parties composed of less-experienced players should have higher levels, while seasoned players may be able to handle this adventure with lower-level characters. This scenario is designed to fit into the WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ Fantasy Setting. It takes place in hex M5-127 on the WORLD OF GREYHAWK boxed-set maps, three hexes north of Loftwick in The Yeomanry, on the border of the Jotens mountain range. If desired, this encounter may be used to expand a campaign using the supermodule GDQ 1-7 Queen of the Spiders, or it may stand alone. Of course, the scenario can be easily adjusted to fit into nearly any campaign world. The entire adventure may be dropped into a single evening's play. Pgs. 26-31

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