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Cover of Plague of Paucity
Plague of Paucity
Level 2
35 pages

The mountainous lands of the Last Kingdom have long been home to dangerous oni and their foul servitors and kin, but the unification of the Saigoto under the enlightened rulership of the Five Truths has sent them scurrying back into darkness. For years since, they have kept the land shielded from harm. Yet even the great soldiers garrisoned across the Kingdom’s shores and roads cannot stop dissent from boiling up in the shadows. Not everyone embraces the edicts of the land—and while patient teachers, even the Five Truths have their limits. As growing numbers of lastfolk begin to question the traditions of the Last Kingdom, forces far more sinister, preying on the curiosities of mortals, have begun to emerge into the light... Can the PCs discover and end a treacherous plot that threatens to destroy the relative peace of the Last Kingdom?

Cover of FV1 - Jeopardy Caverns
FV1 - Jeopardy Caverns
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
29 pages

The first Filbar 5th Edition adventure is titled Jeopardy Caverns. This adventure can be used in the new D&D edition or the earlier editions as each stat block is presented. This introductory adventure pits a group of new adventurers ready to go out into the frontier to make a name for themselves. For the 5th Edition version this adventure can act as a gateway from new to 3rd or even 4th level for advancement and is set in an area of humanoid caves.

Cover of DDAL07-11 A Lesson in Love
DDAL07-11 A Lesson in Love
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
31 pages

An old elf has wandered into the city from the jungle--prattling on about his long-lost daughter to anyone whose ear he can bend. Though most in Port Nyanzaru dismiss him as mad, he speaks the truth. Can you find and save his daughter?

A Giant Ransom - Episode Four: The Worms Go In
3rd Edition
Level 11
3 pages

A Giant Ransom is a short adventure for four 11th-level characters. There are opportunities for diplomacy, stealth, and combat, based on the choices the PCs make, so any mix of classes is appropriate. The adventure can be set in any campaign world, in a frontier region near glacier-covered mountains. In the story thus far, the PCs have been tasked by Duke Ambrinigan, a local lord, to recover a stolen statue of a golden lion. The lion was stolen in transit by frost giant raiders, and was to be ransomed back to the Duke for 10,000 gp. The PCs were sent to perform the exchange. The giants, however, were attacked by the white dragon Whildenstrank, who stole the statue and retreated to his lair in the middle of a nearby glacier. The PCs encountered the remaining giants, and then set off westward toward the dragon's lair. They traveled across the flat part of the glacier, encountering the frost giant ranger Velg the Dragon Tamer, as well as some burrowing bulettes. The PCs now have entered the Ice Canyons: a maze of twisting passageways surrounding the black spire of rock that the dragon calls home. They have just heard sounds of a battle ahead.

Cover of The Dawn Chasers
The Dawn Chasers
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
21 pages

Ahoy, mateys! Join Captain Moonlight and her crew aboard the Dawn Chaser for swashbuckling adventures on the high seas. You'll fight pirates, tangle with storms, explore a ship wreck and confront an ancient power on a lost island! This easy-to-run adventure is designed for 3rd-4th level characters, and can be completed in 4-6 hours of play. This adventure was co-created with critically acclaimed DMs Guild author, Anthony Lesink. It includes several original maps by Daniel F. Walthall.

Cover of The Night Comes Down
The Night Comes Down
5th Edition
Level 6
26 pages

Deacon Manor used to be a friendly and welcoming place. Often hosting nobles from far and wide as well as supporting the local community of Fettercairn. However, since the return of Lady May, and the unfortunate death of her parents, things have changed. Very few people visit now and those that do never return... Published by Fortiter Games.

Cover of The Night of Dissolution
The Night of Dissolution
3.5 Edition
Levels 4–9
96 pages

Picking up where Chapter 33: Adventures in the Ptolus book leaves off, the adventures in The Night of Dissolution cover an arc that pits player characters against the darkest foes the city of Ptolus has ever faced. Following the threads of a hidden conspiracy, the characters find themselves up against insane cultists, wild chaos magic, and horrors from the primordial days of the world. This adventure book is laced with urban intrigue, high action, and even some dungeon exploration. Some highlights include: A description of Pythoness House, a haunted oracle/brothel that hides a trove of weapons vital in the fight against the Cults of Chaos. A huge secret temple of chaos where insidious fanatics worship the dreaded Galchutt. Details of a city-wide network of covert spies and agents that extends even into the highest echelons of Ptolus’ elite society. These adventures culminate in the player characters’ attempt to stave off the Night of Dissolution, a dark time long foretold when the slumbering Galchutt will awaken in their hidden lairs deep below the city—and bring catastrophe and woe to the world. Published by Malhavoc Press

Cover of FN2 - Eye of Gruumsh
FN2 - Eye of Gruumsh
Levels 2–4
24 pages

With your first set of adventures firmly under your belt you are relaxing and basking in the glory of a job well done. While at the local tavern imbibing in some well-earned spirits, a commotion can be heard outside. As you step outside the villagers are pampering two children who apparently just rode into town on a very sweaty and tired pony. An arrow is sticking out of the mount’s flank. As the animal is removed the townspeople pepper the children with questions as both are obviously afraid. It would appear the drinks will have to wait.

Cover of OP20 - Well, you want to play D&D?
OP20 - Well, you want to play D&D?
5th Edition
Level 1
6 pages

That’s it, you are done! Your stint in the guard service has come to a close and you are eager to begin your life as an adventurer. With a few coins in your pocket, you head towards the town gates to find fame and fortune. As you approach the city well, a crying child stops you and asks for your help. Do you have that friend, coworker, or family member interested in playing D&D but you don’t want to ‘throw them to the wolves’? This month’s free offering has you covered. Your PC is just getting out of his military stint and wants to carve out their future of fame and fortune. This scenario helps you, the DM, present the basic principles of gaming to a neophyte! This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D AND an AD&D offering, for a single 1st level character, which is included for each! This adventure was designed to be a teaching scenario. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @FilbarRPG for news and offers.

Cover of Wild Dragon Den
Wild Dragon Den
Levels 1–3
16 pages

A young black dragon and two hatchling dragons live in an excavated sandstone burrow in the swamp west of Knacker Knob. Connected to the dragon lair is a complex of sandstone tunnels and chambers inhabited by lizard men. Some sandstone tunnels and chambers are partially flooded, and others are filled with nasty things such as slimes, oozes and gelatinous cubes. The lizard men revere the dragons as magical spirit guardians. In small groups the lizard men are easily defeated, but if allowed to prepare a common defense, the lizard men tribe with its spellcasters may present serious threat to the player characters (PCs). Wild Dragon Den is the first dragon's lair to conquer. Part of TSR 1073 The Dragon's Den

Tomb of the Sand King's Daughter
4th Edition
Level 25
36 pages

The brown dragon Urum-Shar lurks in a strange tomb, plotting schemes only a wyrm of incredible power could understand. Expanding on content from Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, this adventure takes the heroes into Urum-Shar’s dark and trap-filled lair, where they will eventually face the powerful dragon herself. The dungeon heavily employs the use of traps, with fewer monsters. The upper tomb consists of a great puzzle of twelve rooms, and the lower tomb contains the dreaded Urum-Shar, an ancient brown dragon and heir to the lost draconic empire of Maru-Qet. The dungeon has special protections against scrying and other divinations, as well as teleportation.

Cover of DDIA-XGE Underworld Speculation
DDIA-XGE Underworld Speculation
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
29 pages

Operating as secret agents for the Lords of Waterdeep, a promising lead takes you deep into the world of the Xanathar, but what will it take for you to return?

Cover of Cryptic Entry
Cryptic Entry
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
23 pages

Intrepid explorer Reslin Kine garnered a modest reputation and fortune for himself throughout his years adventuring. When he learned he'd die of an incurable illness before his first child would be born, Reslin hired the best workers and wizards he could find to create a vault to protect his son's inheritance. Reslin kept a journal of his efforts, logging the information necessary for his heir to find the vault and claim its treasures. Whatever came of Reslin Kine, his family, or his treasure is now the stuff of stories. Through whatever circumstance, the party has managed to get their hands on a few tattered pages of Reslin’s journal. The cryptic entries noted there contain clues to finding his vault, and the treasure which awaits inside!

Cover of Lest Darkness Rise
Lest Darkness Rise
3.5 Edition
Level 7
15 pages

Long ago, a local priest created a warded graveyard on a remote hillside. As the years passed, it gained a reputation as a spot whose defenses were powerful enough to keep undead in and tomb robbers out. Adventurers began to bring the remains of any creatures they suspected might become restless in death to the Tomb Steppe for interment, and in time they also sought aid against such creatures from the friendly priest. After his death, a brief spate of undead activity commenced, then died away once again. As the years passed, the tales of undead activity in the Tomb Steppe faded into legend, and colonists began to move into the lands nearby. The town of Night Falls was founded a short distance from the graveyard, and it grew quickly into a thriving trade center and farming community. Realizing that the Tomb Steppe was safe enough during the day, the citizens began burying their dead there rather than building new crypts on pristine farmland. Because this method of interment was cheap and easy, people from many surrounding communities brought their dead to the town as well. The business of burial brought new prosperity to Night Falls, and a guild called the Funerary House sprang up to control the trade. But it seems that the threat from the Tomb Steppe has not entirely been laid to rest. The Great Mausoleum -- the largest and finest tomb in the steppe, has been unsealed, and an apparition has been seen within. Who will go to the Tomb Steppe by night and reseal the tomb? Lest Darkness Rise is a short adventure for four 7th-level characters. In keeping with the season, it has a stronger horror theme than most D&D adventures. This scenario can be used as the climax of a series of adventures featuring its secondary characters, or it can simply be a site-based adventure that the PCs stumble across at the right moment. The scenario is set in a semi-civilized area in the far north, far from cities and churches, where winters are harsh and summers never get very hot. These inhospitable conditions have resulted in a low humanoid population. The scenario need not be set in such a wilderness; a rural farming community far from cities works just as well. The only real requirement is that the area have few settlements. The action takes place in the small town of Night Falls and a nearby necropolis of tombs, mausoleums, and graves known as the Tomb Steppe. As always, feel free to adapt the material presented here as you see fit to make it work with your campaign.

Cover of NC7 - Giant Foothold
NC7 - Giant Foothold
5th Edition
Levels 5–7
25 pages

The bustling metropolis of Saydown City is the largest settlement in the Denali land and home to the current ruler King Pellet. As your party reaches the watery entrance a huge iron statue guards the docks. Upon closer inspection you notice that the item is actually a golem. After continued investigation you discover that the ‘heart’ of the creature has been stolen and you accept the job to uncover the loss!

Cover of Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold
Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold
5th Edition
Levels 1–9
174 pages

Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold provides you with fifteen unique adventures to use as one-shots, additions to your current campaign, or inspiration for a new campaign. We've even included a way to link several of the adventures, allowing you to run a short and quick campaign. The adventures use basic 5E creatures, custom creatures, and several Kobold Press creatures. Each adventure is written for a specific party level, but we've also included suggestions on how to adjust each adventure for a weaker or stronger adventuring party. In addition to fun adventures, you'll also find a few new magic items and NPCs to add to your game.

Cover of Just Add Water
Just Add Water
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
4 pages

Just Add Water is a sewer-based dungeon crawl that can be easily inserted into any adventure. All you need is a location with a sewer system and a reason for the party to explore it.

Cover of Lord of Gloomthrone
Lord of Gloomthrone
5th Edition
Level 12
27 pages

Agents of evil are attempting to complete a dark ritual in the icy depths of Gloomthrone Citadel, a ritual that would surely spell disaster for the kingdom if completed! Led by the priestess Z'ress Baenre, a coterie of drow have overtaken the abandoned tower and fortified it with their minions. It's a race against time for the PCs to make their way through Gloomthrone's defenses, and put an end to Z'ress and the foul magic she is using.

Cover of Key of Destiny: Age of Mortals Campaign Volume One
Key of Destiny: Age of Mortals Campaign Volume One
3rd Edition
Levels 1–6
175 pages

An ancient secret is discovered in an overrun border town, long ago forgotten by the elves of the east. It is a magical key—so obscure that history does not remember its form or even what it unlocks. But an unseen evil searches tirelessly, even as the lost knowledge finds its way into the most unlikely hands. The adventure contained within these pages will take a group of heroes from city to ruins, from wasteland to dungeon, and from despair to hope. It presents new creatures, spells and magic items. Published by Sovereign Press.

Cover of Domes of Ishaq-Zahur
Domes of Ishaq-Zahur
5th Edition
Level 5
80 pages

The Domes of Ishaq-Zahur adventure is a tabletop roleplaying game module for 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder featuring challenging combat and traps, a gamut of mind-bending puzzles, a completely custom cast of NPCs and monsters, detailed backstory and plot, and guidelines detailing the best ways to run the sessions standalone or incorporate it into your ongoing campaign. Domes of Ishaq-Zahur introduces the players and characters to a dangerous desert world and the elusive history of the precursor races. Part 1 of the Fate of the Forebears Adventure Path Produced by 2CGaming ​