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Cover of The Halls of Runehammer
The Halls of Runehammer
5th Edition
Levels 0–4
95 pages

The Halls of Runehammer is a classic dwarven dungeon crawl for 5th edition dungeons and dragons. The core adventure module is desigend for characters who are second level and should take a party up to 4th level. 150 years ago a horrible plague called the Red Death swept the known world. When faced with the destruction of their entire clan some of the dwarves of Runehammer turned to a dark evil in an attempt to survive. Until recently that evil lay dormant, but now it threatens to engulf the entire region surrounding the Halls of Runehammer including the small town of Last Stop. Features over 8 episodes of encounters flled with action, excitement, and danger Blaze your own path or choose from two sets of pregenerated characters; one party of dwarves and one party of the canon characters for the Asnar: The Last Kingdom campaign (digital download) Contains 25 available digital maps for high quality printing or use with Online systems like Roll20 (digital download) Comes with Combat Encounter sheets for most combat encounters to help speed up your game play (digital download) Comes with a fully printable puzzle ring trap for Episode 7: The Pump Tower Contains 30 pieces of artwork created just for this adventure and 14 additional licensed pieces of artwork

Cover of BF2 Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign
BF2 Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign
Levels 2–6
59 pages

Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign is the second published adventure series for the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. This module includes three distinct adventures designed for a group of low to mid-level player characters, comprising a total of seven dungeon levels: The Fortress of the Iron Duke: On the day before the wedding of the Duke of Freestead to his beloved Kylenne, an explosion engulfed the Palace, and almost overnight the valley fell into ruin. Tomb of Karsma Megalos: The proud Serenhai people were ruled long ago by a seemingly immortal hero, Karsma Megalos. He disappeared in the Cataclysm, and no one knw here his body was laid... until now. Crooked Rock Tower: Once the old tower on the crooked rock was home to the enigmatic Wizard of Clocks; later it was occupied by the evil wizard Walgren. Rumors tell of great treasure buried beneath it... Published by basicfantasy.org

Cover of Moonless Night: The Defense of Goblin’s Tooth part I
Moonless Night: The Defense of Goblin’s Tooth part I
Levels 1–3
44 pages

Moonless Night is an adventure module composed of short adventures which are compatible with both the first and second editions of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game. The adventures are designed with novice players and dungeon masters (DMs) in mind; more experienced gamers may find the action too scripted, the dangers too forgiving, and the plot too linear for their tastes. In such a case, the DM is encouraged to expand, revise, and delete as necessary.

Cover of SM06 The Warren
SM06 The Warren
Levels 5–8
76 pages

Baron Ketterall’s lands are beset by a plague of marauding goblins! Goblins you say? Pah! Who's afraid of few poxy goblins? But two experienced parties have already gone looking for the goblin lair – never to be heard of again. Poxy goblins you say? Be afraid, be very afraid… The scenario is designed to be an extremely challenging adventure that might undermine a player’s bravado in dealing with low-level monsters such as goblins. Unusual traps, tricks and special weapons are used by the inhabitants of the dungeon to cause the party as much trouble as possible. Published by Dunromin University Press.

Cover of Hidden Oasis - Temple of Thoth
Hidden Oasis - Temple of Thoth
5th Edition
Levels 7–9
19 pages

The Hidden Oasis-Temple of Thoth brings the characters to a hidden temple of Thoth, god of knowledge, magic, and travel, where they are confronted with a force of invading extra-dimensional locust creatures and the chance to get their hands on an ancient artifact. What band of heroes could resist the challenge?

Cover of Fever-Dreaming Marlinko
Fever-Dreaming Marlinko
Levels 2–4
72 pages

Visit Marlinko, a borderlands city where life takes a strange fever-dream cast, in this 72-page urban adventure fantasy supplement. Part city-setting, part full-blown adventure, Fever-Dreaming Marlinko is a stand-alone companion to the Slavic acid fantasy weirdness of the Slumbering Ursine Dunes. Contains background and hooks for the city's four city quarters, two complete dungeon adventure sites, two new players classes (Mountebank and Robodwarf), Chaos Index with escalating events/triggers scattered throughout the city, news generator with full news briefs and hooks, and tiger-wrestling mini-game.

The Mysterious Theatre of Macabre (english) / Das Mysteriöse Makeberitäten Theater (Deutsch)
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
15 pages

This is an adventure for one or two sessions with a group of 3-5 players from the level 3rd-5th. In this adventure you will be getting into a story full of humor and horror that will lead up to a big and marvelous theatre performance. The beloved local bard was kidnapped by a mad theatre nerd of a necromancer, which uses the bard in his grotesque production. It is on your party to save him! To run this adventure you need a Monster Manual 5e from Wizards of the Coast. Included: 3 adventure hooks to choose from Quick-start to get you right into the game A full script for the final play for you to perform 3 battlemaps with and without grid (included as JPG) Map of the town also usable as a starting town for your campaign (included as JPG) Custom monsters “Actor Skeleton”, “Broom Skeleton”, “Reginald van Fare” (Necromancer) _________________________________________ Dies ist ein Abenteuer für ein bis zwei Spielabende für eine Abenteuergruppe der 3. - 5. Stufe. Dieses Abenteuer ist eine lachhaft schaurige und furchterregend lustige Erzählung von einem Barden, welcher in einer feuchtfröhlichen Nacht von einem wahnsinnigen Dramaturg-Nekromanten in sein Theater entführt wird. Das ganze endet schließlich in einer pompösen Aufführung. Um das Abenteuer zu leiten, benötigt man ein Monsterhandbuch, vorzugsweise in englischer Fassung, da die Referenzen sich auf die englische Version beziehen. Inkludiert: 3 Abenteuereinstiege von denen man auswählen kann. Einen „Schnellstart“ um dich schnell zu Recht zu finden. Ein komplettes Drehbuch für die Aufführung. 3 Battlemaps mit und ohne Gitternetzlinien. Eine Karte für SpielleiterInnen und eine für SpielerInnen vom Dorf Höttingheim, welches auch gut als Startdorf für eine Kampagne verwendet werden kann. In Höttingheim gibt es einiges zu entdecken und NSCs kennen zu lernen. 4 eigene Monster die im Stück vorkommen. Deutsche Version hier: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/278151/Das-Mysteriose-Makeberitaten-Theater?src=by_author_of_product

Cover of Dark Times in Sherwood
Dark Times in Sherwood
3rd Edition
Level 3
26 pages

Where's Robin Hood When You Need Him? The Sheriff of Nottingham and the outlaws of Sherwood Forest share a common enemy. Will an unlikely alliance end this newest threat to the land? Pgs. 42-67

Blood of the Gorgon
Levels 8–9
75 pages

Men always seek the blood of monsters. Some spill it to avenge their massacred families. Others swim through an ocean of gore to find treasures worth the envy of kings. A few know blood can be a priceless treasure in and of itself. Alchemy has long used the lifeblood of monstrosities as arcane fuel, and of all the legendary beasts, the blood of the gorgon holds the most secrets. Few know the blood's darkest lore, its ability to draw out the monster within every soul. Those who drink gorgon's blood are forever changed, and the darkest horrors of their mind unleashed. The heroes hunt a deadly murderer who stalks the streets of the Free City of Zobeck after nightfall, and cross blades with a guild of monsters who rule the city from below. Lucky heroes might risk no more than their lives. Unlucky heroes must wager their souls in a game where monsters and men dance close enough to share their blood and their fate.

Cover of TB3: Bloody Jack
TB3: Bloody Jack
5th Edition
Level 5
80 pages

All the children of the Blight know the nursery rhymes about Bloody Jack Carver, cautionary tales for naughty or overly inquisitive children to mind their manners and obey their parents. However, their parents know the true horror of those times 30 years ago when the lunatic serial killer known as Bloody Jack Carver stalked the fog-shrouded streets of the Blight and abducted children. The killing spree finally ended, but the perpetrator was never caught. When the PCs are deputized to assist in a homicide investigation, they find terrifying clues that point to the three-decade-old Bloody Jack killings and signs to indicate that they were just the beginning. Now the PCs are in a race against time across the breadth of the decrepit and deteriorating city that is the Blight as they attempt to stop a new killing spree before it can start. The PCs’ investigation takes them from the halls of the Capitol and the seedy streets and alleys of Toiltown to the garish carnival piers of Festival and the pollutant-crusted banks of the Great Lyme River. Only they stand between the children of this decayed city and new nursery rhymes being written in their blood. Bloody Jack is a stand-alone adventure set in the Blight for 4–5 5th-level characters.

Cover of Wyvernseeker Rock
Wyvernseeker Rock
Levels 2–5
6 pages

A Gritty OSR Fantasy Setting by Travis Legge The mortal lands are divided. A dozen kingdoms lie scattered across the world, separated by dangerous wilds filled with bandits and monsters. The bravest mortals act as adventurers, guiding travelers between the kingdoms, killing monsters to thin their numbers, and plundering ruins in search of the lost treasures of the golden age. This is the world of Odysseys & Overlords! The party are traveling west through the Untamed Gauntlet, on their way to somewhere else and using a stream to guide their steps. They step out from under the eaves of the forest to spy looming before them a cliff, a tall wall of stone which stretches away to either side as far as they can see. A waterfall cascades onto sharp rocks into a pool from which pours the stream they were following. The sheer cliff is easily 100 feet high, and too wet and slick to climb safely, though it can be tried. Atop the cliff is a bare stone hill which looks like it was at one time worked by intelligent hands; a look-out post of sorts has been carved into its southernmost peak. The map says it’s called “Wyvernseeker Rock,” but it doesn’t say why. The hill appears deserted. A long age ago, beyond mortal memory, a forgotten people built a watching post and refuge atop and within Wyvernseeker Rock. A hundred years ago, an adventurer named Olaf Wyvernseeker claimed the Rock for his own and set out with companions to clear the lands thereabouts. They were never heard from again. The upper chambers of the Rock are a convenient lair for a Giant Rhadogessa and its spider servants. Still, it’s got to be safer than climbing the cliff. Right? Published by Aegis Studios

Cover of Mists of Akuma: The Yai Sovereign of Storms
Mists of Akuma: The Yai Sovereign of Storms
5th Edition
Levels 7–8
28 pages

Soburin’s human nobility are not the only rulers that are in need of outside agents since the corrupting fogs reappeared; even oni warlords have found the Mists of Akuma to bring challenges, obstacles, and threats beyond their ken. Yona, the undisputed master of the secret city of Tsukisasu, lost control of her throne only a few weeks ago to a strange creature that capered out of a storm intermingled with the supernatural haze, and her agent Xiqzoxix is keen to remove the usurper as soon as possible. The PCs are the group ze has chosen for this momentous task and should they accept the oni bengoshi’s offer, a deadly set of trials await them on top of the mountain—though the longer they dally, the more powerful their adversary grows. To defeat Obiemashita the party will have to first find Tsukisasu, covertly investigate the town, and then disrupt the yai sovereign of storm’s rituals and slay it before all hell breaks loose, spilling untold violence down onto the already embattled lands of the prefectures below! Will you conquer Tsukisasu or be subsumed by the storm? In The Yai Sovereign of Storms you’ll find… A monstrous adventure set in Mists of Akuma, an eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting for the latest edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game The secret monstrous city of Tsukisasu and a collection of its oni citizens 2 maps by cartographer Mike Myler: the hidden settlement of Tsukisasu as well as Yona’s Fortress The Mists of Akuma themselves and the new misted condition 2 new attributes to posit the unique aspects of the campaign setting in the minds of your players: Dignity and Haitoku The adeddo-oni template and 10 new monsters: adeddo-oni hunchlings, adeddo-oni samurai, adeddo-oni ninja, gaki, hebikontorra, monsuthant, tikbalang, Xiqzoxix the oni bengoshi, the Katana of Rizushi Kantaro, and the Yai Sovereign of Storms Obiemashita

Cover of Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale
Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale
3.5 Edition
Level 6
36 pages

Fallow and abandoned for years, Bloodsworn Vale has long been a dangerous wood separating two kingdoms. A recent call-to-arms asks adventurers from around the world to establish a trade route through this dark and forboding forest.

Cover of An Introduction to D&D -- The Wealthy Merchant
An Introduction to D&D -- The Wealthy Merchant
5th Edition
Level 0
8 pages

This campaign was created as a response to comments from some friends of mine. Though they were avid board game players, they didn’t want to try D&D because it seemed like too much of a time commitment with too many rules to learn before getting started. This campaign uses stripped down characters and a simple campaign, and was made to give them a chance to try it for half an hour on a regular board games night. I’m putting it online in the hopes that other people can do the same with it and expand the community. Inspired by /u/plaintreality of Reddit.

Tower of the Ascendants
4th Edition
Levels 1–3
35 pages

A ten-part, fourthcore megadungeon designed to take a party of 4-6 players from level 1 to level 10. The Voice of All spoke three times before falling into silence. The first time to give shape to the Ancients. The second to give them the world as their domain. The third to build the TOWER for the war that was to come. And war did come. The Ancients, primordial warriors charged with protecting the world, were subverted by three great crusaders, vindictive and powerful. The Ancients were stripped of immortality and cast from the heavens to serve and suffer with the rest of humanity. The crusaders claimed new bodies for themselves, and became the Triumvirate, god-tyrants of all realms. The long line of descendants of the Ancients is dwindling, along with humanity’s last hope. What few remain have gathered to enter the TOWER OF THE ASCENDANTS. Crumbling stone tablets of ages forgotten say that a mortal who ascends the TOWER that pierces the heavens and slays the gods who dwell in its highest bower will reclaim lost immortality.

Cover of OA7 Test of the Samurai
OA7 Test of the Samurai
Levels 6–9
96 pages

The penninsula of Wa is no place to visit. The land is poor, the people wary and suspicious. Yet this quiet backwater has been the site of strange disturbances - mysterious disappearances and omens of dire events to come. Why do the animals of Wa disappear, only to return a short while later? Who are the Blue Kumi bandits, and why are they so active? Why do the black geese fly into the Jusofu Mountains? And what fell creature lurks along the southern coast of Wa? Or does the stench of corruption emanate from the Celestial Bureacracy itself? Could the danger, unchecked, grow great enough to doom all living creatures in Kara-Tur? Which clues will lead to the truth, and which are merely traps for the unwary... Test of the Samurai will take the players across the Wa peninsula and to the unknown land of Qui. They will encounter such legendary beasts as the feng huang (phoenix) and the chi'-lin (unicorn) as they attempt to discover the secrets of Wa. Test of the Samurai is a scenario for the Oriental Adventures supplement to the AD&D game. It is set in Kara-Tur, the oriental world in the Forgotten Realms. Although Test of the Samurai follows the events of module OA6, Ronin Challenge, it is an independent adventure for five to eight characters of levels 6-9. TSR 9258

Cover of Diablo II: To Hell and Back
Diablo II: To Hell and Back
3rd Edition
192 pages

Bringing Diablo II to the tabletop. The legendary Diablo and Diablo II computer games come to life with the release of the tabletop Diablo II: To Hell & Back roleplaying adventure. All a player needs is the Dungeons & Dragons(r) Player's Handbook (0786915501-8/00) to accompany the Diablo II game. Every level and all 4 acts of the computer game are represented in the tabletop mega-adventure, which will also include 64 pages of monsters, information for levels 1-30, and over 60 maps!

St. Anton's Fire
3rd Edition
Levels 5–7
48 pages

Nothing stirs in St. Anton. Through the alleys and streets, along castle walls, the town lies in a dreamlike lull. Moonlight shines upon the cobblestone paths winding lazily up and down the small hills. Sagging balconies and arching trees bow idly over the quiet streets. Evils is Afoot The Baron has descended into insanity, an eldritch creature stalks the streets, and clouds of despair gather over the townspeople. St. Anton needs brave heroes to unravel its mystery, and restore her fire.

Cover of Iasc
Levels 3–4
10 pages

"Something Fishy" - a Celtic-world campaign. "Iasc" is set in a small Celtic kingdom that can be fit into any medieval/fantasy campaign. The PCs need not be Celts. The likelihood of combat is very high, and the party is recommended to host several warriors.

Search and Destroy
3.5 Edition
Levels 6–7
17 pages

An adventure for the Midnight campaign setting from Fantasy Flight Games. The adventurers rise as Fell, intent on finishing their final mission.