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A Manse of Special Purpose
5th Edition
Levels 11–15
24 pages

The Anchorin Family and its namesake home, Anchorin Manse, have gone quiet along with many of the townsfolk of Adwher who worked in the manse or on the grounds. The patriarch of the family and accomplished artificer, Webster, has inherited a fascination with the multiverse from his father and now has created a machine that has allowed an entity from the far realm into his home. With his obsession growing and the help of this entity, Webster modified the memory of his family and sequestered himself in a separate wing of the manse to continue digging into the nature of the multiverse. Soon after, his recklessness released a deluge of planar energy into the home, transforming most of the inhabitants and staining areas of the house with the unique planar effects of the various planes. Now the family’s estranged son Eccles has returned to discover the fate of his family and potentially collect his inheritance but is unable to enter his childhood home. Eccles and the few remaining townsfolk are looking to hire a few bold adventurers to investigate what happened to the family, the manse, and potentially collect some very rare, perhaps legendary magical items. Enter the manse, tour the planes, take a villain, leave a villain, it’s up to you. One thing is certain, verity and villainy is relative in a manse of special purpose.

Cover of Bristanam's Cairn
Bristanam's Cairn
Levels 8–12
6 pages

A friendly little cottage and a dreadful secret. As the adventure begins, the PCs are on a journey through temperate, wilderness hills -- perhaps toward a destination of importance in the ongoing campaign, or they might merely be wandering in search of heroic opportunities. Pgs. 20-25

Cover of Kalakeri: The Forbidden Temple
Kalakeri: The Forbidden Temple
5th Edition
Levels 7–8
60 pages

Kalakeri: The Forbidden Temple is a gothic horror adventure for 4-5 characters of 7-8th level. It can be played over the course of 8 hours for a one-shot, but works better when played slowly over the course of two games. This is the third part of the Carnival of Lost Souls campaign. It can also be played as a standalone adventure. Kalakeri: The Forbidden Temple features: Exploration of the ancient Greater Vochalam temple with a powerful eidolon guardian. Lots of dangers and rival explorers are waiting for the characters, among them the priests of Osybus and Firan Zal’Honan himself! Intense social encounters with the leaders of major forces of Kalakeri: Ramya, Arijani and Reeva, and the possibility to align with them. Random encounter table for Kalakeri travels, and mechanic for quick resolution of random combat encounters. New custom monsters to make combat encounters truly memorable and exciting. High-quality maps, also available in universal vtt format. Check out previous adventures in the series: Lamordia: The Hardest of Hearts and Dementlieu: Dance with the Devil! And look out for the next adventure in the Carnival of Lost Souls series: Valachan: Hunter’s Moon! It will be released in the next month. Once all four adventures are out, we will also release a special Campaign Guide, which will explain in detail how to best set up and play the campaign. However, if you want to start your campaign right now, don’t worry - we have included a short appendix at the end of each adventure that will explain the basics! Disclaimer: We are a team of writers from Ukraine, so the unprovoked war and senseless aggression of the terrorist state of russia influenced our initial timelines significantly. However, we are now as safe as we can ever be under the constant threat of missile strikes, and determined to finish the whole series! And after that - who knows, maybe even more cool adventures will follow ;) Made in Ukraine

Cover of Race to the Yellow Lotus
Race to the Yellow Lotus
3rd Edition
Levels 4–5
48 pages

"An army on the move, an ancient artifact, its purpose long forgotten, and the sinister plans of an unknown foe: When these elements combine, it's bad news for the good-aligned cities of the Blood Plateau. A massive band of orcs is marching on the Monastery of the Yellow Lotus, intent upon taking the "Flower That Does Not Bloom." The heroes must trek through goblin-infested tunnels and monster-filled woods ahead of the orcish horde, in a deadly Race to the Yellow Lotus." This adventure is the second in the "Tales from the Blood Plateau" series, but works well as a standalone or an intro to another campaign. Though the party does not actually engage the Death Knight/Blackguard antagonist, he is the primary driving force behind the events of the adventure. Published by MonkeyGod Enterprises and Highmoon Press

Cover of The Death Knight's Tomb
The Death Knight's Tomb
5th Edition
Levels 12–20
12 pages

This dungeon is suitable as a one-shot or drop-in for characters between levels 12 and 17. Taken from the Against the Idol of the Sun high-level hexcrawl campaign, the Death Knight's Tomb is a location-based exploration adventure. It features increasing localized time distortions that ultimately pit the party in a fight against an ogre Death Knight and his minions who just destroyed an elven time lab over ten millenia ago, which is just a few seconds ago in relative terms at the bottom level. There are six distinct sections to the dungeon containing four combat encounters of increasing difficulty. As written, the party enters the structure to rescue an overly adventurous Scorpionfolk couple and their rescuers, but they can be omitted or rewritten to any other species.

Cover of DDAL07-09 Unusual Opposition
DDAL07-09 Unusual Opposition
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
31 pages

The trail leading from the Fane of the Whispered Fang has grown cold, but you can still taste the machinations of the yuan-ti in Chult’s humid, stagnant air. Because of this, you must venture deeper still into the jungle and petition the aid of an unlikely ally—the fabled Ramshackle King. His assistance is crucial to the effort to save Chult! A Four-Hour Adventure for 11th-16th Level Characters.

Cover of Lost Temple of Demogorgon
Lost Temple of Demogorgon
3.5 Edition
Level 14
20 pages

His name has inspired fear in legions of heroes, and his cult has lurked in the dismal reaches of the world for countless ages. His minions are savage and feral, his worshipers vile and wretched. He is Demogorgon, and his temples are nightmare realms haunted by primeval menaces and hateful legacies from a time when the world was savage. And now, a vengeful death knight has discovered one of these lost temples—will the PCs aid him in his dark quest for revenge, or will they fall before the awakened host of the Prince of Demons? Pgs. 64-83

Cover of The Mourning Lord
The Mourning Lord
5th Edition
Levels 13–15
21 pages

Tell the greatest story no one ever told... A tantalizing tale; in which a bold group of heroes braves the depths of Fort Morninglord, a long forgotten ruin. Therein, their mettle is tested by cruelty, suffering, and no small-measure of mischief. Will their courage -and their stomachs- hold steady? Will they banish the wicked presence that holds dominion here? Can they end the misery of Fort Morninglord's Mourning Lord? Let's find out! The players delve the tainted depths of Fort Morninglord to find the cause of its corruption. This leads them into terrifying peril and certain doom at the hands of the fort's denizens. Specters, Wraiths, Mummies, Revenants, Death Knights, The Mourning Lord himself and more await them inside! Along with plenty of mind-bending, gut wrenching obstacles that are sure to keep these heroes on their toes!

Cover of Winter of the Witch
Winter of the Witch
4th Edition
Level 22
35 pages

A cold winter wind blows from the Scourge Mountains, but its origins are not of this world. And with it come horrifying stories of a fey who walks the land. Cold, beautiful, and deadly, she turns every mortal she touches into a statue of ice, and she seems determined to blanket the entire north in a blanket of frost. It is the Winter of the Witch…and if the archfey Koliada is not stopped, it could be the world’s last. “Winter of the Witch” starts with the PCs receiving an urgent but somewhat cryptic message from the skeletal knight, Sir Keegan. They find the skeletal knight a helpless victim of an aggressive interrogation by an undead minion of Orcus and his demonic thugs, who are attempting to extract the location of something called the Sun’s Sliver from the stubborn knight. The PCs fight their way into deep ruins, defeat the demon lord’s toadies, and retrieve the Sun’s Sliver. Once the PCs have recovered the Sun's Sliver, they must confront the Winter Witch in Winter's Heart, the witch's icy sanctum in the Feywild. Only there can they confront the cold-hearted archfey and save a section of the world from a wintery doom.

Cover of DDAL07-16 Pools of Cerulean
DDAL07-16 Pools of Cerulean
5th Edition
Levels 17–20
33 pages

The Land of Ash and Smoke. Once a hellish landscape of volcanic activity, now a nightmare region that hosts one of the scattered Soulmonger fragments. The fragment’s burgeoning power attracted the attention of the Red Wizards of Thay and, thankfully, adventurers who are willing to risk life and limb to keep the fragment from these vile arcanists. Can you reach the fragment before the Red Wizards make off with it? The hunt is on. Part Two of the Broken Chain Series. A Four-Hour Adventure for 17th-20th Level Characters

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