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Cover of DDAL08-09 Fangs and Frogs
DDAL08-09 Fangs and Frogs
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
30 pages

Your chase to wipe out the vampires of Undermountain leads to the Slitherswamp. The master vampire is close at hand! Part Three of the Vampire Hunt trilogy.

Cover of RM1 Roots of Evil
RM1 Roots of Evil
Levels 8–12
96 pages

Roots of Evil, the conclusion to the adventure begun in From the Shadows, delves into the horrific origins of Strahd von Zarovich, master vampire. This 96-page adventure module features Strahd in his final showdown with Azalin the lich, the two most powerful lords of evil in RAVENLOFT® realm. Player characters return to the popular Castle Ravenloft and discover never before known facts about the vampire's roots and origins. The outcome impacts the RAVENLOFT® realm for years to come! TSR 9413

Cover of Caverns of Draconis
Caverns of Draconis
Levels 3–6
20 pages

A small local area with ten locations and a big wizard dungeon with 19 rooms. The module is based around some rules lite system exclusive to the module, but for obvious reasons can be run in the system of your choice with little modification. (Some best guess approximations have been made for the creatures for search optimization.) Official description: "This adventure is a work of PARODY based on “Caverns of Draconis,” featured in Season 2, Episode 14 of NBC's TV series, “Community.” THIS IS NOT A TSR PRODUCT. This product was made in accordance with Wizards of the Coast's OGL Version 1.0a. The following game and adventure have been designed to reimagine what the fictional module featured in the episode might look like. This rules-lite RPG is meant to serve as an introduction for newcomers and fans of the show alike. The game can be played with 2-9 players and has everything you need to get started except for dice. "

Cover of Slumbering Ursine Dunes
Slumbering Ursine Dunes
Levels 2–4
68 pages

Run, play or splice up 66 pages of mayhem and weirdness in this Slavic mythic-inspired (with an acid fantasy-twist) mini-sandbox for Labyrinth Lord or the well-aged fantasy rpg of your druthers. Contains: • A 25-site pointcrawl of the otherwordly Slumbering Ursine Dunes region. Beyond the big ticket adventure sites you will find along the way a Polevik-haunted rye field, a Zardoz head-living hermit, bearling pilgrimage site, antediluvian beaver engineers and other assorted madness. • Two separate “dungeons”, the bio-mechanical, lost-in-time Golden Barge and the faction-contested Glittering Tower, with enough detail and portability to be slotted into an existing campaign. • The Chaos Index, a dynamic events system for modeling the mythic weirdness of the Dunes. Actions of the players in the sandbox will escalate or de-escalate the levels of events. • Four competing factions operating inside the Dunes, plus guidelines for their mutual interactions.

Cover of RC5 - Secrets of Bibliotheca
RC5 - Secrets of Bibliotheca
Level 5
29 pages

In part two of the Rock Con scenario, our group of heroes heads towards Bibliotheca. This urban adventure has a variety of encounters unique to the city setting. Can the group uncover the missing books?

Cover of The Mad Manor of Astabar
The Mad Manor of Astabar
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
17 pages

You have few complaints this night as you rest in the common room of the Crooked Crow Inn. While winter has passed, the night air carries enough of a chill to make any hearth a welcome sight. The village of Havehollow is typical for this part of the realm. Livelihoods made from farming and livestock with a few merchants and the Inn catering to travelers along the kingsroad. Good folk who know that hard work is what's needed to make it through harsh times. As you finish your meal you notice a fellow traveler, a rave haired woman, walk to the front of the common room with lyre in hand. She plucks a few practice cords then breaks into song. Seasons come and go Moons wax and wane Time seems so slow To the spirits of Havehollow... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am not the original creator! The original can be found here: http://www.enworld.org/forum/rpgdownloads.php?do=download&downloadid=1011 As a note, for Astabar himself I found he was an underwhelming boss for 1st level characters, reccomend making him have Flesh Golem stats Published by One-Shot RPG

Cover of Temple of Primordial Fire
Temple of Primordial Fire
4th Edition
Level 25
6 pages

A flameskull lord that calls itself the Bright Lord of Everburning Fire has taken control of a primordial node deep within the Elemental Chaos. It long ago shrugged off the control of its original creator and now follows its own plans and desires. Top among these is the desire to tap into the power of a fire primordial and increase its own status from undead creature to demigod. Pgs. 156-161

Cover of The Book With No End
The Book With No End
Levels 8–12
24 pages

A vanished tome, a faded legend, and the end of the world. Out of the eons, the deadliest artifact. At least one magic-user is required, and fighters and thieves would be very helpful. Magic-users may have a special interest in this quest due to the nature of the item for which they search. Traps and puzzles are a dominant theme, and problem solving is necessary. Pgs. 41-64

Cover of F11 - Prison of Oxidosus
F11 - Prison of Oxidosus
Levels 6–9
26 pages

As your party closes in on the coast of the Newmack Sea you are greeted by a large group of the duke’s military. After gaining an audience with General Zulta you discover that your reputation has preceded you. The general asks your party if they could assist him in the capture of the rogue mage Oxidosus who is currently trapped in his island fortress. A cautionary note, if the players make poor decisions TPK is a very real possibility!

Cover of No Loose Ends
No Loose Ends
3rd Edition
Levels 3–7
2 pages

No Loose Ends is a mini-adventure that has a single encounter, based on a group of orcs (or ogres based on level) setting up an ambush for the players by setting up a fake bridge that they attempt to collapse under the players before attacking. The cloak of elvenkind is optional, it is included only in the higher level adjustments. Pgs. 17-18

Cover of IM1 The Immortal Storm
IM1 The Immortal Storm
Immortal Level
40 pages

"The storm-stuff is not matter as we know it, and beyond Immortal control," the Hierarch sighs. "I fear we are doomed." It appeared only a few weeks ago - a swirling gray mass of incalculable size. And in its center, an eye. A humanoid eye. Now the storm threatens the very era of Immortal rule. The growing maelstrom emits a message to the Hierarchs. But what does it mean? Can it help save this realm of existence? Is there time to save this realm? The first Immortal adventure pits your party against the multiverse in a desperate struggle to find the essence of life. This adventure is nothing like you've ever played before. TSR 9171

Cover of Far5 - Licor Faction
Far5 - Licor Faction
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
15 pages

Recently, a cult known as the Licor Faction rose to fame for helping people outside the walls of Phoenix. Today they are to be rewarded for their work but are offended when an apprentice and not the Zephyr of Molar gives them the accolades. Angered, the leaders leave the stage and return back to their compound. A bit later you are offered a job to go arrest the leader of the cult as they are to be exposed as a false religion. Cultists usually surrender their leaders easily right?

Cover of FT - Andju Village
FT - Andju Village
Levels 1–5
15 pages

With your adventurers growing up it only makes sense that their surroundings should also grow. Such is the case of Andju Village which is being controlled by the newly created Viscount of Andju, Sir Dimek of Rastinstein. Sir Dimek has launched an ambitious building project with the intent to make his village a trading powerhouse. This area can be utilized as a base of operations near the frontier and be a safe haven for a party of explorers.

Cover of The Ruins of Nol-Daer
The Ruins of Nol-Daer
Levels 5–8
16 pages

Abandoned and forgotten ruins never are. He left the Abyss to visit his human mother, not realizing he was a century too late. Still, there was a lot he had left to do... An ancient castle, Nol-Daer, has of late become the site of frequent strange occurrences. Gargoyles and Blood Hawks roost in the keep's ruined towers, Dwarves have been disappearing from the nearby area, and a Cambion controls it all from the shadows. Pgs. 3-17 & 64

Cover of Madman at the Bridge
Madman at the Bridge
5th Edition
Level 4
8 pages

In the thriving city of Zobeck, a breakdown of the vital Puffing Bridge is throwing a wrench into the entire city. Workers can’t reach their jobs, merchants and goods can’t reach markets. In short, if this problem isn’t fixed quickly, there’ll be chaos in the Free City. Of course, this isn’t a simple mechanical breakdown but an act of sabotage, and the saboteurs are still at work when characters arrive to investigate.

Cover of Tentacles. Very Dangerous. You Go First.
Tentacles. Very Dangerous. You Go First.
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
14 pages

TENTACLES. VERY DANGEROUS. YOU GO FIRST. Adventure in the Underdark, Part Two The colony of svirfneblin, while grateful for the adventurers’ deeds, is still in need of a reliable source of drinking water. The kuo-toa hold the lake, and there is the matter of the tentacled menace the party faced previously… This adventure is a continuation of Tentacles. Why Did It Have to Be Tentacles?, but can be run by itself as well. It is designed to easily fit into any standard fantasy setting. A 4-hour adventure for 6th-8th level characters

The Approaching Swarm - Episode One: Creepy Crawlies
3rd Edition
Levels 8–10
3 pages

The Approaching Swarm is a short adventure for four 9th-level characters. The party can consist of any mix of classes, but it should include at least one character that is good in wilderness settings, such as a druid, ranger, or barbarian, and at least one cleric. This scenario should prove a reasonable challenge for characters from 8th to 10th level. The adventure takes place in a swampland that is near a small settlement. A band of rag-tag settlers have carved out a small settlement, called Crivdall, on the edges of a great swamp that is infamous for its terrible creatures. The area is rich with resources, and the settlers have done well hunting and foraging in the swamps. Unbeknownst to them, however, an insane druid has taken notice of their transgressions and wants them to leave. The druid, Aleretheral, is a half-orc with a curious affinity for insects and vermin. The swamp is home to numerous breeds of monstrous insects, some of which the druid has begun to breed to make them even larger and more aggressive. Through his abilities, Aleretheral has set enormous vermin onto the helpless settlers, preying on them as they venture into the swamp. With autumn rapidly coming to a close, the settlers are becoming desperate as more of their numbers are killed by hordes of marauding vermin.

Cover of a Question of Ethics
a Question of Ethics
3rd Edition
Level 12
11 pages

Six months ago, an adventuring group that calls itself the Company of the Shining Stone learned of an aged wizard’s tomb that lay in the rocky foothills of a prominent mountain range, and sought to plunder it. What they were not counting on was that a band of stone giants would move into the immediate area to make their lair. The giants have rebuffed the company’s attempts at getting past them and to their goal. Now is the time of the annual fair in Adurath, a small town located not far from the tomb, and thus, the giants. The giants have no interest in the town or the tomb, but are instead interested in a rare mineral found only in that region. A few of the townsfolk have seen the giants, but there has been no confrontation other than between the giants and the Company of the Shining Stone.

Cover of Rise of the Drow
Rise of the Drow
Levels 1–15
552 pages

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, Matron Maelora best beware; her plans for total domination of the Underworld are already close to satisfactory completion, while attacks on the Upperworld have become increasingly successful. The other power-hungry drow families of Holoth may despise her but they know a true leader when they see one, and House Gullion has been revealed as the family to lead them all on the path to glory. With the entire Underworld in chaos and the Spider Goddess regularly communing with her chosen Matron, far greater dreams than mere regional conquest are within the grasp of the drow, as Maelora prepares her grand dark elf army for victory! With other mystical allies standing firm with the Matron, other Underworld races beneath her heel or cowering behind fortified walls, and every drow ready to play their part when she gives the word, what could possibly stop her from achieving her final triumph and fulfilling her destiny? But even the greatest of plans has a flaw if you look hard enough, and a party of stout heart and strong resolve can make a difference. At first, such a party may well believe it is on a smaller adventure, perhaps to win a few baubles or some small acclaim by rescuing a few kidnapped villagers. Soon, however, those adventurers will realise that much more is at stake, and that they are the ones who will need to make moves against the evil Matron Maelora and her increasing dominance if both the entire Underworld and Upperworld are to be saved. But how will they go about it? Can they ensure their own success when an entire city is standing against them? Only they have the chance to halt the Rise of the Drow! Published by AAW Games.

Cover of Paying the Shadow Toll
Paying the Shadow Toll
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
4 pages

A shadow goblin lair suitable for four or five 4th-level characters. A growing band of goblins led by a powerful shadow goblin named Hurkl are demanding a toll to travelers on the Dancing Shadow Path. When the heroes are chasing a fugitive through the area and come across the toll...what will they do?