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Cover of Under Dovla Mountain
Under Dovla Mountain
5th Edition
Levels 9–12
24 pages

The Kierhammer clan of dwarves pride themselves as excellent excavators, but the respective families are not without friction. While clearing the entrance to the tomb of an ancient king, tensions rose following the death of one of the Kierhammers, who seemingly fell accidentally. It is your job to ensure the clan stays united, and when disease strikes, to make sure resources are managed properly, so that the mission is complete and you all return alive. A wicked force, however has other plans...

Cover of The Test of Darkness
The Test of Darkness
Low Level
32 pages

The PCs are looking to gain entry to the Glantri School of Magic, after the initial admission tests they are drawn into a commotion where one of the other students is being attacked by an evil sorceress. He tries to flee but but is killed, and the PCs are framed for the murder. The authorities are called and bribed to just kill the PCs, they flee and are chased and taunted by the evil sorceress. Eventually, during one of her attacks, she opens a weak spot in the ground and the heroes are dropped into the warrens under the school. They must navigate the warrens, which are shrouded in magical darkness, defend against further attacks, and find escape where they can prove their innocence.

Cover of B1 In Search of the Unknown
B1 In Search of the Unknown
Levels 1–3
32 pages

Introductory Adventure that came bundled with some versions of the Holmes Basic version of D&D. Two powerful adventurers, Rogahn the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown, have apparently deserted the stronghold they once occupied. The PCs have discovered a map which leads to it. First published in 1978, this is a basic dungeon crawl introducing players to many of the dungeoneering tropes. Location descriptions are provided but it is up to the DM to fill in the actual monsters and treasure for each one. TSR 9023

Cover of A Conspiracy Of Doors
A Conspiracy Of Doors
4th Edition
Level 11
13 pages

A Conspiracy of Doors is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure for five player characters of 11th level. It can serve as an introduction to Sigil, the City of Doors, as well as a group of adventurers' first taste of action at the paragon tier.

Cover of Red Hand of Doom
Red Hand of Doom
3.5 Edition
Levels 6–12
126 pages

A hobgoblin force is expanding and threatening the land. Confronted with the relentless advance of Azarr Kul’s horde, the characters must undertake vital missions to influence the outcome of the war. Can they shatter the armies of the enemy, or will Azarr Kul’s dreams rain destruction upon the human lands? The adventure is fast-paced and time-sensitive, and requires almost constant movement by the party. WoTC 95385

Cover of Torrents of Dread
Torrents of Dread
3.5 Edition
Levels 4–8
16 pages

A supernaturally powerful storm, mudslides, and agitated dinosaurs are the least of the worries in the tropical village of Mora. The village's spiritual leader, the Zombie Master, has gone missing, and now undead rise from sodden graves and the village matriarch lies dead, murdered by her own son. What dire menace awaits in the flooded catacombs below? Set on the infamous Isle of Dread.

Cover of Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves (5E)
Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves (5E)
5th Edition
Levels 4–7
? pages

The Dungeon of Graves, is nothing more and nothing less than a good, old–fashioned, First Edition dungeon crawl updated for the 5th Edition Roleplaying Game. Very difficult, it should strike fear into the hearts of the most stalwart adventurers. It offers an abundance of traps, tricks, and monsters. We hope that you find this module as fun and exciting as those thousands of players who have ventured into (and not as often out of) the endless caverns and mazes of Rappan Athuk—The Dungeon of Graves. Rappan Athuk is a difficult dungeon. Even the upper dungeon levels should not be attempted by a party of less than six mid-level characters.

Cover of The Towers of the Weretoads
The Towers of the Weretoads
Levels 1–3
6 pages

Are you in need of a breeding factory that spews out torrents of mutated weretoads into your campaign world? Do your adventurers enjoy exploring slimy, wet ruins inhabited by depraved, vile creatures? The Towers of the Weretoads is a mini-dungeon you can plop down in the edges of any of the lakes/fresh water bodies in your campaign world. It's filled with treasure, danger and slime. The Towers of the Weretoads is presented in an innovative mapping style that eliminates the needs for flipping between pages as you run it. Everything you need to know about a dungeon level is right there in front of you on the same single page! This allows you, the DM, to focus on creating a dynamic, interesting and challenging dungeon experience for your players. This PDF includes a 3 level dungeon and 2 original and disgusting enemies for adventurers to fight. The randomness and non-linearity of the encounters means this adventure could be an appropriate challenge for a wide level range of adventurers. Published by Gorgzu Games

Cover of WE-1: Red Dawn
WE-1: Red Dawn
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
67 pages

WE-1: Red Dawn: An Eberron adventure about the end of the world. The year is 1019 YK, and the world is ending. Twenty-three years ago, the nations that were once Galifar signed the Treaty of Thronehold and ended the Last War. Now, the drums of war rumble once again. The peace that lasted a generation is threatened, and Eberron may go to war once again. As a member of the Scions of the Second Dawn, a secretive order dedicated to studying the Draconic Prophecy, this is merely background to you. Or, it was, until the eve of your initiation as full Scions. You emerged from the rite to find your monastery destroyed, bandits looting it, and all your friends and allies slain. You are the last survivors of your order, and the world is ending. You cannot stop the end of the world. But you can rebuild it. Can you escape the wreck of your secret order’s monastery, journey across the mountains in winter, search the mountain valley to unlock the cipher, and discover how to rebuild the world? Or will your frozen bodies join those of your fellows? Will you fall to fatalism and ennui, or will you fight to save what can be saved and rebuild what can be rebuilt? Find out, in the light of this RED DAWN.

Cover of NQ18 - Mystery of Conifestatia
NQ18 - Mystery of Conifestatia
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
21 pages

Your fame has garnered you more attention than you can handle but a specific job opportunity is one that you cannot pass up on. Two nations have had a peaceful and lucrative trading agreement for years along with the city of Conifestatia. That has recently changed with the appearance of a Green Dragon taking up residence in the area. With your fame on the line, looks like you guys are going Dragon huntin'!

Cover of Pathfinder Society Scenario #24: Decline of Glory
Pathfinder Society Scenario #24: Decline of Glory
3.5 Edition
Levels 1–7
23 pages

When the son of a famous Pathfinder gains control of his father's holdings in Taldor, the Pathfinder Society decides to build a new lodge there as a base to explore the many ruins of that crumbling empire. Unfortunately, the Taldan Phalanx has its eye on the holdings and an ancient curse has turned many of the residents into the walking dead. Can you survive the tangled web of Taldor's politics and fight off the echoes of the past or will you, too, see your glory decline?

Cover of SQ4 - Dungeon of Otek
SQ4 - Dungeon of Otek
5th Edition
Levels 2–5
19 pages

Kind words and a scrap of paper are enough to lead you off on an adventure into the hills. You and your party have opted to follow the clues leading to a fabled Talisman of Otek lost years ago in an old dungeon. Your benefactor has warned you that some cultists are actively seeking the item and hope that the “heroes in the making” will obtain the item before the nasty fanatics get ahold of it and use it for nefarious purposes!

Cover of Six Faces of Death
Six Faces of Death
5th Edition
Levels 11–13
48 pages

An alien being, dark omens, and vanishing ships send the adventurers to a mysterious island newly appeared in the Sea of Swords. But can the characters uncover the mysteries of the Changing Island in time to save Faerûn from a terror from another plane? A dark fantasy adventure for characters of 11th to 13th level.

Cover of Sharn I, The Missing Schema
Sharn I, The Missing Schema
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
52 pages

This is an introductory adventure to Eberron and Sharn. It is written for 3-6 characters of levels 1 to 5. This adventure showcases the versatility of urban adventures in Sharn. The adventure takes a party of characters from the lowest and more dangerous parts of the city, the lower wards and The Depths, to the highest and most exclusive neighborhoods in the upper wards and the Skyway. This adventure has it all. There are roleplaying opportunities, underground exploration, interesting NPC's, a flying chase scene on flying vessels, and a BBEG with enough charisma to captivate any player.

Cover of GameMastery Module D1: Crown of the Kobold King
GameMastery Module D1: Crown of the Kobold King
3.5 Edition
Levels 2–3
36 pages

The crown of the kobold king will be anointed in blood. Five children from the town of Falcon’s Hollow have gone missing, dragged off into ruins underneath a cursed dwarven monastery. Soon they will be sacrificed to the crown, all to the glory of the twisted King of the Kobolds. If they are to be saved from this gruesome fate, brave heroes must follow their trail to the monastery and plumb the depths of its trap-laden and monster-infested halls.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #15: Lost Tomb of the Sphinx Queen
Dungeon Crawl Classics #15: Lost Tomb of the Sphinx Queen
3rd Edition
Levels 14–15
48 pages

Legend tells of a long-dead empire of sphinxes, ruled over for millennia by a great queen named Ankharet. She fell into darkness and her empire was shattered, as her subjects rebelled and cast her down. Unable to kill her, it is said that they bound her with great magic and buried her in a tomb, to wait for the foretold heroes who would be able to slay her and end her evil forever. Their empire in ashes, the sphinxes scattered to roam the world in bitter freedom, save a single great androsphinx. On the edge of the mysterious Barren Hills, between the mountains and the Great Desert, there is a gigantic statue of a crowned gynosphinx, ancient beyond reckoning. At its feet, a great androsphinx known as Khubsheth the Prophet has dispensed counsel and prophecy to all who come to him for longer than mortal records can tell. The heroes have come to visit Khubsheth, whether for counsel, prophecy or out of curiosity, but as soon as he lays eyes on them, he attacks! Upon his defeat, he tells them that they are the heroes foretold by the legend of Ankharet. Ankharet ruled over a long-dead empire of sphinxes, but she fell into darkness. Her subjects rebelled and cast her down, but were unable to kill her. It is said that they bound her with great magic and buried her in a tomb, to wait for the foretold heroes who would be able to slay her and end her evil forever. Kubsheth the Prophet tells the heroes that they must enter the tomb of the long-dead sphinx queen, kill her, and destroy her cursed crown, an artifact of tremendously evil power. As his blood seeps into the sands, a doorway opens at the base of the statue, leading down into darkness…

Cover of DDAL07-18 Turn Back the Endless Night
DDAL07-18 Turn Back the Endless Night
5th Edition
Levels 17–20
41 pages

Your foe seeks to unlock the Iron Door beneath the Peaks of Flame and open the way for the Eater of the World. You must find your way through the maze of tunnels and stop them, or it will be the end of all things. Part Four of the Broken Chains Series.

Cover of GDQ1-7 Queen of the Spiders
GDQ1-7 Queen of the Spiders
Levels 8–14
152 pages

Ranked in 2004 as the single greatest adventure of all time by Dungeon magazine, this is a compilation of three series of modules: the G series "G1-2-3 Against the Giants" (G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, G2 Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King), the D series (D1 Descent into the Depths of the Earth, D2 Shrine of the Kuo-Toa, D3 Vault of the Drow), and Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits. The characters begin by attempting to stop giant raids that have become prolific. They find out that the giant alliance is caused by the drow. They then descend into the Underdark in order to find the drow and stop their sinister plan. TSR 9179

The Fall of Fairhaven
Levels 4–5
29 pages

A free adventure for the Pathfinder RPG, focusing upon a city ravaged by a natural disaster and besieged on all sides. Party levels 4-5 will face off against a half-dragon, half-demon overlord known as Ymial, a demonic seductress, goblin warbands, and drow slavers beneath the ground all while trying to discover the secrets of the city of Fairhaven. Works well for players who are looking to visit a large town and face off in a high-stakes conflict even at low levels. Includes lots of details on the town, from rumors to residents.

Cover of The Demoncall Pit
The Demoncall Pit
Level 7
34 pages

It’s finally happened! The Demoncall Ritual has begun, and creatures from the Abyss are streaming out through the Cellend family crypt. Heroes are needed, not only to slay the demons and stop the ritual, but to accept the risk of reversing the ritual to seal the Demoncall Pit forever.