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The Library of Biblius
5th Edition
Levels 7–9
54 pages

Long before the rise of Waterdeep... Biblius ruled the sword coast with an open hand full of love and knowledge, but even the purest of men can fall when they hear greed's sultry call. Explore Biblius' forgotten library and discover if his mystical history of the universe is more than just a tragic myth. 13 Monsters mutated by arcane radiation 21 Unique and powerful magic items 16 Ancient tomes filled with forgotten knowledge 4 Bizarre NPCs that have managed to make the library their home 11 Lost spells from a time before humanity 9 Full color maps A 4-10 hour adventure for 8th level characters.

Cover of Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem!
Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem!
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
70 pages

Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem is a Dungeons & Dragons 5E tier 2 adventure for three to five characters of levels 5-8. It is primarily set in a modron-designed research facility that has been abandoned by its creators but retains guardians that are still active. Additionally, two groups have broken into the facility with their own goals in mind; the githyanki and their red dragon cohort are antagonistic and provide the main source of combat in this adventure, while a modron traveling with a few mephits may prove friendly although ultimately troublesome. Inspired by adventure games in which the protagonists explore baroque, esoteric technological fortresses, and seeded throughout with factions that sport competing and often bizarre goals, Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem is sure to test the mettle of any group of players, and will provide endless amusement for Dungeon Masters seeking something different from the typical hack-and-slash dungeon crawl. This 70-page adventure features: *Two wilderness areas, random wilderness encounters, and a massive, interlinking 3-level dungeon filled with bizarre puzzles. *Ancient machinery powered by elemental portals, all of which can be activated, turned off, or manipulated by the player characters and the various factions within the modron facility. *Planar creatures like githzerai and githyanki, modrons, mephits, and elemental guardians, skillfully placed into the High Moor area of the Forgotten Realms setting. *Monsters and NPCs that have detailed (yet easy to run!) personalities and goals that will provide tons of roleplaying opportunities. *Notes and sidebars on running the NPCs with added complexity, or simplifying the NPCs' motives to make the adventure more straightforward. *Tactics notes for every single encounter! *An appendix that features all monster stat blocks, and both tagged (DM) and untagged (Player) versions of the dungeon maps. *Wilderness hex map by Elven Tower Cartography! Three interlinked dungeon levels by Dyson Logos...and one of them is a flying fortress! Cover art by Patrick E. Pullen!

Cover of Caverns of Thracia
Caverns of Thracia
3rd Edition
Level 3
130 pages

For over a thousand years the things that lurk beneath the waters, skulk in the darkness and lie hungrily in dank crypts have been patient, while all around them men and monsters bicker amongst themselves, bold enough to traverse the dark caverns' depths but afraid or perhaps wise enough to leave the forgotten vaults and hidden passages alone. Beneath the lost ruins of ancient Thracia lie the vast caverns of a once great civilization. While a death cult rules the surface, the Minotaur King and his beast men lurk fall below. Descend even deeper into the darkness and discover a lost and arcane world that waits for those brave enough to enter! Necromancer Games and Judges Guild have teamed up to expand and update the classic module Coverns of Thracia for 3.5. Designed for characters of 3rd to 8th level and higher, the Caverns of Thracia is a mini-campaign setting that presents intricate plots and exciting adventures.

Cover of Tomb of the Scorpion Prince
Tomb of the Scorpion Prince
5th Edition
Level 8
4 pages

The infamous Scorpion Prince ruled his domain centuries ago, but the lands are still desolate, a testament to his poisonous influence. His terrified subjects rejoiced in his death but also feared he would return if not interred properly. To ensure the prince's happiness in the afterlife and his tomb's security, his people erected a great monument and created trap-filled chambers to house and protect his body and his wealth.

Cover of FC5 - Leptis Magna
FC5 - Leptis Magna
Levels 7–10
37 pages

The Adurite Empire once ruled a major portion of Filbar but when the culture lost the favor of the gods it spelled doom for the entire civilization. In the wake of the carnage that followed the major cities fell to fires, plagues, and other disasters both natural and magical. In the centuries that have passed the cities are now in ruins but rumored to still hold magic and wealth. The most famous of these cities was the port city of Leptis Magna. The city was once the crossroads of the empire and was known for trading, agriculture, and magic. What treasures remain in the ruins so fierce that even pirates avoid the area? This was also the adventure played at Gen Con 2014! "I step over his body and go inside..."

Cover of Guts, Gods, & Glory In That Order
Guts, Gods, & Glory In That Order
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
34 pages

This quest takes the player characters through a harrowing journey of dangerous adversity! The characters are informed that some unknown adversary has disrupted an ancient tree called Wise Willow. This sends them first on a subterranean excursion into ancient tunnels infested with curiously ravenous Thri-Kreen! Then, they are introduced more formally with Wise Willow, who requires their services to cure her terrible plague! The players must then navigate the wild maze of her surface roots, purge it of grotesque creatures, and then find the cause of her ailment. Doing so excites the interest of the deities, Lathander and Sylvanus, who descend from the heavens in a glorious show of light and mysticism! The two divine beings then graciously bestow their gifts upon the party to reward their deeds. The player characters embark on a perilous journey that will test their resourcefulness and wits in a building arc of intensity. The environments are deeply detailed by the boxed text and should provide you and your characters a sturdy foundation for your creativity to launch from. There is a compelling story full of lamentations as well as laughs. The robust exposition sets up hours of challenging, combat-heavy “dungeon delving” throughout the quest. The aim is to maintain a versatile balance between “hack-and-slash” and “immersive storytelling” play styles, so that everyone can enjoy it in their own way. The numerous optional components allow you to scale the difficulty to your liking, and there is plenty of space for you to use your own creativity to enhance the content. Guts, Gods & Glory is a Dungeons & Dragons module using the 5e rules. It is designed to be played by three to six players of sixth to eighth level. It takes place in the Sword Coast setting of the Forgotten Realms, specifically the Elturgard region. Changes can be made to make it playable in a nondescript setting.

Cover of The Mourning Lord
The Mourning Lord
5th Edition
Levels 13–15
21 pages

Tell the greatest story no one ever told... A tantalizing tale; in which a bold group of heroes braves the depths of Fort Morninglord, a long forgotten ruin. Therein, their mettle is tested by cruelty, suffering, and no small-measure of mischief. Will their courage -and their stomachs- hold steady? Will they banish the wicked presence that holds dominion here? Can they end the misery of Fort Morninglord's Mourning Lord? Let's find out! The players delve the tainted depths of Fort Morninglord to find the cause of its corruption. This leads them into terrifying peril and certain doom at the hands of the fort's denizens. Specters, Wraiths, Mummies, Revenants, Death Knights, The Mourning Lord himself and more await them inside! Along with plenty of mind-bending, gut wrenching obstacles that are sure to keep these heroes on their toes!

Cover of FC6 - Cairn of King Eddles
FC6 - Cairn of King Eddles
Levels 5–7
22 pages

After spending a little time going through dusty old tomes and documents your group has discovered a tapestry offering you clues to a long dead and buried king. Since kings are usually buried with their riches and no information shows that his tomb has been located perhaps a little grave robbing may be in order! This adventure has several wilderness spots for exploration as well as an old burial cairn with several levels. The only problem is that the king isn’t really “dead” in the normal sense.

Cover of Palace of Sweet Dreams
Palace of Sweet Dreams
5th Edition
Levels 2–4
23 pages

Drawn by greed or curiosity the adventurers enter the strange ruins of castle of madmen. Terrible monsters stalk the hallways, but the greatest challenge is not merely to survive but escape with their sanity intact. The Palace of Sweet Dreams sends the adventurers on a different and challenging dungeon exploration, where wits and smarts will be key to survival. Those who the masks may seem harmless ... The adventure contains new monsters and magical items to keep your players on their toes and let them discover how magical items can present their own adventures. Originally from the Danish convention Fastaval as part of the living campaign, Hinterlandet. Now presented here for the first time in English. It is an adventure with emphasis on exploration and meeting the unknown.

Cover of From Ancient Grudge
From Ancient Grudge
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
28 pages

A Star-Crossed Tragedy. When the party is hired to investigate a haunted castle, they’re drawn into a tale of hatred, love and betrayal stretching back more then 300 years. Will they be able to free the ghosts haunting Arevon Castle, or will they find themselves just another footnote in its long history of misery?

Cover of To Hell and Back Again
To Hell and Back Again
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
81 pages

To Hell and Back Again is the perfect adventure for new players and veterans looking to experience Dungeons & Dragons in a new way! It's written as a solo adventure, where choices have gigantic consequences, but it also provides balanced rules to play with a group or a Dungeon Master as well! This 80 page adventure features: - A heart-pounding origins story that fits perfectly as either a prequel to Descent Into Avernus, a stand-alone adventure, or into your ongoing fantasy campaign. - Beloved characters like Lulu the hollyphant, Mad Maggie and her redcap gang, the archdevil Zariel, and many others brand new to this adventure. - Infernal War Machines, and exciting encounters with unique stat blocks. - Innovative Destiny and Traits mechanics that make your choices really matter. - A ton of possible outcomes that will fuel your character's many adventures to come! - Four gorgeous sample characters, with interactive character sheets designed to be new-player friendly so that you can jump right into the story if you'd like. - A community survey when you finish so that you can see how your outcomes and choices compared to other players!

Cover of CM8 The Endless Stair
CM8 The Endless Stair
Levels 15–20
32 pages

The Great Mage Cheiromar, known as Aglahund the Mighty, is said to be buried under the Leaning Stone atop Galzar's Crag. One of his apprentices, Ulthorn, has been discovered dead in an aperture of the Leaning Stone - a doorway that locals swear has never been there before! You must discover how Ulthorn died and the mystery of the Leaning Stone. In the process, you may find yourself at the Endless Stair. Those who never climbed it say is seems to lead nowhere. Those who did never lived to tell of it. Will you dare ascend into the unknown? TSR 9192

Cover of The Sea Wyvern's Wake
The Sea Wyvern's Wake
3.5 Edition
Levels 5–7
43 pages

All ocean voyages are fraught with peril, yet a voyage to the infamous Isle of Dread might seem to some old salts to be a deliberate goading of the gods of the sea. Many of those who have attempted the voyage before managed to return to civilization often choose not to speak of the trials they experienced on that dangerous route, yet those whose lips can be loosened by a draught of grog whisper amazing stories... tales of pirates, sea monsters, terrifying storms, and perhaps most harrowing of all, of a strange and sinister land without land, a floating graveyard of dead ships mired in a sargasso the size of an island. This place has many names, but its most well-known may be it's most apt - Journey's End. "The Sea Wyvern's Wake" is the third chapter of the Savage Tide Adventure Path, a complete campaign consisting of 12 adventures appearing in Dungeon magazine. For additional aid in running this campaign, check out Dragon magazine's monthly "Savage Tidings" articles, a series that helps players and DMs prepare for and expand upon the campaign. Issue #350 of Dragon magazine features a regional guide to the seafaring environs the PCs can expect on the journey to the Isle of Dread. It’s time to bid farewell to the city of Sasserine as the PCs board the Sea Wyvern for a 3,000-mile voyage south into the uncharted waters of the Vohoun Ocean. Their destination: the Isle of Dread. Pgs. 16-48

Cover of The Flying Misfortune
The Flying Misfortune
5th Edition
Level 6
9 pages

This adventure is designed for the D&D Adventures League Season 5 - Storm King’s Thunder campaign, and is meant to enhance your party’s connection to important events and NPCs. While it is intended for a party of around 6th level, the nature of the quest is such that it fits easily with a higher level as well. It will put your players in contact with Felgolos, the bronze dragon that is encountered in Chapter 9 of D&D Adventures League Season 5 - Storm King’s Thunder, as well as the ancient dragon Iymrith, who plays a prominent role in the main plot. Of course, you can also change names and locations to make this adventure fit into any other campaign world – as long as it has dragons and deserts. Enjoy!

Cover of Sangkon Bhet
Sangkon Bhet
3.5 Edition
Medium Level
5 pages

Beneath the jungle-covered ruins of an ancient human temple lies a small outpost of grell that have taken to hunting the nearby area by night. Sangkon Bhet is a fairly typical example of a small grell outpost; the monsters occupy convenient ruins or caverns for a time as they search out new places to move a colony that has over hunted its previous locale.

Cover of Lair of the Frog King
Lair of the Frog King
5th Edition
Level 1
17 pages

Lair of the Frog King is a short adventure for five 1st-level characters that takes place in an ancient castle. The river—which used to flow around the castle and fill its moat—has diverted over the centuries, and now what used to be fertile farmland is marshy bog. What’s more, the swamp has claimed the castle itself. A tribe of bullywugs settled in the muddy former fortress, and use it as a base to raid nearby farms. Can the newly-minted heroes stop the bullywug menace? Find out in Lair of the Frog King!

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #84A: The Tomb of Dust
Dungeon Crawl Classics #84A: The Tomb of Dust
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Level 4
5 pages

On the Purple Planet, amid the frosted Ancestor Peaks, the adventurers have encountered a small pyramid thrusting skyward from the bottom of a ravine. This is the Tomb of Dust, one of the ancient cairns found throughout the area. Here, the PCs find deadly puzzles, encounter the Moth Mother and her hungry brood, and face the tests of Anh-Tho the Learned, a forgotten scholar of a bygone age. If they manage to thwart these dangers they gain access to Anh-Tho’s Archive, a perilous repository of potent lore!

Cover of The Globe
The Globe
Medium Level
12 pages

Among the snow globes that sit gathering dust there is one quite unlike the others. One is full of sand and an ancient library. Shake it and you’re transported to the dungeon. Here's what it has: Beautiful cartography from Dyson Logos 27 keyed rooms to keep your players busy for a few sessions A new enemy called the Mummies who do no damage but burst into sand that gets into armor and skin, spreading a deadly disease A sand golem Pharaoh who can multiply A twisted lich (or moderately low level) who collects teeth A sphinx searching for the answer to a riddle A few traps (including snakes and skin-burrowing scarabs) A treasure room that has roughly 10,000gp worth of assorted treasures, making it difficult to export It exists inside a magical snow globe, meaning it can fit into your campaign world with ease Has repercussions and ways to continue after the fact Basically this is a dungeon for a more Old School feel.

Cover of Sword and Crown
Sword and Crown
Levels 3–5
64 pages

The Sword and Crown is an event unrivaled in Anuirean politics. Every five years, rulers come from across the land to renew friendships, cement alliances, and provoke their enemies with poisoned words and sharpened swords. Wheels turn within wheels, and plots abound. It's politics as usual in Anuire. Except this conclave is different. Not only is it taking place in your kingdom, but before the festivities can even commence, someone wages an attack on Prince Avan and kidnaps his daughter. And to whom do the regents turn to rescue the princess? The hosts, of course! The PCs must win their way past dangerous bandits and treacherous elves to discover a path through darkest caverns, where the slightest misstep mean death. And only then does the real threat become apparent! This adventure contains a 64-page book crammed with details about the setting, the situation, and the major characters, plus a full-color mapsheet. It is designed for use with the BIRTHRIGHT boxed set. TSR 3102

Cover of The Nexus Spore
The Nexus Spore
5th Edition
Levels 3–7
7 pages

The Nexus spore is an intriguing Underdark adventure that can be sewn into any subterranean setting. This one-shot production was designed with long campaigns in mind, for when you want to break up the narrative to keep things fresh and interesting. This short adventure is ideal for players of level 5-7, although, much like the length of the adventure, it is easy to adjust. The adventure fits well into a single long session, or 2-3 short sessions. It comes complete with maps, stat blocks, boxed descriptions and a rare magic item.